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Originally Posted by Mr Havercamp View Post
If my post is considered bashing, what is it called that when anyone mentions RVW in the slightest negative way, you are right there to defend them. I'd say you are bashing my bashing
But I was here first. So you are bashing my praising. And I'm bashing your bashing of my praising. You do see how it could be construed as you having an agenda here, though, right? I mean, you show up on the forums (you've been a member for a whole month now) and immediately start bashing on any thread that mentions RVW. And it's not just a, "I was pleased with this other dealer." You've even admitted that you've never done business with RVW yet are all over them on any thread where they're mentioned as if they've done something to you personally. So I choose to "defend" people I've done business with for years and I feel to be a very good place to do business (though not perfect). Karl4Cat is simply doing the same thing. They had a good experience with Couch's and they are relating that story. As I've said before on the forums- people are always ready to scream from the rooftops about a bad experience and then remain silent when they've been well taken care of. I told several of my local dealers that refused to work with me on my RV purchases that I'd be telling everyone I could get to listen about my great experience with the dealer that decided to business the right way. Just trying to make good on that promise.

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If you didn't buy from RVW then what do you know-- Really you walked away because of a lower price at a different dealer - Then talk that dealership up

I know I talked to no less than 15 dealerships when purchasing my XLR HyperLight 29hfs and in the NW nobody could come within 12k to 20k of the prices that where normal in the Ohio or Midwest Zone ---

RVW was the best fit for me - this was my first out of state purchase - was very cautious- RVW answered all questions - by personal phone call and emails - almost daily because I had mine built and I kept changing stuff----- Delivery was top notch with owner and whole staff helping out -

So what if they have a deal with the bank to help then recover some cash - guess what a dealer is there to make money --- and The interest rate was still a 1point less than I could get local another saving to me --- the only penalty is I have to keep loan open for one year - for what I saved no problem..........

Satisfied buyer

Also like to give positive shout out to XLR Tim Heath - XLR factory is on it for service too

Allen --- Seattle, WA

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I hear what you guys are saying and agree. It's always hard to believe that someone had a complete opposite experience from what happened to you so when you read it is seems crazy. I had a great experience with Couch's and hear them bashed from time to time as well. I just shake my head as it makes no sense since I had such a good experience there and I'm sure you are the same way after buying from RVW. What I don't understand is how personally invested people get in bashing one place or praising another. You'd think we were talking about their mother's in grammer school war of words....LOL.
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Call National RV in Bellevue, MI (next to Detroit airport). I guarantee they beat everyone else you talk to.
I called all those in Ohio for 2014 29hfs. National beat them by $3,500.
Just sayin
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When I was comparing apples to apples only one other place in the Midwest was close to RVW - now if I wanted the base model there where better deal but not fully loaded - ie generator extreme winter package fuel station 2 Tv's fantastic vents 15 btu AC ect - so before you compare pricing makes your comparing in writing the same options -----

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2016 XLR Hyper Lite 29hsf - loaded picked up 3-24-2015😊
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Being in Canada we thought we would check the price difference, we found a Silverback in a dealer in Ontario and went to see it, $75300, no haggle "that's the price"so we contacted Couch's and got a price for exactly the same unit, $44888 us (59800)CND. A meager saving of $15500 seams like a no brainer.
"Well that didn't go as expected"
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As an Insurance Agent, I worked with Dealerships a lot. Really a lot.

Hated them. ALL of them. The Chevy Dealerships down here were just HORRIBLE.

I'd get calls from customers that would go something like, "What the HE11 is this new Chevrolet doing on my Policy and what happened to my old car that was on it!?!?!"

I'd say, "Well, Mister Jones. Looks like someone from the Dealership called and did a change-car. Said you bought it"

"No, I did not", says Mr Jones.

"Sorry 'bout that Mister Jones but the Salesman said you did"

Anyway, I'd catch you-know-what from the Customer; and the Dealership....? They could not care less that they screwed a customer up. At all. Not in the least.

The F&I guys are the worst. They 'buy' a loan for X.x% and sell it for less and pocket the difference (the spread). It's where they make their money -- That and their Snake Oil 'extended warranty' nonsense.

Some of them can lose their jobs if they don't sell enough of them. 4serial

ALL Dealerships SUCK. Automobile,Boat, RV, Motorcycle...... All of them.

OTOH, it's a tough business. Staying in business is not guaranteed.

And people say, "Well,if you were really, super-dooper honest, you'd get a lot more customers."

No, they wouldn't. They'd go out of business..... Because, their competition won't be. Honest, that is.

Thing is, when you're working with ANY Dealership, you gotta watch yer butt.

And sometimes, they're doing their level best to help someone and they get yelled at anyway. The American Customer Base is NOT Holy. Not by any stretch

I'm in the process of getting a 29HFS from RVW and it's a trip. Takes me back to the bad old days at my Desk.

They're okay. A little........ Well, I think they're honest as much as a Dealership can be honest but I've heard the schtick so many times..... The canned pitch, 'backing the Hearst up to the door' the bogeyman close, the 'create' urgency silliness, them shopping the loan, different rates flying around depending on the purchase of an extended warranty.... Like, if you can give me that rate, then freaking give it to me anyway WITHOUT the purchase of an extended warranty.

I've heard it all. All of it. Been there, done that, burned the T-Shirt. And I ain't gonna argue with them.

You just gotta hold your nose and go through it. Put yourself in charge
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I'm not bashing RVW and I'm not a huge fan either; I try to be honest and thorough when I reported my experience with them. But, I bought from them and saved enough to warrant a trip to OH. I wasn't happy playing the finance for a year game, when I had the cash to buy outright. But, for $1500 minus a little interest, I figured what the heck. I am smart enough to make payments on time and be sure not to pay it off too early.

I believe their national repair chain is them scrabbling around trying to find a shop that will work on it, when you can get them to respond. I had to be involved and actually found a shop myself and practically forced them with numerous calls to let them fix the unit. They could do better at this. How hard is it to listen to your voice mail and call back. Respond to an email, even if you only say, I am very busy but will get back soon. How hard is that.

When I was in the process of buying I was handed off to another employee who's job it is to sell warranties. When I said no, I didn't hear any more from them / her. Part of that issue was that the first and second sales persons quit or was fired. Both of them was great to work with.

After the PDI, the money I had put down, which I was told was enough as I was traveling there, wasn't when finalizing the sale. Then the sales order didn't reflect the money I had just paid. Mistakes are made, its a human trait, but this seemed sloppy but not deliberate. That's the truth and I'm sticking to it.

I will consider them on a future sale, but won't stop shopping until I've checked around even better than last time. There is Couch's and I just found about National in MI. So, thanks everyone.
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I picked my 29HFS up one week ago today from RVW.

One of my annoyances with them was that they were hard to get hold of. I hate answering machines. Hate them. Really hate them. Hate doing business through them.

Did I mention that I hate answering machines? "Leave a message and we'll get back with you."

Right. And I promise I'll still respect you in the morning.

So I go to pick it up and it's there waiting and, I assume, ready. Looked alright to me. But, as inexperienced as I am, anything would look alright with me.

I was shocked when I got there...... They were delivering ten (10) Units that day!! That place was busy as a set of jumper cables at an Airstream convention!

So maybe that's why they couldn't hold my hand and bounce me on their knee. Seems like they have their act together and it was me that couldn't see it...... Nerves.

Nice price, nice TT, nice people are my first impressions

And I am convinced they are sincere. Another first impression

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