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Yes, and they do improve when pumping the pedal. 2015 MBS Forrester

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Yes 2015 S

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Originally Posted by barnbnb View Post
I'd like to do a survey on Sprinter brakes. Please only answer if you are having an issue!!! That way we can keep this short and concise and easily keep track of how many folks have problems!!!
I have seen other posts regarding this, most recently by MiataHoarder, but don't know who else on this forum has had problems.
I have had the booster and master cylinder replaced (under warranty on my 2014 24R with 5000 miles), but the brakes are still spongy and the pedal will travel all the way to the floor when depressed. I really have to stand on them hard when stopping.
I called the 800-FOR-MERCEDES number yesterday. They had a tech guy call me right back to discuss the problem, but they are unfamiliar with any issues that people are aving with the brakes. I told him I see posts about soft brakes here and other Sprinter forums, so it's not just me. He said he would contact the engineering department and he also made an appointment for me (AGAIN) at the nearest service center 100 miles away.
If you have a problem with your brakes, just reply "YES" back to this post, then call the 800-FOR MERCEDES number with your VIN handy.
Again, please only those with a brake issue reply "YES" to this post so we can find out how many Sprinter owners on this relatively small forum have brake problems.
THANKS! And don't forget to call Mercedes hotline if you do have a problem! I believe I used "4" on the robo menu to get through to the person that helped me.
Looks like it maybe a design flaw. Read this from the Sprinter forum Report of mushy brakes on RV 3500's - Sprinter-Forum
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Yes, I also have spongy bad brakes on my 2015 Solera 24R.
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Here is an informative reply from the sprinter forum, to the spongy braking issue raised here. Hope it describes what most are experiencing;

"Take a look at the Sprinters I have owned....2006 T1N 3500...2010 144" wb NCV3 3500....2011/2012 170" wb 3500's.....2014 170" wb 3500 4 cylinder 7 speed. The brakes in all of these Sprinters have lasted > 100k miles, never had to do any sort of brake job, I tow 5,200 lbs. of cargo trailer (with dual axles brakes) around 10% of the time putting the GCVW up into the 12,140 lb. range. And.....the brakes in all 5 of them have exhibited the same soft kinda squishy behavior on the first pump. I've made a bunch of serious panic stops (no double pump) with the trailer on the back (stand on the brakes and pray) and the brakes work just like they were designed to work. Last summer, just north of Chicago I came within a couple of feet of running over some idiot who pulled out in front of me (with the trailer) going about 25 mph and I'm going 50 mph in a narrow construction zone. The brakes all worked as advertised to turn an nasty rear end crash into nothing at all....of course I had quite a few choice words (not nice one's) to say as the idiot cruised off down the road. ABS works fine, even when all 4 wheels on the trailer lock up and smoke. And, I believe the design has remained virtually identical through all the model years. Vacuum reservoirs have changed in shape and location, but the function is still identical. Hope this helps"
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Yes, I have always had spongy brakes. It seems that it is inherent to the vehicle. Probably caused by soft brake pad materiel. I have never had to make a panic stop, so I don't know how the brakes will react. I try not to stop too fast in fear of everything not nailed down to join me in the cockpit.

I had a problem on a recent trip that I wish to share and ask if anyone else has had the same thing. I have a 2014 Solera 24r with the v/6 diesel engine. I was travelling from Las Vegas to Valley of Fire SP in 100 to 110 degree heat, at 62 mph when the oil light started flashing on and off. I turned off the A/C and it stopped flashing. Five minutes later it started again, so I slowed to 55 mph, it then stopped and did not come on again. I had only 7,000 miles on the motor home. I called MBZ and was told by the service adviser that he had never heard of that problem and it was probably a defective sensor.. It seems to me that the oil pressure must have dropped to a level that would have turned on the light because of the heat making the oil too thin. I have not experienced the oil light problem again after driving about 1500 miles.
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The outside temperature should not have caused the oil light issue. Your MB uses mobil 1 synthetic, which does not thin during operational limits of the motor. Therefore, if it continues, I would take a short video as it occures, and have MB replace the sending unit under wattanty. Be sure to get your rpm's and speedo in the video. That way they will believe you. Just sayin'

Do check your oil level on flat ground, as sprinters tend to give different reading when out of level.
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2012 Solera
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Our 2012 Sprinter warns if the oil level is too high. I did have a oil light come on while driving in over 100 degree weather just after an oil service. I stopped and did the electronic oil level check on the side of the road - read "Hi". I drained about half a pint out and the issue went away.
Electronic oil level check - turn off engine. Turn key to position where all warning lights illuminate. Wait until the warning lights (except engine) go out. Press "M" button twice (first press shows miles to next service, second press starts oil level check). Display flashes dashes about seven times, then shows oil level ("OK", "Lo", or "Hi"). Easy to do at gas stops or morning startup without opening hood.
On mine, I believe they filled the oil to very close to the high level at the service and the oil expanded slightly with heat, triggering the warning.
2012 Solera "S"
Calif SF Bay Area
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Better yet, get an Ultra-Gauge discussed elsewhere. Around $70 and will display almost any parameter tracked by the Electronic Control Unit by plugging into USB port. The little credit card sized screen can continuosly display engine vitals that include coolant temps, oil pressure etc. while you drive.

Why? Eliminates uncertainty about driving or parking until help arrives. It will provide standard OBD (on board diagnostic) codes and allow you to clear them to see if they recur.

We encountered a very unhappy Solera owner who parked it because the check engine light came on. We stopped to help but couldn't because A) Weren't 100% sure if it was OK to keep driving - most folks believe its OK if no other trouble lights come on - it wasn't our Solera to risk; B) At that encounter, we did not have a code reader or an Ultra Gauge on board.

Had we had one, it would have told us it was a flaky sensor and which one it was - since that Solera drove OK, its likely had we reset the code, it might not have even recurred. After much angst, many phone calls and an unplanned overnight, the dealer changed out the bad sensor (had something do with turbo boost) and reassured the owner it would have been OK to drive on.

Sorry to get off topic - sounded important enough to comment.
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Thanks Still Kickin, I will try that, but probably not until next summer when it is really hot again. Iv'e been on several trips since the problem oil light and it has not happened, but it has never been that hot either.

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