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Your idea should work fine depending on the specs of the APC UPS. If some folks are using this approach off the grid, they can be pretty clever. On the other hand, voltage regulation and surge protection, per se, has nothing to do with the square wave problem that conventional generators have and that causes most of the problem with electronics. If the dirty power is dirty because of fluxuating voltage that is one thing, but if it is because of a square wave AC shape instead of sine wave, then the issue may not be solved.

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Yes, I see your concern. I ran my laptop and other stuff off a standard generator for years without problem. We did usually use a UPS for desktops just to prevent from losing data if the genset shut down. Laptops and cellphones have their own built in UPS since all you are doing with the AC power is charging a battery thru a regulated power supply.

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I bought a Boley 3600ESI inverter generator for $999.00 new. use on my TT works great puts out 52dbi. Check on line.
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I believe my home UPSs connect the incoming power to the output unless the incoming is interrupted. Unless I'm mistaken, only on incoming power interruption does the UPS supply power from its inverter.
To do what you want - to condition the power by using the incoming to charge a battery, then run an inverter from the battery and use the inverter output to have "clean" power - I believe you will either have to hack the UPS or just get a bartery charger, battery and an inverter (build the device you want from components).
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Originally Posted by X96mnn View Post
Not looking for the battery back up part but the voltage and serge protection.
An AC utility demonstrates a typical UPS output. First (leftmost) waveform is a UPS output when AC input connects directly to UPS output. Waveforms on right are a UPS output when in battery backup mode. View Tech Tip 3

UPS manufacturers quietly recommend not using a UPS on motorized appliances. That 'dirty' power can be problematic to motorized appliances. But is perfectly ideal for electronics. Electronics are more robust. So robust that even a 'dirtiest' UPS provides power that does not damage any electronics.

This 120 volt sine wave UPS outputs 200 volt square waves with spikes up to 270 volts. It is sufficient and safe for any electronics.

A typical UPS connects AC mains directly to an appliance when not in battery backup mode. It does not clean or regulate voltages. But a manufacturer makes subjective claims in advertising to imply such cleaning. They can lie all they want in subjective brochures. But not lie in specification numbers.

If a UPS does clean or regulate those voltages, then specification numbers defines it (ie %THD). 'Cleaning' numbers are forgotten for one reason. 'Cleaning' exists subjectively. That myth increases sales.

Same applies to surge protection. A hundreds joules surge is converted by electronics into rock stable, low voltage DC to safely power its semiconductors. How many joules does that UPS really claim to absorb or block? Near zero. So few that the surge is made irrelevant by what is already inside electronics. But just enough so that the numerically naive will call it 100% protection.

Tie a knot in a wire. Even that 'cleans' (filters) AC electricity. Then add numbers. It is near zero cleaning. Numbers expose a fallacy.
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x69 this is the generator I bought Energizer EZV2800: 2800 Watt Portable Gas Powered Inverter Generator with Electric Start, RV It was on sale for $799


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