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Wheel bearing leak Lippert providing parts if I pay labor.

I took my 20 month old 2015 Columbus 320RS in for some warranty work (two year factory warranty) and I ask the dealer (Liberty, MO RV) to check and hand pack the wheel bearings. As has been common with so many others the Lippert seal's were leaking and had ruined the brakes and other internal parts. When the dealer contacted Lippert they offered to supply all the parts but would not cover labor because I had not had the wheel bearings packed at 12 months as Lippert recommends. I would like your thoughts on this. The dealer seems to think I am getting a good deal from Lippert. They said it would have cost me two hours labor at $99 an hour just to pack the wheel bearings. Now it will cost me an additional two hours labor to replace all the parts so, in essence I am getting all new parts for just the labor charge of the additional two hours. Does this sound fair to you?

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It's a deal, but I'm not sure it's a good deal. While LCI is getting out of the labor part, they're justification is that if you'd have had the bearings packed at 12 months you'd have found the leaking seal(s) before it ruined the additional parts, so they're giving you all the parts, but it's going to cost you the labor. Like I said, it's decent, but not a good deal.

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Report it to NHTSA, they new there was a problem that affects safety and done nothing to address it, these seals leaking is common knowledge and LCI should have recalled your unit. So no you should be paying nothing.
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If you're handy with a wrench, I'd look at it this way. 4 complete 12"X2" Dexter brake assys on ETrailer will run you about $250 shipped. Seals from a local trailer parts store run about $20 for four. 5 bolts and 2 wires is all it takes to swap out the entire brake assemblies on the ends of your axles. Clean and repack the bearings yourself, then slap in a set of seals using a short 2X4 to seat them. Don't bother with the dealer and you be over $100 ahead. Don't ever bother using the EZ Lube feature on your axles if you have it ... you've already seen what happens when too much grease is pumped into them.
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If lippert knew of the bad seals that may be why I just had to replace all my brake assemblies because they were full of grease.....
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Take the deal and run! Before they stick to the fact the bearing was not inspected at 12 months!
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While you are at it replace the Chinese bearings with Timken or other brand name bearings. Also make sure the brake backing plate bolts have lock washers.
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Assuming we're talking about axles with the EZ Lube spindles ... grease on brake shoes is not a new issue by several years and it is not really due to "bad seals". EZ lube works, but it is a tedious job for each wheel to be jacked up and rotated slowly while grease is SLOWLY pumped in till it comes out the outer bearing. The first time you do this, it will take near a tube of grease per wheel to get grease to flow past the outer bearing ... guaranteed.The factory doesn't fill the hub cavity with grease to make this design work to start with. Few dealerships or owners take the time to go jack them up and spin, so grease is pushed past the rear seal almost without fail. I don't care for the setup period ... I always remove the bearings from the hub, clean, repack, reassemble. This method also allows one to inspect the brakes and related hardware while the wheel is off. If you insist on using the EZ Lube spindles and just want to create peace of mind ... pump no more than 3-4 squirts of grease in the zerk a couple of times a year and hand pack them every other. Read up on EZ Lube operation and maintenance if you feel I'm blowing hot air.
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Originally Posted by Harkerr View Post
While you are at it replace the Chinese bearings with Timken or other brand name bearings. Also make sure the brake backing plate bolts have lock washers.
Just because it say's Timken/BCA/Delco/Motorcraft ect does not mean it is made in the U.S. It will say on the bearing/race.
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I have had this very problem with the grease on last 2 Fifthwheels. The last one a Puma Toyhauler had grease on all four magnets on the disk that the magnet attracts too. Only one had a bad seal. I guess some genius decided they needed greasing. The one with the bad seal was caved in and had about cup of grease inside the brake drum and down the side of the tire. This trailer was brand new. I picked it up about 130 miles from home and pulled out of the dealership about 3 on Sat afternoon and they closed the gates and left for weekend. I noticed as soon as got on road brakes were real bad. I have electronic controller and it showed they were working. I came on home as had no choice. Called on Monday and told them of the problem. They told me to bring it in and they would set up an appointment. 2 problems. I was leaving in two weeks on a month long trip so I asked if I could get it done at a local shop that was FR approved warranted. I really didn't feel like taking a chance on taking it back anyway. I went on and pulled wheels and fixed them myself. I did take pictures and contacted FR and asked for help on cost. They said that Lippert was responsible for the axles and I would have to contact them. He gave me their number and told me good luck. I had also found knots on the side of the new Chinese tires and got same results on contacting FR. Had to contact a distributor for the tires. They were only 400 miles away. I had already replaced the tires and brakes and left for vacation. Had a magnet short out on first trip. Happened to be on the wheel that had the bad seal. Looked like the grease melted the wire insulation where it goes into the magnet. Got another one out right now and am going to replace the entire assemblies with Dexter. This is on 13 Puma and had virtually same thing on a 2006 Sierra after about a year. Chinese bearings, chinese tires, probably chinese brakes.
I have also read some other posts about it not being Forest Rivers fault the Lippert stuff is bad. Wrong as they obviously know about it. How long do you think auto manufacturers would get away with putting defective brakes or seals on a vehicle and having the supplying company warranty issues.

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