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Originally Posted by RedLdr1 View Post
Add Thor (Class C), Airstream (Class B) and the new Jayco MBS Class C. The Thor was more expensive, the Jayco was cheaper than a comparable FR "R" floor plan.

Agreed, but... Is the cost of creating a "upgraded" chassis option, or just upgrading all of them, costing you sales? Would a roughly 3-4% of MSRP option be that unpopular? Is it a deal breaker on a vehicle with a MSRP over $100,000K? Heck, I bought the diesel generator option for that cost! Safety "sells" and things like the TPMS, lighting, and airbags are major safety items.

We really like our "W", and FR, this is our fourth FR product. But if we had not saw the "W" floor plan, and stayed with a "R" style, I wouldn't be here having this conversation. Yes, the chassis features would have driven us in to a Thor product... Now I'll probably get "Moderated" for speaking heresy...

You will never satisfy everyone... But right now you are not offering me any choice at all on a product with a MSRP over $100,000.

Do a owner survey and see what owners want. Then take the top 5-10 items, that add approximately $3-4K to the cost, and make it the "upgrade" package! I used a similar methodology with my customers. I received great responses, that made my products better, plus my customers felt they were being included in the products direction.

You guys did a great job listening to MBS owners and adding the Hellwig sway bar to the MBS. Well most of us are adding a TPMS unit that are a PITA aftermarket add-on. That is a hint we'd like the OEM TPMS...

Good question... My background is Product Management in software so physical inventory wasn't a big problem. But since you asked, and I'm not shy , I'd start here:

Isata: Top line product so all are "upgraded".
Forester: Mid-line product so 50% are "upgraded".
Sunseeker: Entry level so 30% are "upgraded".

You still draw from the same two pools and can adjust the initial assumptions after sales show a trend. Or just order 750 "upgraded" units, 25% of your pool of 3,000 units, and see how fast they sell...

What were you charging for those "power seats"!

I appreciate that you are listening to us.

I keep seeing posts about the forester being more high end than the sunseeker, I am wondering if the gap is closing for 2016 than it used to be?

I have compared a 2016 forester and sunseeker and have found very very minimal differences. The forester has some strips of cedar in the back of the closet...The biggest difference was the name on the outside, even had the identical full paint graphics.

2016 Sunseeker MBS

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2016 Sunseeker W MBS
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Here are the major differences between Forester and Sunseeker.

The exterior:
  • The exterior graphics are different than the Sunseeker and can't be duplicated.
  • Two different paint schemes and colors.
  • The Forester will always come standard with Skirt Paint and a clear coat.
  • Two exterior led porch lights.
The interior:
  • A more modern European style hinge that keeps the cabinet hinges hidden.
  • Solid Surface counter tops that match the stone backsplash perfectly.
  • A stone backsplash in the bathroom for more aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean surface.
  • An upgraded faucet in the bathroom.
  • Cedar backed closets that look great and keep your wardrobe smelling fresh.

PLEASE do not send questions via Profile comments or Private Message, my inbox fills up too quickly. Post questions in the forum as a new thread so that other users can benefit from the answers. Use Private Messages for sensitive information only (VIN, Contact info or things you do not want the public to see).
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No experience yet... Ours is also being built

OK, I cannot comment on my ownership experience, since our 2401W will not arrive until sometime in March. But my wife Cynthia and I have been in the looking game for a couple of years, and, although we were pretty set on a Winnebago View 24V, when we saw the 2401W, it won us over...

- For a 25' long Motorhome, the interior is amazing.
- Seems solidly built, and so far I have seen no major "contraries"
- Exterior Storage is exceptional
- One slide to get both a large booth and a Queen bed
- MB diesel chassis is what we wanted... Just could not live with a 10 mpg gasser. Also, my driving experience with diesels is pretty positive.
- Lots of space on the roof for Solar and other things.
- Heavy Duty Sway Bar included (something I would have added to the 24V)
- Price... we had gotten to brass tacks with the 24V, and I believe the best number I would get for a 2016 was about $93-94k. The well equipped 2401W was much, much less. There is room for a lot of whistles and bells with the money we saved in our pockets.

Minuses compared to 24V
- 300 lbs less CCC (not sure how big a problem this will be, as we have not tried to load it yet... would like to hear about this from others)
- No inverter (but Winne had only a 1000 watt unit, which would not run things like the microwave, coffee pot, or toaster - I believe I can add this when I do the Solar)
- less sophisticated interior (I liked the look/styling of the Winne, and the overhead cabinets, but the cabinets in the 2401W are solid wood and seem strong).
- Less featured MB chassis... Would have liked the nicer steering wheel (but all the important stuff is the same.)
- Exterior Styling less sleek, more boxy. We preferred not to have the overhead bunk, but the dealer suggested that it would be easier to sell with it there. Since then we rather like the idea of friends joining us on some of our trips.

