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Pic 11 showing a device just before entering the tank on the cold side. Is that a one way check? If so is it stuck halfway? That would result with your symptoms esp with water press on both sides of opening.

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Originally Posted by justkdue View Post
As I'm trying to narrow down the cause of the problem, does this seem a logical approach?:

There are only (4) hot water "outputs" in my camper - bathroom sink, bathroom shower, kitchen sink, and outside shower by kitchen sink.

If all (4) outputs exhibit the same symptoms, then it seems the problem is "further back" in the line somewhere before the first output and after the water heater. Also I've been able to verify that the "output" from the tank is not obstructed itself, then it seems my starting point begins with the point after the output, checking those plastic valves, and generally the waterlines in that area if they are clogged or kinked.

Also, I think I have eliminated this "T" switch as a source of the problem:
Yes good start... How did you eliminate the T switch? Did you by pass it and try. Could be a valve in that "T" switch not opening or closing all the way, is that where the pump is hooked into?

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A way to check is to work backwards to common point for the 4valves. Disconnect that point and see what your flow is. Has to be crud in the line or a valve partially closed. Good luck
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Originally Posted by deebarjay View Post
I have a new minilite.....hotwater flow not nearly the output of the cold water. I put this down to say the "muffler affect" of the hotwater tank....cold water flows unimpeded to the Fawcett while the hotwater has the extra "mile" to cover. only glanced thru this thread so I don't know if you have seen a degredation of pressure from one season to another....not saying you don't have problem somewhere.
Definitely a "new problem" this spring - I recognize that like you describe the hot has never been quite as strong as the cold - but this year it is approaching a "dribble" compared to at least "flowing" in the past.
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Do you have good flow from the TP valve? It could also be bad pressure going into the water heater as well.
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Disconnect the water heater outlet and fabricate a hose connection and hook city water hose directly to the outlet pipe and try that.
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"One thing I'm not real sure of is there is a valve inside connected to the pump - it is a T connection - seems not to impact water flow, but since I don't understand its function, I guess I don't know if it is set correctly. (???)" What you said on the last picture seems correct. It would be used to select from the fresh water tank or from a short hose used to introduce antifreeze to pipes (but not holding tank) during winterizing. When you do that your self, be sure hot water heater is bypassed so you don't waste 6 gallons of antifreeze in the heater.
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My son had a similar problem and he tracked it down to a kinked hot water line. They cut the line too long and then jammed it into side of one of the compartments under the cabinetry and it kinked. He had to cut that section out of the line because the hot water made the plastic line permanently collapsed. It was a real chore splicing that line inside the space he was working.
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Thanks everyone for all of the suggestions and ideas. Through a series of troubleshooting steps and suggestions, I believe we have isolated it down to either the "plug" (check valve?) on the red hose (HOT "out" from the tank) OR one of those plastic valves has failed.

Something else that helped confirm this: If I BYPASS the Hot water tank completely and also attach city water at the same time, the water flows equally through both Hot and Cold spigots in all four places... the problem almost "has to be" right there at the tank - either the "out connection" or the nearby valve.

Unfortunately at this point, I don't have the proper tools (namely PEX crimping tool) to attempt a DIY repair.
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we had similar problems in the mini lite we had. at about the same time frame, 2 yrs old.
I checked the screens/caps on the end of the faucets and found tiny pieces of red and plastic in them. I ended up taking the valve stems for the hot water handles out of each faucet and found two of them pretty plugged up with red pieces of plastic from the plumbing.

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