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What temp do you call call it done for the season?

We are trying to get one more planned camping trip done this year but the temps are below average and has me a little concerned

We have a 2018 Grey Wolf 29TE with no heated or enclosed underbelly or upgraded insulation package

We will be dry camping with generators so I will need to haul up fresh water, Iím worried about hauling up water in colder temps and lines sticking out under the trailer and possibly freezing

At what temps with a non upgraded cold weather package travel trailer would you say is too cold

The temps down were the camper is kept with no heat or anything on until the trip is lows around low to mid 30ís with one day at 28, highs in the low 40ís to low 60ís

Were we are going the week of the trip is lows from 31-38 with highs at 44-57

Thanks Matt

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I don't see any limit. If I winter camp, I will bring along big water storage containers and keep my plumbing dry.

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Personally, if I have electrical, I can go all winter. I normally call it quits when snow is in the forecast. Id rather not tow when snow accumulates on the roads.
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Lets go camping!
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i think we stop when the highs are in the low 50s. its just too cold during the day for us to stay outdoors for a long time.

but if you are camping in the cold. the water lines should not freeze unless its below 32 for a several hours.
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K2 Kevin nailed it with the snow comment. I also would not want to tow with a large amount of snow on the road. I live in south west Michigan where temps jump around way to much. Freezing one day, running the air the next.

Ive winterized my camper for a cold snap in the fall and dewinterized two weeks later for a last minute trip. Just depends on the forcast. Short periods below freezing should not be an issue.
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Camp year round. Have been in single digit . You just have to prepare and have backup heat sources, because what can go wrong usually happens. But camping in the snow is so beautiful and exhilarating.
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Originally Posted by mz_cummins View Post
Were we are going the week of the trip is lows from 31-38 with highs at 44-57
Thanks Matt
You should be ok in those temps. if you had 31 degrees for several hours would be a problem if you don't use the water. Turning the water on to get rid of any forming ice crystals will keep the lines from freezing unless it gets a whole lot colder.

I agree that road conditions are more of a problem than cold. You can always winterize the rig and take bottled water for drinking.
Happy Camping!

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What temp do you call call it done for the season?

I think I didnít word my questions right or people mistook them

I realize that you can do some extra like, heated water hose, skirting under camper, heat lamps, not use water, hunker down and stay in one spot, etc. and camp year round but at what temp would you fell comfortable camping in without those extra and still traveling with the camper and using it as a camper

Iím not going to travel in snow for the same reasons as people have listed but Iím worried about the colder temps with a non upgraded insulation package camper

At what temps would you still haul water so you can use your camper as a camper and feel comfortable not having water issues

At what temp do you feel you need to winterize cause youíre not using the furnace and keeping it heated and using the water to keep some flowing while itís sitting there, for example this Thursday to Friday low drops to 27 so it will be below freezing for 10-12 hours

I do realize these are very opinionated questions but I figured there would be some people that have camped for years without the new fancy heated/artic style weather packages and had some kind of cut off

Also a question about winterizing, with trying to find the answer to this and reading a lot about winterizing are you supposed to dump the antifreeze after running through the lines? Like open up the low points again and also drain the tanks? Iíve ran across a few people saying to, Iíve never done this when helping with my parents 5er

Also does anyone see a problem with winerizing the camper, then dumping the tanks?
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If you are camping in below freezing conditions, 10 hours is a long time for water to freeze in exposed pipes (it will freeze), I personally would winterize and not use water system in RV.

Winter camping is going to be different no matter what rig you have and how well itís insulated or heated. I just choose to treat below freezing camping as if I had no water hookups and try not using the tanks unless you know youíll be able to dump them. No Number 2 and water jug to flush pee.

To answer your question about dumping the antifreeze out of low point drains and tanks. Iíve done that and also have not. I am a little concerned about the gray and black tanks since the valve and pipes can be filled with more water from the winterization process. I do open tanks up after winterizing. My low point drains are open while I winterize, so thatís already done.
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A little below freezing is of no concern when temps during the day are well above freezing. Relax and just run a little water during the night if it still worries you.
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Up here in NH there aren't many campgrounds that are still open after Columbus Day. I camp from the first weekend in May when the campgrounds start to open again until Columbus Day and don't worry about freeze ups. We will have a frost or two at the very beginning and end of each season but none long enough or cold enough to freeze anything up.

You will have to study the weather forecast just before you go on your trip and decide if you are going to need to winterize and lug water. I wouldn't cancel the trip just because it's cold. The furnace and an electric heater will keep the trailer warm and heat off of the ductwork under the floor will keep the underbelly warm even if it's not an arctic package.

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Originally Posted by mz_cummins View Post
We are trying to get one more planned camping trip done this year ...
Do it! You'll have a great time!

