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How do you know if you got a lemon?

The answer is........ You bought a Forest River!!

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After 17 months, still working bugs out of my new Flagstaff. This last trip, had the left rear ocassionally locking up when applying brakes. During a rain, had water comming down thru the A/C unit. Added caulking around the foam gasket as well as I could without tearing the unit off completely. Seems like there was one other thing I don't remember right now. Wayne

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In truth I consider the basic structure of my Flagstaff sound. The design concept is one that I consider adeqate. This is where it ends. I did buy mine used. It had been out one trip and I now believe that the original owner got so fed up that he traded it in. The only thing that is flawed in this reasoning is that the original owner bought a Rockwood.

This notwithstanding I have had the following problems:

The power jack died. Replaced with an Odessy.

350 miles out on my first trip I blew a tire. Carlisle-right front. Replaced with a Marathon. Walmart check the remainder of the tires when installing the replacement, all at 45 psi. I religiously check my tires and run them at 45.

1160 miles out the second Carlisle shredded. Pulled into a Walmart--Three more Marathons.

The front, outside lamp never did work. Wire not properly soldered. Have a new one, but have not replaced it. The Odessy has a light so it has not been a priority.

The kitchen faucet leaked through the top seal. Tightened up the retaining nut under the handle and was OK. This one was a no brainer.

The faucet also was not tightened down to the sink. The shank nuts were just partially on.

The Concertone died and tried to keep the disk that was in it. It was from the local library so after some tinkering I did manage to get it out. Concertone graciously did allow me to participate in their program whereby I was able to purchase a replacement at a significantly reduce cost. Unfortunately the replacement unit failed at about 15 minutes. Concertone replaced that one under warranty. I have installed the new one and it works, but I am reluctant to use it. I am not that fond of changing them out. Concertone does stand behind their products very well.

In that regard the wiring harness (and I use the term loosely) looks like it was wired by a rat on acid. (A term I picked up from a toolmaker during my career) I once stated before that if I had wired it I would shoot myself before I would admit to it being my work. I have straightened it up some, but to do it right will take half a day.

On my last trip out, on I-10 in Florida the trailer started whipping around at speeds over 65. It was an occasional problem, but one I have never experienced. This is my 5th unit and though I have seen other people having this problem I never have. I use a really old, made in USA, Reese dual cam with 1,000 bars. I have had it over 25 years and it was used when I got it. The bars are accurately centered in the saddles when the the tow vehicle and the camper are in straight ahead alignment and the camper is sitting level when on a level surface. On this one I do not have a clue. I cannot see anything to fix. I am towing with a Dodge Diesel 2500 4WD Crew Cab so the weight ratio is not the problem, and as previously stated I have never had this problem even with lighter tow vehicles and approximately the same weight trailers. I now have over 6,000 miles towing the thing and the problem just started. I am not crazy about the trailing arm axles on this unit and am suspicious about them causing the problem. Every other trailer I have had had tandem axles with leaf springs and the common center rocker. This one had Dexter rubber rides.

As to the fit form and function of the remainder of the components I find them good for a "cheap" camper. You can get nicer cabinets if you are willing to pay for them. I am in the $30,000 max range and you get what you pay for. None of my other campers approached the Flagstaff in this area and they were of similar pricing with inflation factored in.

I plan on keeping the thing until I get everything worked out. (If it can be done) I can't dump it on some unsuspecting person that is looking for a really good looking camper. I had actually planned on this being my last camper anyway. I only got it because of our dogs. Makes traveling much easier.

I am open to suggestions on the swaying/whipping issue. About the only thing I can come up with at the moment is keep it below 65.

One last thought for consideration: To the best of my knowledge with the exception of the less than stellar installation of some items everything I have had problems with is MADE IN CHINA. (not sure about the Carlisle tires. They may be made in Indonesia) Makes you think doesn't it. I am not faulting Forest River on this. It is getting hard to find anything that isn't made in China.
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The thing I now remember, is that one of the cords on the day/night shade is almost frayed thru.
I have about 8000 miles on my made in China tires so far and no problems yet. If they last as long as the tread looks, they should be good for 20,000.
My fan, unless run on the slowest speed is noisy.
Sometime today will ask about day/night shades, and maybe list all my problems. Wayne
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Originally Posted by NewB2RVing View Post
My husband and I recently bought a our first travel trailer, a new 2011 Flagstaff 26FKSS. We are newbies to the whole camping/RVing thing but, so far, we are hooked! The only downside to this experience has been the multiple issues we have had with our camper. We have been on 3 trips, so far (all within 2 hours of our house) in the past 3 mos since we bought our camper brand new. We have had to return to the dealership 4 times to repair problems and are scheduled for another trip back this coming week. This seems wrong to be having this many problems with a NEW camper.

Here's is are a few of the issues as I understand them:
1. Radio/DVD player does not work once power is restored following a complete battery drain. In order to make it work, the entire unit must be removed and it must be "reset". The dealer has done this so many times that the screw holes are starting to get stripped in and the unit is loose in the wall now.
2. The water tank literally fell out of the bottom the FIRST time we tried to fill it with water. It tore off some of the stuff on the sides as it went down. The dealer "rigged" it to work for now, but we are still awaiting a permanent solution.
3. One of the wheels on the trailer slings oil up the side - we noticed this after our first trip which was a 2 hour drive from the house, so it's not like we had put a lot of miles on it.
4. The shower leaks out onto the bathroom floor and makes a mess.
5. The bathroom door "fell out" of the track.
6. The power jack has quit working 4-5 times at the most inopportune moments (when we are running late). But, then it starts working again a few moments later. Wondering it there is a short in the wiring?
7. We had some sort of issue with the refrigerator and it quits working periodically without warning.
8. The AC works better sometimes than others - again, no rhyme or reason to this.
I'm sure I'm missing a couple other problems, but, you get the idea!

For those of you who have had several campers and have been doing this for awhile, I need advice. Is Flagstaff a good name brand, or is this the norm for this line? Are problems like this normal due to the nature of camping and dragging a "house on wheels" down the highway? At what point should we suspect we got a lemon? If we have reached this point, how do we get in touch with the manufacturer if we don't feel like the dealer is really trying to do the right thing here?

Thanks for your help!
Welcome to the world of cheap made campers & nothing is ever right when you get it. For what you pay, it sucks!
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Welcome to the forum mara. You found a negative thread that's over a year old and jumped on it. Those are mighty strong words you used for a first post don't ya think? Why not head to the Welcome Mat sub-forum and introduce yourself.


Bob and Joyce
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