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Tire Blow Out...Damage Covered?

Funny I stumbled on this thread today. After a tire failure last week, I talked to my insurance agent today to find out just what is covered and what isn't. Basically, any damage to my vehicle or the other guys, and all persons involved, are covered by my TV's collision policy in the event of a wreck. Any damage to my TT is covered by its own policy. My TT policy also covers any damage that occurs that I did not intentionally inflict myself. So tree branches... Break-ins... Roof leaks... Etc... The TT portion of my insurance is $193/year... With a $100 deductible. That includes roadside assist. That's pretty cheap for peace-of-mind, IMO.

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Ditto...if you claim for collision, which is the case of the damage the blow up tire did, it will affect your future insurance premium but for comprehensive claim does not. Liability is covered by your auto insurance when attached to your TV. But if you don't have TT insurance your SOL!

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Originally Posted by DDC View Post
Even if you have insurance they almost always try to slither their way out of paying, you never actually know what coverage you have until you need it and by then it is too late, as a late friend use to say "they are in business to collect premiums to pay their legal department to fight the customer who is paying the premium".
Sound like you need to get a better insurance company.

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In addition to liability and collision, comprehensive is a good thing to have.

When parked and a tree falls on your camper, your comprehensive pays.

When parked at a campground and a hail storm destroys your roof, your comprehensive pays.

When your buddy slips on your stairs and falls out of your camper, your liability pays.

When you back into a tree while parking, your collision pays.

Why you would even park your camper in your driveway without insurance is a head scratcher.

When you blow a tire or bearing and are sitting on the side of a Texas road in 125 degree heat and you can't even MOVE the trailer without the Mother of All Trucks, your towing insurance pays.

Cost to tow ONE exit: $ 650.00
Out of pocket costs: $ 0.00
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Originally Posted by Pooneil View Post
Sound like you need to get a better insurance company.
Who knows I have never had to use it (touch wood) and that is what I was saying, my one and only experience with insurance was a lightning strike and they immediately slithered trying to get out of it, ended up having to pay for the tree that I would never have claimed had they not slithered.
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ive found the OEM tires on the A Frames to be of good quality - i wouldn't call them cheap-ass. tire failures can happen for any number of reasons, it does not necessarily mean the tires are cheap.

trailer tires are generally not as expensive or durable as vehicle tires - they are more about weight capacity than traction or speed. unlike some camper combinations, FR seems to have gone an extra distance to ensure the weight rating of the tires on the a frames exceeds the requirement. i know some camper/tire combinations barely meet the requirement in the OEM configuration.

it is a lesson learned for sure. but im not sure suing forest river for damages is a likely solution.

as to insurance companies and slithering - this is a risk we as consumers always take. i have 5 vehicles and a house with the same insurance provider.. may mean im taking a big risk or may mean i provide enough business to them that they wont slither. who's to know until it happens though right? i know on the very few claims ive had on other parts of my policy, damage to cars or home that needed a claim - they came through and did the right thing so i guess that gives me some peace of mind they will do the same if the camper were to have an issue that required a claim filing.

it makes me feel more confident anyway than if i had gone with a different provider just for the camper, who i had no previous experience or track record with.

im probably paying a bit more than i should, im sure there are better "deals" on RV insurance out there, but again, for my own comfort with risk, i chose to put prior experience over lowest possible price so i can sleep at night. haha.

to the OP, good luck in getting everything back to normal and back to camping again.
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I have done business with my Insurer, who is also my bank, for 40 years.

They have never "slithered" EXCEPT for one time and it involved a trailer I was towing.

I had borrowed a flat bed trailer from a friend who has a farm to move a back hoe for my brother from where he bought it up to his farm. The back hoe blocked my rear view mirror, but I had good visibility on the sides.

The road to my brother's farm was up in Northern PA and there is a large Frack'ing operation there. At a T intersection I needed to go right and a water tractor trailer coming down that road needed to go left. No room for both and I had not seen a car behind me for miles. I blew the horn a few times and put the truck in reverse and SLOWLY backed up to let the tractor trailer out so I could make my turn.

Well, you can imaging my surprise when I felt a "bump" THEN I heard the guy behind me blow his horn. Grrr.

Well, I cleared the road and the guy pulled in behind me. Turns out we both had the same insurance and I felt it was my fault (even though he had to have had his "head down" to miss the fact I was backing up).

I thought it would be a "no brainer" as my insurance would cover the minor damage to his car.

You would think so right? Not so fast.

The "vehicle" that ACTUALLY struck the car was my buddies trailer. SO, HIS insurance was liable not mine. So his insurance took precedence over mine and had to pay for the car. Then MY insurance needed to reimburse HIS insurance for the damage I caused.

However, as luck would have it, my buddy did not have insurance on his trailer so my insurance finally (after about 3 months) paid the claim.

I have NO idea what would have happened if I had totaled the BACKHOE (which was not insured).

A lesson learned about not having insurance.
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Just had 1 tire blow out. I knew that the tires were almost 3yrs old. Past due the time to get new tires. The Ins Co. paid, minus my portion, for the damage. Doing about 55mph I was lucky. I have mirrors looking at the tires and the DW.
My damage was not bad. The tires on the camper should have been better able to handle the load. Have since upgraded, which appear to handle the load. FR was wrong to put "c" @50psi tires on a large TT.

The problem I saw at the repair facility was all the RV's with tire problems. FR could require several fix's but after seeing this they do NOT. FR is not the only co., it is the RV industry.

The tire must be able to handle the weight and the road conditions. The axels must be 100%, not always the case.

Sorry to hear about your mishap.
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In my state (OK) and with my insurance (OK Farm Bureau)
-My liability is covering my trailer while towing ( ie. my tail swing knocks down a fuel pump).
-My damage on my trailer is covered by my TRAILER collision or comp insurance.
- My trailer and tv contents are covered by my homeowners insurance.
-Anybody hurt in or on my trailer that is stationary is covered by my homeowners inaurance.
- my comp would cover, theft, fire, hail, wind, tornados, collapse, falling objects like a tree branch, and deer.
-a blow out would be covered by collision from what I've experienced, was told that you couldn't prove that a pot hole or object in the road didn't cause the blow out.
- we don't have to have insurance to register a trailer, boat, atv, or side by side in our state..... now your lien holder will.

This is only in Oklahoma and with my insurance, check with your agent for your exact coverages!

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We're also with Farm Bureau, all our eggs in one basket;
Our S&B home
3 vehicles (all covered by "commercial rate" because that's what we want)

These days you can put a scratch on a Beemer and 10/20/10 (minimum here in LA) might not cover it.

our motto:

Insurance; you might think you can't afford it, but you dang sure can't afford to be without it.

Our policy includes coverage for anything we buy as soon as we sign on the dotted line. We don't have to contact them for a "binder" before pulling it off the lot. We are automatically covered for 30 days.


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cover, tire

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