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Experienced Cedar Creek'rs...Please Check My Build

Off trailer topic: So I'm kind of a computer geek and in fact build my own PC's instead of buying. I frequent a couple of computer forums and one of the things people do, especially 1st time builders, is to post on the forum their proposed build project with all the parts listed so that experienced builders can look it over and point out any potential problems or just general advice.

Back on topic: So I thought why not do that here before I order my 34RL2 since I'm on the fence about a few options. Any advice is greatly appreciated. The options that I have questions about, or just unsure of, will have a description of my concern in red, but feel to comment on any option that I picked.

2017 Cedar Creek 34RL2

Standard Exterior
-Automatic 6 Point "Level-Up" Hydraulic Leveling System
-Bike Rack Hitch Receiver, 1-1/4"
-King Dish Satellite System
|-->On roof dish in a dome. Not sure if I should just get my own system like one of those dish on a tripod things I see so much
-Self Regulating Bedroom Wall Heater
-TrailAir Air Ride Hitch Coupler
|-->would rather have a Mor/Ryde pin box but not an option on the order form. Wondering if FR would pun on a Mor/Ryde is buyer requests it?
-Wireless Rear Camera System
-Battery Upgrade (four 6v insteat of two 12v)
-15,000 BTU Ducted Air Conditioner, Second
-200W Solar Panel
|-->200w doesn't seem much. Not sure if it would be easy to add more solar panels in the future. Would it be cheaper to get the solar prep and then add panels later?
-50A Cord Reel
-Air Conditioner Heat Pump Upgrade
-Slide Room Awning Toppers
-Hanford Luxury King Mattress
-Matching Ottoman w/Interior Storage
-Matching Theater Seating
|-->was thinking of getting the electric theater seating but seems like it's just another thing that could break thus not be able to recline in it. Not sure on this one yet
-Baltimore Creme Furniture Package
-30" Stainless Steel Convection Oven/Microwave
-Congoleum Flooring in Living Room
-Refrigerator, Side x Side Gas/Elec.
|-->I was first leaning towards the residential fridge but I was concerned about it running down the batteries if we boondocked a couple of days. What are your experiences with a electric only resi fridge?

Did not choose dual pane windows since we won't be doing a whole lot winter camping. But mainly because I've heard that it's not if your dual pane windows will leak out the gas and cause bad fogging, but rather when.

Any suggestions, changes and/or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Love my dual pane windows, so far.

Spent years figuring out satellite tv. Very different between DISH and Direct, so it depends. Fixed antenna (Travl'r) expensive but easy and nice, but if trees in way, you can't move it.

Seating...........DW and I disagreed. We settled on the recliners. She loves it, I hate it. Too small for full-growed man, and no place to put your heel, plus no place to set a drink. But I have not tried the theater seating so might not like that either!

We got the dark furniture. The light colored is way prettier, but after having that leather color in a car, it shows cracks and dirt terribly.

I have 4 batteries, and also the 20 cu ft res. refrig. To me, it's the best option on the trailer. We've gone 8 hours in transit with inverter and batteries and it maintained 37 and 0 degrees. Don't know about boondocking, that'd be a challenge. I have been flabbergasted to read about those with this unit that don't use the ice maker. We use it extensively and love it. In fact, it sits in driveway and if I plug up a water hose it makes more ice in 3 days than I can store in 2 freezers! If you boondock a lot, the smaller LP refrig might fit you better, don't know.

Mor Ryde pin box not an option. I have the Trailair. It is ok but nothing magic.

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A couple of things:
1. If you're concerned about boon docking why not include the Onan generator? Solar should keep the batteries topped off providing you have sun. A little generator pleasure such as end of day A/C or hot shower helps keep the troop's moral up.

2. I have read (can't believe everything you read on the Internet, signed A. Lincoln) that the bike rack isn't very strong and may break welds with any sizable load. I'll be looking into having a more robust hitch mounted.

3. The dual pane windows will eventually fog, it's not a matter of if, but when. If you're planning for extreme weather conditions "ride on" otherwise I would pass on dual pane.

4, Mattress upgrade: those standard beds are hard aren't they? but a Sam's Club mattress memory foam topper for about $100 makes for some great sleeping. IMHO.

