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No one is filling their tires with O2. Air is ~80% nitrogen already, and about 18% O2.

There was another thread recently here a couple of weeks ago where many of us reported seeing ~10psi increase. I've seen it now on many trips. I don't need to check again.

If we assume that it's the gasses other than N that are leaking out, then after ~5 times of replacing that lost gas with air, we will be close to pure nitrogen already (but still with the moisture).

Oh, and just so you'll know, nitrogen and oxygen both follow the ideal gas equation of PV=nRT (which indicates that in a tire, pressure is directly related to temperature (in degrees Kelvin)).

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you are forgetting that most air compressors have moisture in them. some have lots of moisture (i try to drain mine every week at my home shop) . This is one reason tires filled with air increase in pressure. the moisture ! If you are seeing 10psi increases, you have a bunch of moisture in the air in the tires.. or are potentially under inflating them to begin with .
I have 2 trailers, both loaded are around 9000lb. One has air, i fill to about 72psi (e rated tires) and they go to about 77-78psi on a long haul. The xlr27 hs the nitro filled d rated tires, with fuel, bikes, water and even less psi to begin with, i don't see the same increase in psi. I'm not saying my example is the end all of the discussion, there is lots of info on nitro filling tires. I agree it isn't worth the time to find a nitro fill location, but to say it increases the same as a air from a big compressor that likely hasn't been drained of water in weeks is just wrong.
It is safe to say you won't be filling your tires with nitrogen ?
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Putting pure nitrogen in tires is a total ripoff of rv owners. Nitrogen may expand less than regular air but so what? If tires are inflated to their max when cold with regular air, they will no doubt increase 10-15#. They are designed to withstand the pressure increase without doing damage. I have seen the pressure increase on mine from 10# to 14# while the temperature will approach 135 or a little higher. I have the alarm set for 157 and have never heard it sound. The biggest problem for tires (discounting road hazards & curbing) is running underinflated which will quickly over heat a tire and cause disintegration of the tire (blowout). Road hazards are just that, hazards, curbing & under inflation are both driver errors and can be avoided. Inferior constructed tires (off brand like mfgs put on units) should be replaced with a brand name like Maxxis, Good Year, etc. as soon as financially possible to prevent a blowout & costly damage to the unit. Bottom line, forget the nitrogen and leave it for airplanes and racing. Just my opinion.
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i totally agree paying a bunch of money for nitro filling is not money well spent.. novel idea, it does "work" as designed, but not a good cost:benefit trade off, especially for someone that keeps the tires inflated properly.

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