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I think they are 200 bucks from when I talked to Mitch. Call him he can get you one.

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Turn down chrome tip

FWIW... have one on my '11 24S that looks rather nice, but...have been fighting
bits of rust on the top of the piece in spots. The previous owner informed me that he was able to have it welded on for around $5- (!) which I assume includes the cost of the piece (but I'm not too clear on the latter point here...).
Do note that this is on a Solera diesel pipe which looks to be around 3-4" in
diameter and am not surprised that a 5" could cost upwards of $200!

I guess what I want to emphasize is to make sure it's NOT a Chinese piece of...
metal, for starters, or you might inherit the same thing I'm fighting? The tailpipe
points South when parked at the home base and is fairly exposed to the onslaught of all the rain we've had
this year. Gets dripped on a lot. Am even keeping it covered with a hvy duty
ziplock to protect it. I'm not convinced this tailpipe is high quality. I HAVE seen (Auto Zone of all places) some rather nice double-walled foot-long 5"
pipes (with screw mounts of course) with a slick brushed chrome look which might stand up to the weather better than what I have. I "think" the price was around $40- but honestly I didn't pay attention to that closely at the time. You might try "" as they use an extensive array of part distributors supporting them and ordering is a breeze! Simply set up your profile listing all your vehicles owned and then next login you quickly
go to the part(s) you need for the designated vehicle. Price ranges are very
reasonable and they are quick to ship. They have many of the engine filters and parts I need for my Freightliner Mercedes 3.0. They might have the tip you need too? Oh, and yes, mine is turned down and pointed slightly towards the curb to push the exhaust down-and-over-and away from anything behind
the RV. Again, just keep an eye on the quality of the finish so that you don't face premature rust. I just might paint mine with a flat black high-heat paint if it gets worse after a little prep work and let it go at that. Or cut it off and add
another...good luck and happy hunting! Let us know what you uncover?

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Stainless Steel exhaust diffuser?tip?

I think SS would hold up better than chrome but where would you find it!
I can't even find a chrome replacement that matches?
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Originally Posted by necasperaterrent View Post
I think SS would hold up better than chrome but where would you find it!
I can't even find a chrome replacement that matches?
I too have scoured every truck/bus site I can find with many options but none exactly the same as ours to be found. Likely FR is the best source, maybe they have them fabricated just for themselves.
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Just checked RockAuto but looks like they deal with everything "else". They do have a lot engine related parts! I agree that FR might be the best source, albeit a bit $$? But,
at least you'll know it fits and will generally be pretty good...

(This last statement will keep BC off my back but maybe he could chip in here?)

Good luck. Yea shall find eventually! :]
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Chrome Tip...


Just wanted to show you mine which came with my unit(2011 24S) that
I purchased late last yr. It looks very much like the right-hand chrome tip as
illustrated on the "" site for $39. Maybe by looking at
mine you'll think it's good enough for yours? Remember I told you previously that it was starting to rust up a little? Well...I went out yesterday and discovered that a lot of "that" was merely a reflection of a 1X2" rust spot
on the bottom of the white bumper over the chrome lol! I guess that the heat
and diesel exhaust that pushes out through this port (mostly heat tho and no
black smoke whatsoever...) takes it's toll on anything above it? The exhaust is
about 1" below the bumper bottom and probably affected it? Anyway, I brushed off the offending bumper rust, treated it, then match-painted it to the rest of
the bumper and it looks pretty good. I also worked off a LOT of little rust spots, baked on dirt, stains, etc. from the chrome tip by using a little 0000
Steel wool and WD40 and it looks pretty clean and almost new at this point.
Will probably Carnuba it a bit before storing it this winter and also cover the
tip. Let me know what you think. Is a turn down(toad-wise) and canted slightly to the curb-side(and I "think" only a 3" diameter pipe?). Since you're into the diesel pusher size I'd wager you would need a healthy 5" tip? Hope you find what you need!?

PS: I also took time to clean up the genset exhaust pipe to the right a bit,
gently, as I did not want to remove any of the aluminizing on it's
outside surface.
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Heat is the main factor. Normal exhaust temp is one thing, but if it goes into regen mode (happens only at highway speeds for safety), the exhaust temperature can get up to around 1,500 F......yep, that's one thousand five hundred degrees!
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Wowza! That's only about 8,500 degrees F lower than the surface of ol' Sol!!

No wonder the paint came off the bottom of my bumper (18,000 miles worth)?

Interesting info...thanks and stay cool! -PB
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Exstreme Diesel Products has a really good selection of exhaust tips you just need to measure you pipe 4 or 5" and pick the one you want. I got a double wall stainless XDP limited edition polished like a mirror. It won't ever discolored.
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Do not get chromed ones, they will rust. Get Stainless Steel tips, when they discolor you can use 2000 grit wet/dry sandpaper and polish them back to just about original finish.

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