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Originally Posted by Oakman View Post
Two things, the first is I wouldn't tell my insurance company that I will be overweight. Insurance companies are always looking for excuses for not paying out and you plan to give them a big one.

Second, who says it's illegal to exceed the recommended payload capacity of your truck? You're not a commercial carrier are you?

If it were illegal there would be hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Snowbirds getting pulled over by the police as they leave Florida, Arizona, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, etc. as they head back north on our Interstate highways.
I don't fully agree with your not telling your insurance company that you'll be overweight statement.

Insurance companies are not dumb when it comes to finding legitimate reasons not to pay a claim - that's what those full time insurance company investigators do for a living.

Why don't you call your agent with the "I got a friend who was wondering ..."
question and see what he/she says?

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Ask your agent if you're covered while driving under the influence of alcohol.

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If i do talk to the Ins Co it would be more of an informal inquiry. Certainly don't want them opening up a file on me and putting my inquiry in there for future reference.
I just assumed that weight ratings could be used by the insurance co to limit their liability on a claim or decline it outright. Can't say that I've heard of a situation where the insurance co will make you go get weighed to see if they will payoff your claim. Just like to make an informed decision.
Just because cops aren't stopping snowbirds due to weight concerns doesn't mean it's not illegal more a case of something they can use against you in the event of an accident and someone looking for a scapegoat.
Went to see a Silverback 33rl today. Sure is a nice unit. May take the DW back on Saturday and if she likes it as much as me, I may try to swing a deal including a trade for my existing unit. It had most of the options I would consider. The MRSP was $65k and they are asking $50k if I remember correctly. I'll look online and factor in currency exchange and travel costs to see how good a price that is.
Meeting with my neighbourhood mechanic on Tuesday to see what mods would cost. Probably go with Airbags for now and if I like how it handles this summer I will get him to add the compressor, tuner and deletes.
Then I'll be ready to rolllllll
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There have been posts by lawyers and law enforcement officers that your risk liability can increase in the case of being grossly overloaded. I'm not sure how often it actually happens or how fringe of cases it is- but it is definitely something to consider.

That said- I don't think that it's a "given" in the RV world. There are those of us who feel you should be within all of your truck's ratings. We're generally sneered at and called the "weight police". But, hey...
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I believe that would be deemed "gross negligence" when it went to court.

A little word to the wise-

With the abundance of baby boomers hitting the road due to retiring and the such, I would venture a guess that the powers that be and DOT will start seeing $$$$ signs from this greater abundance of rvs on the road and there may more inforcement . I dont know IF this would happen, but I definantly would never say it couldn't. Just dont give them a reason to take any if your $$
( have heard several times about people being stopped from having sewage valves open and caps off)
- we have to follow ALL the dot regulations, even though there are a few that think that they dont apply to rvs.
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Here is an update on our search. DW and I both went to look at the Silverback and she liked it as much as me. Still concerned if my Ram 2500 will handle the load so I went back and they loaded it up on their service truck which is an old 3/4 Chev, Diesel and we took it down the road (the service manager drove as I don't have my upgraded drivers license yet). The Chev was almost sitting right down on the axle and even though the sales manager kept raving about how well it handled, every time we hit a bump we started bouncing like a vehicle with no shocks.
I did get to hitch it up to my truck and drove it around their lot. Not a real world test but it seemed to pull fine but would need airbags as I was right down on my overloads. Have my truck up for sale now and searching for F350. Better safe than sorry.
I made them an offer net of trade on my Cougar but they wouldn't move on their price so we are in a cooling off period right now. I mentioned I could get a better deal by going to the US but they responded that they wouldn't service it. That kind of hard line response kind of ticked me off. Have started talking to another dealer about the Columbus and well see what happens. My immediate concern it to upgrade the truck and my license.
Question. The service manager strongly suggested an automatic slider hitch for my short bed (6'3") truck with a cost of $1700. I thought most 5ers now had a front cap that accommodated SB trucks without sliders. Is this not the case for the Silverback?
Bruce & Lori, both Retired, Charli (60 lb lap dog)
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I am not encouraging anyone to run overweight above ratings - I am very careful and try not to come even close (we are not full timing).... Having said that, I think it would be difficult to impossible to tell if one was overweight after an accident of any serious nature. I have seen these rigs in an accident and you would have to weight what was left using a dump truck to hold all the pieces. If it was a minor accident, I find it very unlikely the responding officer(s) would be carrying scales and suggest you were overweight or waste their time.

Again not suggesting anyone travel unsafe, but realistically how likely are the to weight a rig on scene of an accident??? (Ok maybe in Cali) ... Just thinking dangerously out-loud.
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Charli you should go over to the Dodge forum, they talk about your truck there.

Dodge Cummins Diesel Forum
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I have the Dodge Cummins site bookmarked and check it out periodically as well as a similar site for the Fords. Both good resources although some of the gearhead talk is a bit over my head. I just want to get from point A to B safely, in comfort and with a bit of style.
Bruce & Lori, both Retired, Charli (60 lb lap dog)
2011 F350, KR, 6.7L PSD, 6 1/2' box
2015 Mountaineer 331RLT
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We have a 2009 Silverback 30WRE. We almost always get compliments on what a nice looking RV and most people think its brand new! We like that with the turning radius we can almost turn on a dime, even though we have a long box Dodge 3500 dually. I like the look of the new models, but I'd be hard pressed to give up the wide body.

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