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Here are the panels that I have on my A frame, I think yours should be laid out the same.
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Originally Posted by nicholjl
No....what panel?!
In Randy's pic, the panel that covers it. Make sure to twist the small knob to vertical then pull the panel off, don't forget to twist it back after covering it.

Nice pics Randy.

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Thank you Randy and ko777!!! Everyone on here is a lifesaver!
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Grats on getting it. You're going to have a blast. I've camped 10 days now with my A122BH so I may have some newbie insights.

Plug the camper in to house power (110v) to charge up the battery. The converter will step down and not overload the battery, so you can just leave it plugged in all the time if you want. If you are parking the camper for more than a week without being plugged in, you should pull the fuse by the battery so that the radio, propane detector and other parasites don't drain the battery down.

Some lessons I've learned:

CAMP IN THE DRIVEWAY at least one or two nights.

Assuming you are camping without power, as mentioned you won't have the coolcat or microwave or any of the AC plugs working. Lights, water pump, furnace fan, hot water, and fridge solinoids will run on DC (but run fridge on propane - see below).

For the fridge:
  • Turn on the fridge 24 hours or so before you head out to get it nice and cool.
  • Use AC power when you can plug into the house or a campsite with power
  • Use DC ONLY when you are travelling to your destination. Don't forget to turn it off when you get there, or you'll drain the battery by morning. (I did this my first time out)
  • Use propane for the duration of your stay. To start it, set the temp to about 4ish, push and hold the start button for about 15 seconds to make sure the flame stays going. Adjust down if things get frozen.
  • I bring drinks in an ice-filled cooler, to be honest.

You need to learn to level your camper, because without being level your fridge won't work as well and you can stress the chassis/walls/roof some. The Bal Leveler I've mentioned before is a blessing for this task for side-to-side leveling. You can front-to-back level with the tongue jack.

Some other general thoughts.
  • Don't try to learn it all at once. You'll just be overwhelmed.
  • Concentrate on learning to hook up and unhook the camper, especially if you have a weight-distributing hitch.
  • Note the vent in the ceiling with the fan. Make a habit of locking it every time it is closed so you don't drive off with it unlocked and have it ripped off at highway speeds.
  • Drive to an empty parking lot and practice backing up for a while (then go for ice cream because you'll be stressed). Do it again a day or two later.
  • Fill and empty the water tank a few times to get the hang of it. You can drive with the tank full of water if your destination doesn't have it available (or you don't want to haul water when you get there)
  • Trace the internal plumbing to see the path from the tank, through the pump, to the faucet and shower, as well as to the hot water heater and back to the faucet and shower. There is a wooden "wall" around the water pump you can unscrew from the floor to get a good view.
  • Test the smoke detector and propane/CO detector so you know what they sound like.
  • Run the furnace for a couple hours to burn off all the oils (or it will set off your smoke alarm and stink lots).

There's a lot going on in this camper and it can be overwhelming. However, take each element one at a time and you'll make progress on your comfort level. Before long, you'll have it all down pat and ready to start making modifications.

Since I have the same model, PM me if you want my phone number. You can call me with any questions if you're confused as to what you may be fiddling with.
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You can't use the microwave or anything plugged into the outlets unless the trailer is plugged in to a 120 vac source. You can't run the A/C or Cool Cat heater either. You can use all interior and exterior lights if the trailer is on either 120vac or if your charged battery is connected. Same goes for the ceiling fan and radio. Same goes for the water pump however, the water pump is useless unless you first fill the fresh water tank. The water pump and fresh water tank aren't used if you hook up the trailer to an outside water source and if so, no power is required...the water pressure from the source forces water out of the faucets and shower head.

The hot water tank is the first small door on the left side. The hot water heater uses propane and an elec spark from the 120 vac source or battery. To get the hot water to work, hook up the water source and run the faucet until the air is out of the system. Turn on the propane bottle. Hit the red reset button located to far right side of the refer near the floor.

