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380BH5 AC Problem

I am having problems with my AC units I have 2 in my unit and when I have them set to 65 during the day the temperature steadily increases and on some days has reached 85 inside with the AC on. I have checked them and they are not frozen they just are not cooling the unit down. The camper is brand new and I took it back to the dealer and they are trying to convince me that nothing is wrong and that both units are blowing cold. I told them if they are blowing cold then there is something else wrong because the temp should not be going up as high as it is. I mean it's to the point that you are sweating sitting inside and that is no fun. Has anyone had this problem or does anyone have any suggestions on what it could be? I appreciate any feedback. This is my second camper and my last was ice cold while this one is unbearable.

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First step is to buy small thermometers and hang them at the vents to determine the temperature of each ac unit blowing cold.
You then have proof of actual temps coming out and can compare them to what is known by others. Probably get them cheap at any Walmart or similar store.

If they are blowing ice cold for sustained cycling during the heat of the day, then you have to seek other causes of cold air escaping somehow.

I will share my experience last summer with my 37ft, 2015, triple slide Silverback. Dual air, factory installed. Mine was not keeping up. Had it professionally checked. Talked directly to Dometic, NADA!! Then I called a local former dealer in my area who runs a mobile repair unit. He stopped by and checked me out and said all was fine. What I did not realize is that I did NOT have the fan on automatic AND I learned, quickly, these are NOT home units. As suggested, I start mine EARLY in the day, they run and cycle off. I drop about 3 degrees and run till cycle off. Drop 3 and on as needed. By midday, unit is COOL and stays cool with one ac running in the living room area.
I am in N Florida for 3 weeks and humidity is like 200% and avg highs are above 90 degrees daily. No issues on this trip. It may be a PITA to operate this way, but for me, it works.

I am just say'n! You may have tried same or have no luck at all. Just sharing real experience with a new unit in hot, muggy, climate.

Start with a temp gauge so you can speak in repair language to techs.

Maybe they start cold, you check and say GREAT, 2 hours later, blowing COOL VERSUS COLD. This is all happening as heat outdoors increases.

PS: we have a pure bred Maine Coon cat, 3 years old. We would NEVER leave her if we had your present concern. I am looking for a temperature alert system with I phone linkage that will notify me of excessive temperatures. Precautionary. Chances of both ac units going down are close to zero!

I feel your anxiety and frustration!

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One thing I would investigate is to try switching the unit from the ducts to the "direct dump" out of the AC unit. This sends all of the cold air directly out of the AC. If that works to make it cooler you could investigate further. Keep in mind that these units are only rated to cool 20 degrees below outside temp. That doesn't take in to effect the added sun bake. Obviously your trailer isn't insulated like your sticks and bricks.

My last forest river had aluminum tape covering the opening to half of the ducts. I found it by pulling off the inside trim panel of the AC unit. Unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to try out the new trailers AC. One week and counting.
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I have 2015 sandpiper BH5 fit wheel I live in Michigan so the temps are not real hot but when I purchased it last fall and went on my first camping trip it was 80 degrees outside my unit only came with one AC and it would not keep up at all it does help to open the main vent and not use the central air ducts it would keep the main living room cool but would not cool both bedrooms at the same time. Forest River said to turn the AC on in the morning so it will keep up during the day that does work a lot better rather than coming back at 3 in the afternoon then turning it on it does not catch up until night time. Keeping the blinds closed and the bedroom doors shut was okay but now I had a second AC added and it does work much better. I had a 33 foot Keystone Cougar with one slide out before this and I was used to turning on the air and having it cool down within 3 hours but having a 43 foot fifth wheel with 5 slide outs is a much different story when I ordered this fifth wheel the salesman said I probably wouldn't need 2 air conditioners but in my opinion he was very wrong at least this was plumbed and wired for a second AC already so adding it was no problem.
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Definitely need two A/C's in a unit that big. Ours is 42 ft and we can stay nice and comfortable in the Alabama heat with both of ours running. We start both A/C's the minute we plug in and they are never turned off during the trip, they do cycle on/off once cooled down. Go through your unit and seal up all air leaks, put pillows in roof vents cover your shower skylight and you stay nice and cold.
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The dealer will definitely give you the run around. We have a 2015 380bh5 that only had one unit on it. We were told when we ordered it that we would not need a second unit unless we lived in a place like Texas or Arizona. Once the outside temperature was 85 and sun beating down, the camper wouldn't go below 82. We had it back several times and even took to another dealer. They all said that we needed to put another unit on, so we paid $1200.00 for a second ac unit, brought it home and then the main ac wouldn't blow cool. We took it back and they had to replace that main unit under warranty. Now camper is fine.
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Thanks to comments here, I recently visited my rv and checked BOTH ac's at point of out put. ( not at room temperature ) After 15 minutes, front ac was running output at 12 degrees warmer than bedroom unit.
Going back to dealer and Dometic for cure or replacement under warranty.
Glad it was caught under remaining warranty. !!
I have been suspecting an issue as front ac iced up a few times and does not act like the 13.5btu in the bedroom!!
Tried all the tricks of starting early; cycling down 3 degrees at a time, etc.

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