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Question about CPap machine

How to you power your cpap machine? I hear that if you run the humidifier part it draws a lot from battery. Any thoughts on how to deal with this ?

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That's one reason I would not boondock. We have a generator in case we aren't plugged in. I looked into a battery powered cpap machine when I was traveling for business but never bought one. I would imagine the humidifier would draw more amperage, how much I would refer to the manual or call your medical device supplier. Then you should be able to multiply amp draw times hours to see how long your battery will last- and then have a way to recharge it, but I am sure you've thought of that.

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I have 680 amp hours of battery capacity. I use a DC to DC converter to get the desired power to the CPAP and don't have to waste electricity using an inverter. It is a CPAP that has a 120 volt plug but that goes to a converter which outputs DC.

I don't worry about power. It doesn't draw that much.
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I bought this. http://Inergy Kodiak 1100 Watt (1.1k..._NWZiBbQ6HHM13

I can get 3 nights and 4 days (naps) on just one charge with this thing. I have a humidifier and keep mine on setting 3 which is pretty humid and warm. Itís the best thing thatís ever happened for me and I donít have to worry about power. Iím a boondocker. Youíll never see me in a campground with hook ups. With this box you can daisy chain more cheap lead acid batteries do give you more amp hours. Iíll be testing this next month for 4th of July weekend. I donít know if Iíll go with with solar panels or extra cheap lead acid batteries.

If you want peace of mind get this box. I know itís expensive. But it really does the job for me. Watch the reviews on YouTube. Note I only use the box for my cpap. No tv no laptop just me and a campfire but you could use it for all that if you wanted too. And best of all NO GENERATOR NOISE.
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I use a Transcend mini and run a P8 battery pack. I can recharge off of solar or genset. I don’t use heat for the humidifier when boondocking except what radiates off of my head.
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Originally Posted by Duckogram View Post
Bad link
I have several options. First, I have a miniCPAP includingmy TT. I have a separate battery packof for that is good twoyears or three days. If i am using the bp I then use a moisture exchanger for humidification. Not perfect but it works and those only cost about 3.95 each and can come in multipacks for less. The miniCPAP is a great option for other travel like flying because it ways so much less. I do have a regular humidifier for it when i am not boondocking.

Lots of options here.
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We both use CPAP's with humidifiers and can run the batteries down overnight. If Boon Docking we run the generator part of the night for reassurance. Inverter will run batteries down overnight.

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Any electric heater is "too much".

The machine itself should be fine with anything more than a crummy battery setup (scientific, I know).

Many are natively 12v, so that'd be the goal.
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Funny you should ask, I called the RES-MED folks yesterday because we're heading out next month for an 8,000 mile trip. They will sell you a 12 to 24 volt converter for $69 or they said you can use a modified sine wave inverter with a 1500 watt capacity. I bought the 1500 watt inverter from Radio Shack for $20.40 and free shipping. You can buy a "Kill-A-Watt" meter for about $25 which will tell you exactly how many watts or ampere hours your CPAP uses overnight to determine if your battery size is adequate. I installed (2) Crown GC2 golf cart batteries so an overnight boondocking is no problem. For longer boondocking I bought a Predator 3500 watt inverter generator for $650.
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I have purchased the following UPS for may trailer to run my CPAP machine at night. I don't happen to use the humidifier in the summer due to moisture in the air. ( I only use the humidifier in the winter) I plug my generator into the trailer during the day to recharge the trailer batteries, which are fed into an inverter to power my residential fridge in the trailer.. I attach the UPS into this plug so the UPS is re-charged at the same time.

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