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I am an owner of a W and also not a big fan of dinettes but we found the other advantages of the W too much to resist. While not overly comfortable the U dinette is a major improvement over the previous RV dinettes I have had.

2016 Sunseeker MBS W
2010 Honda CRV- SMI Stay In Play Duo
Previous-5th wheel, Class C, tent trailer, tent
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We have the s for 4 years now. Love it . Amazing amount of storage vs the w model , both inside and out. No slide issues , and when slide open it feels huge inside.

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I'm very pleased with the S floorplan. I had only ever been inside an R before I took delivery and if the W had been available with the same dinette as the S I might have ended up with the W.

Nevertheless it wasn't until after at least a few weeks of ownership that I realized there were several aspects of the S that I prefer over the W.

Bathroom sink location.
Interior Storage above dinette and bed.
Size/location/dimensions of exterior storage.

The S plan is older than the W plan, so there may be a few design and engineering kinks that have been revised over the years. Prior to delivery I read a lot of posts about holding tank valve cable issues, not noticing it was moot on the S plan. I even went so far as to look under the coach to see if the valve cables were crossed or hitting the generator among other things. Only to find out that the valves were operated by short push rods...

Anyway, there's a reason there's several options. Just like Baskin Robbins. I like mine..

2016 Forester MBS 2401S
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At this point I do not know the difference between a R - S or W,,,
But I would go with Sofa Bed !!! In our 2500TS the U Dinning could be used as a bed without opening the slid !!!
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2017 Sunseeker MBS 2400WS w/Trekker Cap

Originally Posted by MBSNewbie View Post

We ordered it pretty loaded with the Trekker cap.

Interior - cherry / java
Exterior - Platinum full body paint

Includes the following factory options:
15K BTU A/C with heat pump
Stabilizer jacks (2-point)
Full body paint
Black tank flush
Color back-up camera with rear view monitor
Side view cameras
Oven IPO Drawer
Bedroom TV with DVD
Cab over cabinets with 42” TV (IPO side TV)
Dyson vac
Thanks in advance.
Take away the heat pump, replace the 42"TV with the 32" near the door, can the other options, Make it a Sunseeker MBS 2400WS, and you have our 2017 motor home.

Are you sure you are getting the 42" tv in the center. We thought we were when we ordered the trekker cap but it came with the 32" and once we got it we actually like the location better, along with the additional storage. The 32" sits on an angle making it a more direct on view while sitting in the dining area. you can also see it if you want to kick back in the bedroom with your feet toward the head of the bed.

As far as the bedroom TV w/dvd player goes. If I had a do-over chance, I would have not ordered it and just installed one myself once we got the motor home. The antenna cable and 12 volt power source is already installed on the wall so adding a GOOD TV wouldn't have been much of a chore. While the TV is adequate, the picture nor reception is near as good as the 32" Jensen.

Personally, I feel the inverter is a waste of money unless you plan on dry camping for extended periods of time and will adding solar panels to the roof to charge the batteries.

The motor home comes with two 110 receptacles at the kitchen area, one in the dining area, one in the bathroom. one on each side of the bed, one next to each tv outlet, one outside, and one in the driver rear storage along with a ton of USB charging ports. The motor home also comes with a generator. instead of using battery storage and an inverter for 110 power, I feel the generator is a better option. The reason being is that when I run the generator for 110 power, I can also heat the water for a shower, and run the air conditioner/heater for comfort.

You are having a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter dealer install the tire monitor system, I hope. Our Sprinter doesn't have the steering wheel mounted buttons so from what I have been reading it would have the pressure indication shown on the dash when the key is turned on. I just looked at my dash and there is nothing indicated so it is most likely deactivated which means that the tire monitor system will need to be activated once installed.

Since they will be removing the wheels and breaking down the tires to install the monitors, have them install steel valve stems,steel braided hoses on the inner duals, and steel valve stem extensions on all tires. You may even want to check into swapping out the cheap 2 ply sidewall tires on a set of better tires with a higher load rating.

As far as the seat lifts go, what is your reasoning for purchasing them, and plans for storing them when not in use?

Since we designed and ordered our Sunseeker for the two of us, we have already stored the console table in the attic and have no plans of ever using it. It is too high to use when the seats are in the normal driving position and blocks access to the living area of the motor home.. It needs to be removed in order to rotate the seats. Once rotated, the seats are so low that they act like beach chairs. Since there is seating for four at the dinette area, should we choose to have guests visit we don't plan on ever rotating the seats.

We also opted against the exterior grill because when we saw the size of it, I couldn't figure out which compartment we were supposed to store it in. Hopefully your dealer showed you, otherwise you could be in for a supprise and be storing it inside.

The biggest thing to remember, is you bought a class "C" motor home on a MB Sprinter 3500 chassis. While the storage is adequate for two, it is real easy to exceed the GVW without using it up. GVW just over 11000 pounds, Dry Weight about 9600 pounds. Without exceeding the GVW, you will have about 1400 pounds of payload available.

This includes the weight of you and your passengers. the water you carry @ 8 pounds per gallon, the tongue weight of any trailer you may tow. and your clothing, your food, and anything else you carry, including that gas grill you ordered.

Hopefully your dealer treats you far better than ours did once they call you and tell you your new motor home has arrived and for you to make an appointment to come pick it up. never sign on the dotted line, nor give them a dime, until you have thoroughly gone through a pre-delivery inspection process, are satisfied that everything works properly, are satisfied that you have been instructed on the use and maintenance of all components, have had any and all questions answered to your satisfaction, and either have all the owners manuals given to you or if only available online, provided with makes, model numbers, and IP addresses for where the manuals can be downloaded free of charge.