I was a warm-weather guy before we bought our first motorhome and moved to Idaho. Of course, we didn't just move, we bought a 2016 Prism and went traveling. During our first few months we camped at various places where the night-time temperature dropped into the low freeze for a few hours with never a problem. My first real scare was when we spent a December night near Rome, Oregon ... I remember watching the thermometer crash-dive as we prepared for sleep. Somewhere, yet early in the evening, around 30į I began to panic; I dumped a half gallon of (regular*-yes, I planned ahead) antifreeze down each drain, switched on the hot-water heater and Mr. Heater (a good night-time standby); I heated & protected everything I could and woke every hour to check ... It's good I didóó ... because nothing serious happened, except the water bottle I set outside froze solid. The point is, at least from the opinion of this neophyte, an occasional night-time freeze with nice day temperatures is really not too threatening.
Two months later, we moved to Idaho during the miserable winter of January 2017 and lived in our 25-ft Prism while waiting for our new home to be built. This time I studied-up for cold-weather living, smarty-me! ... but WOW was in for shock-treatment! Our first night got down to -5į! Two week early we were sitting around a campfire at the Salton Sea where the evening dropped down to 76į. Even though shocked, I had prepared sufficiently to survive without serious incident. The point here being two-fold: 1) I appreciate your concern ... I've been there; 2) Unless it's getting really cold for more than an hour or so, don't worry about it. Certainly think about it, dump some antifreeze down your waste drains, heat your hot water, and run some night-time heater (Mr. Heater doesn't use electricity). Enjoy your end-of-season camp ... you'll be fineó next year you'll be camping in the dead-of-winter!
*Note: Contrary to nescience opinion automotive antifreeze is not harmful to the environment or septic systems.
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Last march, on our way to Texas from Michigan, we spent a couple of nights with temps down to -15F. One night, for reasons unknown, the propane furnace decided to take the night off. Electric mattress pad and a couple of electric space heaters kept us comfortable enough... Trailer was winterized so we were dry camping.
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We usually camp up until the Thanksgiving holiday and then we will winterize before we head home from that trip. Does it get below freezing before that? Yes, usually. Do I stress about it? No, not normally. It will be below freezing for several hours, but it always gets up above freezing during the day.

We have camped when the temperatures hover in the teens, but we DO have an enclosed underbelly. We will unhook from the water spigot and stow our hose in the underbelly for the night. The water in the water heater will stay hot, so we don't worry about that. With us being "of some advanced age", someone is up every couple of hours and have to use the bathroom, so there is fresh water put through the lines to keep things moving.

I would suggest that if you are going to have to haul water in that you don't put it in the tanks, but carry it in a bladder and use straight from the bladder for flushing the toilet, taking a sponge bath (after warming a bit). Purchase some good wet wipes and use those to wash up, but don't put them down the toilet even if they say they are flushable. I would probably blow out the lines before taking off from home. If there is no water in the lines, it can't freeze. You could go ahead and winterize, but go ahead and put the water down into the holding tank. Pour a cup or two of pink stuff down into both the gray and black tanks there and it should keep it good and "slushy" for you can still dump it. Unless it gets VERY, VERY cold and stays there for quite a while, the holding tanks won't freeze solid and unless it is packed, there should be plenty of room for expansion. The only problem that may occur is if the caps freeze onto the dump valve. You may need to put it in the sun, use some warm water to unthaw or........

Anyway, don't stress it too much. You can get by with much less water than you think you can, but you have to plan ahead, use disposable products to limit cleanup and HAVE A GREAT TIME!
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I just watch the extended forecast and when I see an extended period of sub freezing temps...I unpack, flush, put her cover on and wait till next season. Last year was a week before Thanksgiving and this year will be in a week or so. We closed on our cabin a couple weeks ago, so I don't think we'll be pulling the camper out anymore this year.
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I have an APEX 215RBK that has no listing of information for any extra insulation for winter camping and share your concerns. I have had it down to 26F overnight and have had no problems. However, that was Oct in Colorado where the high temperatures were back in the 50s and 60s during the day. I also kept an electric heater on during the day maintaining 65F or so inside. Also, I didn't move the vehicle. I think traveling with temps below freezing could be problematic with the 60 mph air running around everything. I figure 10 hr below freezing at night with temps below 25 might be too low. Also, if traveling during the day below 40F and night temps to 25F may also be too low. I've seen recommendations of keeping the propane heat on during traveling in this forum and may try that if temps are marginal.

On Sunday I leave Monument Valley for Pennsylvania and am debating whether to go through southern Colorado or drop down to I40 in New Mexico for this very reason. Hoping to make it all the way past the mtns to La Junta in one day where it will be a little warmer at night. Although any weather forecast for precipitation anywhere along CO-160 will send me to the southern route. I'm thinking any precip will be snow on the passes.
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Without enclosed underbelly or other 'freezeproof' measures, it doesn't bother me to camp where it's going to get down to 25ļF. Between 25ļ & 32ļ it takes so long to freeze lines that the warm up the next day will prevent anything freezing. Besides, you're going to be running the heat which will create a little envelope of warmth around the RV and help even more.
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We are already down & Winterized,,, way to early I know,,, but we always have a ton of thing to do in the fall,,, and @ our age,,, and my condition,,, things take forever !!!
Maybe next fall we will take a short trip North !!!
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Have not called it done yet. We have plans for end of October. We have a park open till end of month on Lake Erie. Also a year round park on Lake Huron we can go too, If November is snow free we will go out then too!! Don't mind cold, just wet.
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We have even been camping and got snow. Missed the freezing rain in Georga this past January! That was,by about an hour!

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