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I also sent this Via PM so you always have a way to get ahold of me.

Brian hit the nail on the head, sometimes it has to do with the person not the company whether you're dealing with the airline industry or the RV industry.

Brian and I both make ourselves available on this forum for questions, comments, or concerns.

I'm also always available by PM and on occasion by phone to help diagnose issues whether you're on the road or at home. Next time you have an issue get a hold of me.

PLEASE do not send questions via Profile comments or Private Message, my inbox fills up too quickly. Post questions in the forum as a new thread so that other users can benefit from the answers. Use Private Messages for sensitive information only (VIN, Contact info or things you do not want the public to see).
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Praise is seldom written on forums. Finding a good dealer is key. My dealer is 600 miles from me. My dealer stressed no matter where I may be traveling in the country to call them first. They will arrange to have service. Many people go right to FR with a warranty problem. Always make sure your dealer is in the loop. Even if you don't buy local. Your selling dealer should help. As for Brian and Joshua I can't thank them enough for being here on the boards helping us FR owners. Bad experiences will happen and I do feel bad for those owners. These rigs will have things go wrong. Patience is needed by us owners and also our dealers and FR. We owners can get frustrated but usually if we know someone is trying to help we can understand delays and be more amicable. It's when dealers blow us off that emotions get involved. As for me as long as I know someone is trying to help me I'm fine. Never had to deal directly with FR for a problem. My dealer is top notch and as I said before he is 600 miles away. He even monitors these boards offering help whenever appropriate .

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Very well-stated! My sentiments exactly.
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Yes, I appreciate Joshua and Brian bring on these boards and being concerned also. It is hard not to get emotional when you have a large financial investment with a lot of hours thrown in on maintenance, and some dreams thrown in. Personally, getting my RV was on my bucket list for about 30 yrs. Never, could I have imagined that my one year new Solera would have it's engine blown up on first oil service by a lousy dealer. What a nightmare that ensued to get it back in running order again.
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I feel for you and am heartfelt. My RV was also on my bucket list. I would be devastated if the same happened to me. Incompetence from so called professionals is mind blowing.
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That is why I do most servicing myself.
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Originally Posted by rmac04401 View Post
These are basically houses on wheels. I have not known anyone that had a house built that did not have the contractor come back and do some type of tweak. Some issues are due to components made by other companies. That's why when in construction there is what is called a punch card that needs to be resolved before signing off on the project. Sometime the contractor is back multiple times to get it fixed.

Yes cleaning up the work debris is an issue with RV construction and some fit and finish items.

Yes RV industry can and should do better. But in the world of manufacturing there will be issues.

Automobiles have recalls, look at the airbag issue. Is this the fault of car manufacturer? No it is the fault of the component manufacture but the auto manufacture has to fix the issue.

I had problems with my TT new. I'm getting them fixed but still enjoying the heck out of my camper.

Sorry but the "house on wheels" excuse is getting old. Forget about sawdust behind cabinets. How about half full spray cans left rolling around under the bathroom floor.
Lets just look at the basic 12v system. How is it possible for car companies to have 3 to 5 year 30k to 50k warranty on all parts of a 12 v electrical system but RV companies have trouble standing behind 3,000 miles of use with the 12v system part of what they sell?

I have, in writing, admissions from FR that the vinyl graphics on my Coachmen was defective but somehow it was my responsibility to spend well over $800 getting it replaced. How about the water pump being incorrectly located (also admission in writing but no offer to pay for a fix) so I would be required to re-locate the pump before I could winterize my unit? Ever try and get a right angle drill into a 2-5/8" space? FR never gave any consideration that a pump would ever need to be replaced when they installed the pump below the bathroom floor before they built the bathroom right over the pump.

Screws through 110v romex, bare electrical wire ends, missing curtain supports, open holes in floor large enough to see the ground from inside living space of RV, broken welds on exhaust pipe hanger, door latch out of align so door does not open with only one hand.
Ya we're suppose to accept this as representing quality from an American company with American workers all the while complaining that tires made in China fail when they are run low on air.

The RV companies are worse than "Detroit" in the 70's before they got their clock cleaned by better quality imports. Just wait till Toyota or Honda of Kia decide to make RVs.
Write a blog on RV tire application 40 years experience as tire design engineer. Freelander 23QB on Chevy chassis is my RV. Giving seminars on RV Tire applications (not selling) in Elkhart May 17-19, Allegan MI June 6-9, & Gillette WY July 18-21 RV Tire Safety Blog
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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by Phil57 View Post
Oh my my something is seriously wrong here. I am choking on my words as I get them out but.... Write this down.... I AGREE with Kenny. Lol. No back to normal.
Come to the dark side !! We have cookies !
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Originally Posted by Tireman9 View Post

door latch out of align so door does not open with only one hand.
Maybe you should have noticed that when you opened the door to enter the rig for the first time.
Seems like a red flag to me.
Just sayin...

Anyway- don't get me started on KIA/Hyundai quality, TSB's and ongoing problems...
"If you are going through hell..keep going"
W. Churchill
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Originally Posted by KatanaPilot View Post
If I ever buy another MH, it will be used. That way, I have no unreasonable expectation that a warranty will be honored in a timely and thorough manner.
We did just that. We purchased a 1 year old 2015 Solera 24R. The first owner complained to me about his "first three months" going back-and-forth to the dealer - who was 2 hours away. Microwave, Power Inverter, Water Pump, etc. When we took ownership of the unit it was all in working order, but I later discovered that Power Inverter that the dealer replaced was so poorly installed I couldn't believe my eyes.

The dealer disconnected the broken PI, removed the screws holding it to the wall, reconnected the replacement PI, and let it sit on the floor on top of a pool of other wiring ! I was pissed about such shoddy workmanship. It took me an entire 5 minutes to screw it back to the wall. That would have been issues just waiting to happen as we bounce down the road...

I am convinced that if you don't buy something along the lines of a Prevost or a Monarch, you better be handy (electrical, plumbing, mechanical), and you better be willing to spend time making things right / making things better, OR, buy it from a guy like me who takes pride in his work, is handy, and has had time to scrub it top-to-bottom.

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