And finally, you have great taste! see my signature below
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Here are my suggestions:

King Dish will provide programs on two tv's but only feed from one satellite. We are passing on this option and having dealer install the Winegard Trav'ler Dish 1000. We have it on current RV and love it. Totally automated, but allows for watching programs off of multiple satellites at same time.

Due to CC pin weight, I would recommend a TrailAir or MorRyde pin box. I have the Hensley TS3 and love it.

Decided against solar from talking with different people, including factory rep. We do not boondock at all.

We currently have theater seating, but we are getting the power theater seating on the Champagne.

We are looking forward to the residential refrigerator in the Champagne, as our current gas/electric fridge has been nothing but problems while traveling in warmer/hot states. Doesn't stay cold and have had spoiled food. Both CC and Dometic have looked at it with no fixes.

Have the dual pane windows and won't order another RV without them. RV stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Have friends without the dual pane windows and we stay around 10 degrees cooler than they do during hot weather.

Good luck. Feel free to reach out to discuss.
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1. On our second fiver with dual pane windows ... work well in summer as well as in winter, plus cuts down on campground noise a bunch ... wouldn't leave home without them.
2. I like a tripod as there are just too many places with lotsa trees in the way.
3. I feel the cord reel is useless and takes up way too much storage space for what it does. A clothes basket works just as good and can be stored just about anywhere for travel.
4. Receiver hitch is extremely flimsy unless you don't plan on putting much weight on it.
5. We prefer gas/electric fridge as it has worked well for us for years and years. We don't need a mega sized stick house fridge.
6. We really like the standard theater seating. No moving the recliners around to clear slide-out when packing up.
7. The solar setup is pretty minimal and more of a marketing gimmick. It's better to just start fresh with a system designed for your personal use that you can install yourself.
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Seven RV's later. Theater seating why would I ever go back to recliners. Recliners are Old school theater seating very comfortable many naps have been had. Wife and I love it. Again once you get a residential refrigerator you will never want to go back to old school gas. Been to several rallies in the last year during the summer. Everyone complains can't keep the fridge cool. Not a problem with residential. Have not run down the batteries with residential fridge. Guess if you plan three or four days you might. Good luck because you are going to get a ton of responses all over the board.

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My thoughts on ordering options that you can buy after market like generators, satellite TV, hitches, solar, etc: You can almost always buy better and cheaper yourself, especially if you can DYI.

Several in my group have residential fridges. If you are always at electric hookups they are okay, but the batteries/inverter don't always last during long travel days. And if you boondock at all, not a good idea. We live in the very hot Southwest and have never had any problems with any of our two way fridges staying cold. Don't have a clue why others say they do, unless they are validating their 110 only fridge

We all agree, cord reel is as worthless as the factory solar setup.

If we had to pick between permanent roof mount and portable sat dish, we would go with portable dish every time.

We haven't noticed much difference between tinted single pane windows and the dual panes in the summer. And the one rig in our group who has double panes already has the condensation problem between the panes and their rig is 18 months old.

Good luck and enjoy your new rig!!!
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I like the cord reel, I installed a Trav'ler Direct and DW loves it. We installed a stacked washer/dryer. We have a residential refrigerator and four six volt batteries and we can go four days without power. If I had it to do over I wouldn't have the 6 point level up, with the residential refrigerator the camper doesn't have to be level.

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Thanks for all the replies so far everyone. Sorry about the grammar errors in my post. Typed too fast and didnt notice it until now. Can't seem to edit it for some reason. Must be one of those forums where you have a limited time to edit....hate that
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I too like the cord reel it will keep the cord out of the way and is easy to use. When rolling the cord up we wipe off the cord and it is in a neat package ready to use again. I would also recommend a surge suppressor to protect the electronics. I like the Dish Tailgater easy to move to locate a satellite if you have an obstetrician in the way. We also have Dish at home so this is why we have the Tailgater.

The residential refrigerator and the inverter work will for us. I did not want to spend the $$ for the RV fridge as it is smaller and is prone to problems. We have traveled extensively with the trailer and never had any issues with our residential refrigerator.

I prefer the Trailair king pin box, this is the second trailer that we have had with the Trailair pin box. The pin box works as advertised and smooths out the ride between the tow vehicle and trailer.

Depending on where you travel to, I would recommend the extra awning that is attached to the curb slide for additional sun protection and sitting area. I did not order this and wish I had.

Jim W.
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cedar creek

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