The refer is powered by your battery, or 120vac, or propane. On the left side of the trailer there are two larger vented doors for operation of the refer. The top door has a 12vdc switch and a 120vac switch. Run the refer on 12vdc when not hooked up to an outside power source as long as your charged battery is hooked up. Some folks run it this way on the way to the campground. After you plug your trailer into the outside power source, shut off the 12v switch and turn on the 120 v switch. You can Los run the refer on propane if outside power is not available. Those controls are located inside the lower vented door. You must light the propane burner for the refer to work so follow the lighting inst in the manual, or inside the door.

The cool cat and heater uses 12vac and is controlled by the thermostat near the doorway. The furnace is also controlled by the thermostat, can be used on 12vdc or 120vac and is used in colder weather when the cool cat is inefficient or if you need heat and you are not connected to 120vac. The propane must be on for the furnace to operate.

There is a power box in your trailer that knows if it is hooked up to 120v or 12v or both and it will charge your connected battery if it senses an outside power source.
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toleworks wrote:
"There is a power box in your trailer that knows if it is hooked up to 120v or 12v or both and it will charge your connected battery if it senses an outside power source."

That "outside power source" also includes the tow vehicle's battery. You can drain your tow vehicle's battery if the "pigtail" cord is left plugged in while camping.

Be sure to unplug the "pigtail" cord from your tow vehicle while camping. The "pigtail" is the 4' cord, by the propane tanks, that plugs into the tow vehicle near the bumper and hitch. It powers exterior camper lights, turn signals etc, camper brakes and also trickle charges the camper battery from the tow vehicle. Trickle charging the battery is a good thing while you are driving down the road, not so good while parked and camping.

When the camp out is over, and you are ready to "break camp" and hitch back up for travel:
First, unplug the camper's 25' power cord (it comes out of the round hole in the side) from the campsite power (aka the "shore power").
Second, plug in the 4' "pigtail" into the tow vehicle.

Personally, I always do a walk around after we get hitched up to the tow vehicle to take a visual that the step is in, compartment doors are latched, power cord and chocks are stowed, stuff like that. Then I have the driver (aka my DH) "pull off" of the campsite a short distance and wait. (Yes, the man's a saint!) That gives me a chance to take a last look around the campsite to make sure nothing was left behind. (I'm kind of a worrier...actually, I'm worried now about how you are getting along and hope you are having fun...)

Enjoy your new camper. You'll learn more with each camp out.

Deb & Gary
2007 Ford E150 cargo van, 2012 Rockwood Premier A126

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where Nature may heal and cheer and give strength to body and soul alike._ John Muir
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Well, we made it through our first trip - and we had a great time...thanks to all of you for your tips, advice and words of encouragement!!!!! I made an album on here with some pictures - not sure how I share it.
We didn't end up having any electric plug-in, but did run the fridge on the propane and it worked great! Since we didn't have our camper plugged in all week before our trip, the battery didn't last all weekend, but we were fine.
Our plan for this coming Saturday is to stay the night at Mike's dad's so we can plug in to electric and also try-out the water.
Thanks again everyone and will talk soon!
Jenn & Mike
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Hi Jenn,

Glad to hear all went well on your first trip. I went to your profile and took a peek at your photo album. The pictures are great! You guys make a good team setting up the trailer.
Great choice for "Living within my means" and camping for one...

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Awesome Jenn! I'm lovin' that both you and Mike are still smiling I don't know what I was worried about...

I noticed in your photo album that you are short stature like me. When I "help" set up or break down the Aframe, I put out the step and get up on it so I have more lift momentum.

I think that you'll like it even more when you have electricity!

Deb & Gary
2007 Ford E150 cargo van, 2012 Rockwood Premier A126

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where Nature may heal and cheer and give strength to body and soul alike._ John Muir
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Good to see so many people helping someone who is in need.

Also glad to see everything went well. We learn something new every time we go. People seem to have covered the systems, I will share a tip passed on from a long time camper on backing up a trailer.

Grip the steering wheel at the six o'clock position and move the bottom of the steering wheel in the direction you want the back of the trailer to go.

Best lesson on maneuvering I ever had and has saved me much stress and you look like you know what you're doing, bonus.

Happy and safe camping,
Oh yeah, welcome

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first time, setup, tips and advice, towing, newbie

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