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Angry Axle Issue

I recently had my Cedar Creek 29LRLBS into the shop due to the right landing dear was binding up. After having to diagnose the problem myself since Giant RV who sells and services these could not get it right found that the screw drive was damaged. Ok, maybe the screw drive can go bad but I'm not sure how so it seems this may had been a factory defect waiting to happen.

Now to my point.

I also had them check why my tires were wearing on the inside much more than they should. Now let me tell you. I like, ( liked ) this RV a great deal. I only have the opportunity to take it out about two or sometime three times a year and normally for about 4 to 6 hours away. I never haul with anything in my tanks and have very little in gear aboard.

Giant RV contacted the factory who said, it must be overweight. After another charge they took it down and weighed it and it was way under the max tow weight. They checked the axles and said they did not have the amount of camber in them they should to keep the tires wearing correctly. I also had purchased the extended warranty from Giant RV but they told me it had expired. Now it seems to me this had to be defective from the factory due to the fact I have very few miles on the rig and it is under weight. Unfortunately it take a few years with the limited used I have to find out my tires are wearing poorly. Now neither then dealer nor Cedar Creek will cover this.

I'm posting this to warn people to make sure and find out somehow if your tires are wearing correctly or you have the correct camber on your axles before your warranty expires since I believe the factory is installing under rated axles on some of the units. I thought this unit was made by an honest company but now I have second thoughts about that. I plan to make my opinion known as widely as possible on the internet so other people are warned. If anybody has had an issue like this Iíd like to hear about it. In the meantime Iím planning to just scrap the rig and buy something more reliable.

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I have a friend who had both his axles replaced with 8k axles (up from 6k) because they were bending under load.
His CC is a 36'r, not sure what axles you have or their rating. But I remember him saying that one edge of his tires were wearing bad.
You may want to measure the distance between the two tires on both sides to see if the axles are aligned properly.

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"I’m planning to just scrap the rig and buy something more reliable."
================================================== =====
You are going to "scrap the rig" ?

Did you ever grease the landing gear?

As for the axles, do you realise how inexpensive a set of heavier axles is? I'd think that would be a lot cheaper than getting a new camper.

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Calming down now!!

Ok, so I most likely won't scrap the rig. Just needed time to calm down after being upset with Cedar Creek about this. But I guess I should really be upset with the axle manufacturer. They are the ones who didn't seem to give a hoot about the situation. The axles were measure and checked and found they did not have the camber they should have. I believe this was like this since I had the rig and not something that happened considering I'm over 1500lbs under weight. I think I'll replace them myself. Not that hard of a job just takes some time.
As far as the landing gear goes, when I got the old one back I took it apart and found the drive screw inside the housing stripped. Another thing that just shouldn't go bad. I've been a mechanical engineer for over 30 years and if something is designed right and used right it should last much longer then 6 years.
Oh well, go on RVIN!!!
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Much more reasonable post, thanks for that.
These kinds of issues simply are not FR's fault.
Buyers demand cheaper and cheaper rigs, so the manufacturers have to find ways to cut corners. That forces them to go to the cheapest suppliers of things like landing gear, axles, and frames. It is hard to tell a good landing gear jack, or axle, from a bad one. The frames are obvious, as most are paper thin and scare the heck out of me. I am afraid to attach a hitch on the back of my fifth, even though I would only be towing a very light motorcycle trailer. With my old camper, I didn't think twice, as the frame was twice as thick.
Back to the axles, there seems to be a few people that have gotten axles that were poorly assembled. I would think that they should be welded up in a jig, so I wonder how on earth they could screw that up?

I understand your frustration, but unless buyers are willing to pay, the manufacturers will only supply what they can.
We have a small local manufacturer that still makes a high-quality product, but they aren't cheap. And I imagine they are very heavy, reflecting the better construction. I would have bought one, but my driver's licence restricts me to 10,000 GVWR maximum. I wanted a 28-ft fifth, so had to buy an ultralight.

Since you mostly like your unit, I think buying a heavier set of axles is the way to go. It should be a relatively easy swap.
You could also swap out the jacks, as I know they are made in Canada and most likely the US, so a good set should be available.
Good luck.
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I understand your frustration. After our second trip without 08 ckqs I noticed the tires on the right side had wore considerably on the outside. This was our third Cedar Creek and we had no issues with our first two as far as suspension issues. This Creek had sit on the dealers lot for two years so we made an offer. The dealer was no longer carrying Cedar Creeks. Anyway on our third trip with this Creek we made a special trip to Indiana and since we had owned this Creek for more than a year the warranty was over on the suspension. I contacted Lippert and made an appointment for them to work on it. They replaced all the springs, the equa-flexes, moved a couple of brackets and installed a wet bolt kit. I ask several times about the axles because I was sure it was camber problem. I was told several times that axles were fine and the work they performed would take care of my problem. Well, all the way back to Montana and one short trip since Lipperts repairs and my tires are wearing just as bad as they did before. So now I'm out $900.00 plus 3 Goodyear tires. Oh! Lipperts work is under warranty for a year. But do I really want them working on my Creek again. I don't believe they even checked the camber when performed the last work.
If we keep this Creek I'm looking at replacing the entire suspension with Mor-Ryde
Steve & Carol
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As a tech, we have found some axles that were built upside down. Not Forrest River fault. It you look at the axle from behind the trailer, it should have a slight frown, bowed up in the middle. If it is smiling, bowed down in the middle, chances are the spring plates were put on upside down. You may can get new plates, have them welded on, the right side, and reinstall your axles and be good to go. I would never scrap the unit over axles.

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