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To Butch Wilson: I proudly travelled out of state to save $38,000. off the retail price of $105,500. on my Solera. Not, peanuts!! I chose and favored Forest River over other brands of Sprinters because I liked it's larger kitchen, counter and bath storage spaces.
Yes, the quality control is very poor! I see exposed staples on the flooring, sloppy cheap wood veneer( so thin it looks like wallpaper.) But, I thought Itasca's modern style cabinetry looked like plastic, even worse!

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I read somewhere that an RV owner said these things are made to last outside. I can assure you that they aren't. Where I park mine, covered I might add, there are trailers that are 2 years newer than mine that are fading, chalking, cracking, and weathering poorly. To me it would seem that they aren't made to be really used, but instead, to last to the end of the warranty period... and that isn't long... at the most 2 years. I use mine as often as I can. Unfortunately, I fix and improve things on mine about as often as I use it. I've been looking at new ones now for going on 2 years. In my opinion, there's no manufacturer that's truly better than any of the others. And dealer service departments are as bad or worse than the factory. I'd rather fix it myself than wait and listen to miles of excuses... while my trailer sits on their lot. So, whether someone thinks it's just "bitching" or what... this industry is a rip-off especially for first-timers that don't know what to expect. It's pretty much a rip-off for everyone else, too, but at least I know what I'm in for when I buy a new one... if I ever do again. Your mileage may vary... mine hasn't. I can't say FR will get my business next time, but as I said above, I don't know of a brand I regard as better, but none I regard as worse, either.

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Originally Posted by Mr Havercamp View Post
That construction technique is used by every manufacturer that uses an aluminum substructure on dinette benches and such, not just Forest River. There are also trailers that have stamped steel trusses on the roof and the plywood is staple to those also. Its common RV construction. Why you would have that many pull out is beyond me. I have had 3 trailers with aluminum tube and the problem I had was panels pulling free from the staples. I had a hell of a time pulling the staple out of the aluminum.
Staples and nails. Here is a post where I talked about it and some photos of the nails coming out.

Help fixing dinette. Never knew you could use nails in metal.
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It's amazing that our RV's a such garbage and awful rotten no good workmanship death traps built by the laziest no skill workmen but still we can't wait to get out and use them. The industry is booming with thousands of new owners every year. My my some things are just a Curiosity.
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As owners some of us are guilty of just fixing the problems/defects because we don't want our unit tied up at the dealer for weeks in some cases. What we need to do is follow up with the factory to point out deficiencies. The shower in my unit leaks because it was not calked properly, you can see where they ended the calking too soon. I have read were other owners of the same unit experienced the same problem so someone at the factory is not doing their job and QC group is not catching that which should be apparent. Am I going to take the rig in to have a 1' long piece of calk installed, no way. But you can bet I am compiling my list to send in along with photos.
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As the original poster, I've let various comments about "making excuses", etc., slide by. But I do have a couple of points to make.

First, I don't really think that "quality is free". If you think that's the case, or you think that Toyota could beat everyone in the RV business...then why isn't Toyota dominating the market? Or, if not Toyota, some other enterprising group that recognizes the same market opportunity that you do?

Second, I don't think that all of the managers and executives in the RV business are dumb. I'm pretty sure that most of them are very carefully focused on the bottom line - if there's a way they can make more money, they'll (eventually) find it and take it.

So here's how I think those executives decide what to do. I think they face a tradeoff in costs - they spend on initial design and engineering, they spend on manufacturing time and materials, they spend on in- or post- manufacturing quality control, and they spend on post-manufacturing customer support and warranty work. I'm pretty sure that the RV business is largely about balancing all of those different costs so that they can arrive at a price point that works with the buyers and still make money.

I once worked for a high-volume software vendor - we sold millions of copies of our business software all over the world. Our margins were paper thin - if we got just one call from a customer...even if tech support just had to answer some basic question...we lost money on that sale. But...we still sold product that had defects and we still got calls from users. But we knew the costs of finding that last bug, or providing documentation that would make a user call unnecessary in all circumstances, far outweighed the cost of providing post-sales support for a limited number of users.

I'm pretty sure that's exactly the kind of thinking that goes in to the RV business - yes, we could design it/build it/QA it better, but the way we're doing it now balances those costs against the down-the-road customer support costs. I'm pretty sure that anyone who gets that balance too wrong is either going to have to rebalance...or find another line or work.

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Its not a matter of cost.............the manufactures do shoddy work and try to hide it. The unit looks good so its ok....the buyer will have to spend a lot of time getting it fixed.............So why not do it right the first time
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Originally Posted by Dogpound View Post
Its not a matter of cost.............the manufactures do shoddy work and try to hide it. The unit looks good so its ok....the buyer will have to spend a lot of time getting it fixed.............So why not do it right the first time

Most of the time they do. I know that most of the people I know with RV's have had little or know issues. I'm always amazed with the comments on a post like this. It's almost always the same folks grinding the same ax. If anyone has ever had a house built how many items were on your punch list? My son had in built not ling ago. 50 items on the list. This is after the crafts do their own. I painted new construction with my father for several years. We would do our own and it was usually 40-70.
Building a RV is not like a house than a car. I do agree some practices need to be changed but over all they do a pretty good job. I for one know how hard the folks work. It's hard to hear how some of you talk about them.
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Originally Posted by BandJCarm View Post
SO............after reading all about something constructive? As someone who is about to order one of these things, please pm me and tell me what is the best 40' fiver I can buy??

I'm serious. I'll give a dollar to ever serious reply.

This is my last one, and I want to buy the best that I can afford. I hear the "NO" votes, I'm just asking where you put your "YES" votes????

try New Horizons RV | Five Star Rated RV Manufacturer for High End Luxury RV Trailers and Fifth Wheels | We Design your Perfect Floor Plan | Proudly serving Junction City, KS
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Or the DRV Elite Suite, comes with one piece fiberglass roof:

Elite Suites Luxury Fifth Wheels - DRV

They are heavy, but arguably the best non-custom fiver. The DRV Mobile Suite model isn't really that much better than a Redwood, but either are superior to anything currently in the Forest River lines. It is the Elite Suite that stands out from DRV.

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forest river, quality

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