I spent a lot of time a couple of Saturdays ago taking a really close look at the Dealer's unit, and I have no buyers remorse. I expect there will be some flaws, but my eyes are open, and all Motor Homes have problems.

During my last visit to my unit's sister, I did extensive measurements almost everywhere. Attached is a .pdf document that covers most all the basics on the 2016 SunSeeker 2401W.

Hope this helps!

Soon to be 2016 Sunseeker 2401W
Attached Files
File Type: pdf 2016-SunSeeker_DSL-2400W.pdf (2.09 MB, 110 views)
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I really like the paint scheme on that rig and am likewise anticipating delivery of mine next month (sans TPMS) 😕. Thank you for posting the dimensions of everthing. Those will be useful.
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Two trips and I like it so far. Very roomy for a small MH which is what I was looking for. No more low millage rigs. The queen bed is way better than the other sizes on the other models.
My first shake down trip was a couple of weeks ago. We went down a 8 1/2 mile washboard road(only about 5 miles of dirt and wasn't too rough) Camped overnight and rode quads and dirtbikes next day then went home. Only about 45 minutes north of Phoenix. The next morning I went out to clean it out and saw 2 screws on the floor. They came out of the bottom flange mount for the microwave oven. My investigation lead me to believe it was installed by knuckleheads. They thought 6 screws would support the small oven with no support under the belly. I pulled it out and saw 2 pieces of almost 1/2" plywood just lying on top of the wires above the stove hood. There was still about 1 1/2 inches of clearance between the bottom of the oven to the plywood. So the bouncy bouncy popped the screws out of what looked like particle board. So, I let it lie on the table for a couple of days because I was busy working.I finally got a call from my stealership saying my new 12v bedroom TV had arrived (was found defective during PDI) and they would let me pick it up and install it myself. While I was as the service desk I asked the guy behind the counter how they would fix it if I brought it in and he didn't have a clue, but he said they would probably put in bigger screws.Well screw that! I fashioned (2) 1/2" pieces of square tubing across 2 boards which acted like a ledger. Drilled holes and screwed down to secure and placed 1 of the pieces of plywood on top of that and secured. It fit perfect and I didn't have to wait 2 weeks for the repair shop to fix under warranty.
2nd trip...went to Nevada about an hour north of Las Vegas to ride 4x4 quads with some friends. The water heater locked out a couple of times and once, while I was standing outside, it poofed really hard upon relighting...almost blew the door off. After a quick look, I noticed the wire and boot connected to the flame sensor looked ajar. I pulled it off, pulled the boot back a little, connected the wire completely back on the terminal, slid the boot back over it and there you go...another warranty issue fixed in the field. I'm not really complaining, but luckily I told them I wouldn't pay for the PDI when we were negotiating because they didn't do much. I also had the switch cables on my large TV to get sound from the Jenson over the coach speakers.The only thing I don't like so far is the Nav system. I'm spoiled with the one in my Ford F-150.I'll be using my iphone with bluetooth if I need directions

One upgrade needed....helper springs or Sumo's
2016 Forester 2401WS MBS
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Thanks Bob. My PDI checklist just got a little longer.
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I might have missed it but has anyone switched cables on the 24R to get tv sound through house speakers? I have a 2016 24RSLED with tv over cab.

John Craft

2016 Solera 24R
Tow 6X12 Enclosed
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Originally Posted by dogpa View Post
I might have missed it but has anyone switched cables on the 24R to get tv sound through house speakers? I have a 2016 24RSLED with tv over cab.
Hmm, I didn't need to do any rewiring - Brian had a page (probably a pdf) with instructions on how to set things up...but I couldn't find that online. I did find a short video he made which shows how to do it:

2015 Solera 24R
2014 Mercedes Chassis
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May I ask what a PDI is and does the dealership charge for it? My husband is extremely handy and isn't afraid to do most things himself! TIA!

New to this group and thank you for the add! We LOVE to RV. We are fixin' to pick up our 2016 Forester by Forest River this weekend or next. I would love to hear any feedback, good or bad on The Forester by Forest River on the Mercedes chassis. I have seen one bad review online but couldn't find any others so figured this was the best place for advice! TIA! And so happy to be here!!!!

Does the 2401WS come with a diesel generator or does it operate off of the propane? If it operates off of the propane it sure doesn't seem safe to operate it while driving down the road to run the overhead AC.
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Pre delivery inspection.
You better not have to pay for it!
Do it BEFORE you sign on the bottom line!

2015 Columbus 320RS
2008 2500HD Duramax
2015 nights camped "34"

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