If there are items in need of repair, have them repair them prior to signing, paying or accepting delivery. Do not let them tell you they have to order that part and will call you when it comes in.

Once you drive that motor home off their lot, you are at their mercy when they will do the repairs.

Peruse Forest River Forums for the cheers and jeers of dealership experiences and other peoples praises or horror stories. Murelene and mine is well documented should you choose to read through our posts.

Best of luck, Hopefully you are dealing with a good dealership, that your motor home was built and delivered with everything in good working order, and your Forest River owner experience is a good one.

BTW once all the quirks and problems were worked out, We really love our Sunseeker, It is the perfect motor home for two. We just turned 1200 miles on it but we did average 13 MPG while pulling a 3000 pound motorcycle transport trailer and averaging 65 MPH on the expressway.

I need to run by the local RV Service center in a few, need to fill the propane tank and want to talk to them about installing a set of 8 ply Goodyear Tires and steel valve stems when things slow down so the motor home doesn't need to sit in line for service. BTW the cheapo tires that came with the motor home are rated 1700 pounds loading each in a dual configuration, the Goodyear tires I want put on the rear are rated 2200 pounds each. I will then just store the cheapo tires for the front when needed.
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On the dinette, we love ours and use it all the time. DW purchased a large selection of throw pillows in various sizes. Get a couple of very large square pillows for the dinette and you can sit in multiple configurations and be comfortable, especially watching the TV. We camped a couple of nights with another couple, and 4 adults can sit there and be comfortable, although it is cozy.

On the cab seats, we would love to get the booster cushions, but so far no luck from our dealer. I think they are pretty slammed right now with the season start up. Let us know how the ones you ordered work out. As far as rotating them, there is so much space in the W that we only turn them when we have guests or are staying somewhere more than one night. Getting in and out of them when turned into the living space is a chore, but once in them, I am happy.

Bottom line, enjoy the RV lifestyle! It is a real kick! No matter what config you get, it sure beats tents! And wow, what a backyard!

Bob and Cynthia.
2017 Sunseeker MBS 2400W
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2017 Forester MBS - UPDATE

Ok, so the RV has now been delivered to the dealership. While we "thought" we were getting all the cool new features I outlined in the first line of this thread we were in for a big surprise.

The following items were removed and won't be included with our coach as expected. These features were removed and FR never notified the dealer or us about it until after the dealer received the unit.

NO Dyson cordless vacuum
NO Soft-touch padded vinyl ceiling
NO tile back splash on stove
NO navigation system

The removal from the soft-touch padded vinyl ceiling was really a big one. FR touted that as a great feature that reduced noise and insulated the coach better than the hard ceiling.

Only providing a single rear back splash for the stove seems really unbelievable. How do you have a stove with a back splash on only one of the two sides of the wall? This exposes the right side of the wall to all cooking grease. On 2016 models for both Forester and Sunseeker both walls around the stove were protected by a back splash.

In addition, I noted that we were getting the Winnebago View type privacy shades. In fact what we are getting are the cheap aftermarket magnetic stick on privacy cover shades.

Also the outside speakers were moved from the units built into the side wall to ones that are built-into the awning support arms.

The in coach remote control system is the myRV digital control panel, which is good and allows you to connect via a smartphone app.

I feel this is bad business on FR's part. We put up a sizable deposit and waited a long time for this unit. It was impossible to get FR to communicate to the dealer anything about the new features of the 2017 model. In fact, we didn't even find out anything about the in-coach remote control system until the unit showed up at the dealership despite multiple attempts that the dealership made with the FR factory rep.
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NO Dyson cordless vacuum
NO Soft-touch padded vinyl ceiling
NO tile back splash on stove
NO navigation system

It is sad there was poor communication between your rep and your dealer. I am certain the rep was aware of these changes and many times a memo is also sent to the dealership. I know our dealer, Tri-Am in Ocala, gets them all the time. We were also able to work closely with Joshua Cavett to make sure the changes we wanted to our 3011 got done. He even mailed us a sample of the material used for the couch so we could shop for ottomans.

The items no longer available I would not be very happy about. The Dyson, which I probably would never go out and buy, is amazing and I would be lost without it. The soft touch ceiling is so so much better as you don't hear the rain pounding on the roof nearly as bad. The back splash would be a concern but at least that is a mod you could do yourself. The Nav system if it was a Jenson like ours is not the greatest. I use it but Goolgle Maps on my phone is more up to date and gives you current time traffic as well.

One thing I would like to mention, there is a Forest River F.R.O.G. rally in Williston, Fl (near Gainsville) Sept 15th thru the 18th which you may want to attend as a shakedown trip. As a Forest River product owner you are eligible to join the Forest River Owners Group and it is free. As of yesterday there was a cancellation. If you are interested either PM CampingGator or call the Williston Crossings campground. This is our second year and it is a lot of fun. There is one catered meal, one or two pot luck meals, a band on Friday night and a couple of trips scheduled in the area. Feel free to PM me as well if you have any questions.
2016 Forester 3011DS
2015 Toyota Corrola S toad
PREVIOUS: 2015 Flagstaff 832IKBS
99 Terry 31G
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I have not accepted this unit yet. I had plans to pick it up later this week from a dealer from the mid-west that shall remain nameless at this point. I've decided that we will try to get our deposit back and toss in the towel. We both just have too bad a taste in our mouths after this whole experience.
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Don't blame ya there MBSNewbie !!!


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forester, sunseeker

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