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Update on new 2013 832 IKBS full timing

Well I have been living full time in our brand new 2013 Flagstaff Classic 832IKBS for about three weeks now so here is an update;


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Originally Posted by wilsonseattle View Post
Well I have been living full time in our brand new 2013 Flagstaff Classic 832IKBS for about three weeks now so here is an update;

????????????????????? Jim

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Hope this doesn't mean "zero" %
Great choice for "Living within my means" and camping for one...

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I had a nice long write up in here, not sure what happened to it. I will fix it later today.
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Fixed update 1 of 2

Originally Posted by wilsonseattle View Post
Well I have been living full time in our brand new 2013 Flagstaff Classic 832IKBS for about three weeks now so here is an update;

Ok I will try this again, the first post didnt stick for some reason.

I have been full timing in our 2013 Flagstaff Classic Super Lite 832IKBS with Diamond Package for about three weeks now. So here is a review of the quality of the trailer, a few mods and some observations. We didnt really purchase this trailer with the intent of full timing in it, but we do like to camp year round. We have been looking at a larger trailer as our previous Surveyor SP210 is just to small. All of our kids are grown now so our "kids" now have four legs and the occasional

grandkids who camp from time to time with us. We like to winter camp in the Pacific Northwest so this trailer is brown which according to the saleman stays about 8% warmer versus an all white trailer, it also has the full enclosed underbelly with heated tanks. All good features for year round camping. I am on a temporary assignment in NC for another nine months so we will full time in the trailer before we haul it home next fall and go back to regular camping.

Overall this trailer is extremely comfortable, the kitchen is large with a center island that includes two barstools. My wife was not with me when I bought the trailer, all I had to do was send her a picture of the kitchen and she said buy it. The bedroom has a regular size queen bed and there are two really nice Lazy Boy recliners along with an electric fireplace and flat screen TV. The couch folds out and has an inflatable bed. The entertainment center has speakers in all of the rooms, outside and also includes bluetooth connectivity, I can pair my cell phone with it and take calls while walking around the trailer, though most callers say the sound quality on their end is not very good. Living in a campground means I have no end of people stopping by, everyone so far is really impressed with the features of the trailer and floorplan.

Initial Quality. The PDI inspection didnt reveal any major or even minor problems, the fit and finish inside and out is excellent. Over time I have noticed little manufacturing issues here and there, mostly caulking sealant that was a little messy and not cleaned up. Two quality problems appeared after the tech left (they delivered the trailer to me at a campground near where I work, so the PDI was done at the campsite, I even signed the loan paperwork there too.) While I was unloading the car I noticed the smell of gas outside, traced it down to both hose fittings from the propane tanks to the regulator where not tighted properly. I figure that most of the "free" gas I got from the dealer leaked out as I had to refill both tanks in the first five days. I also noticed several days later the small awning (there are two powered awnings, one 16 foot and one 8 foot awning which is attached to the curb side slide) the aft side tracks do not nest together properly when
closed. I may try a minor adjustment and if that doesnt do it I will need to contact the dealer.

There were a few things that could have been made with higher quality parts such as the paper towel holder which broke when I tried to open it, it was pretty flimsy.

Also the kitchen faucet has a button on top to switch between spray and solid stream, it leaks or squirts water when changing setting, it is especially bad when running real hot water. The faucet nozzle also has a hose which coils below the sink, sometimes it ends up inside the garbage can. Finally, there are two clips that lock the sliding doors shut in the closet, both had extremely sharp edges which I found out the hard way. Since they are just plastic a few minutes with a file took care of that problem.

Features. The trailer came full decked out with LED lighting, as I am hooked up to shore power I cant say whether it saves any money or not, I would expect you would have to be boondocking to see the real value in it. I rarely use the lights mounted to the ceiling in the living room and kitchen, normally
I use the smaller ones in the slides or the reading lights (there are four) which provide a softer, more cozy feel. There are three ceiling lights in the
bedroom, they tend to cast strips of white-yellow light, you can really see it against the white sheets on the bed. If you like living in a cave this is
not the trailer for you, there are four windows in the bedroom plus a ceiling vent, a clear skylight in the shower and a powered vent fan, and nine windows in the kitchen/living room with two more ceiling vents. To say its bright would be an understatement, only three of the windows to not open so I am sure it can be pretty breezy when they are all open. All of the windows are heavily tinted so it makes for nice privacy during the day without having to close the blinds. The trailer has the Diamond Package, which included frameless windows, powered stabilizers, hitch jack and awnings (I highly recommend them) as well as nicer interior trim and window coverings. All of the windows except the kitchen of course have these telescoping shades that have either semi or full privacy. They tend to be tricky to raise up and down as they like to catch on screw heads or the mounts for the trim. I would be nervous letting a child raise or lower these and even an adult needs to use care and go slow. The windows are all single pane, which probably keeps the weight down since there are so many of them. However you can feel the cold off them at night and sunlight heats things up quick during the day.

Please see part 2 for continuation...
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Update Part 2 of 2

[QUOTE=wilsonseattle;309705]Ok I will try this again, the first post didnt stick for some reason.

Storage Space. This seems to be a huge issue to most RV'ers and widely debated around the camp fire, especially among the full timers so here is my impression of this trailers storage capability. First off this trailer came with a free standing kitchen table with four chairs, this was one of our requirements in a new trailer as we dont like the booths. The chair cushions flip up to store small items, certainly not the storage you have with a booth but it makes the living area feel a lot larger. The table has an extension which provides about another foot of table top. There is this nifty free standing table with a nice little hooded light between the recliners. There is storage above the recliners and couch, since the couch only has an inflatable mattress there is a large storage drawer beneath it. There is an island in the kitchen with full storage, as well as above and below the sink and stove. I still have not filled all of the drawers, but I am confident my wife will take care of that problem when she gets here. The bedroom has a nice large closet with six drawers below and two more large drawers at the foot of the bed in the pedestal, as well as storage above the bed in the slide. The drawers at the foot of the bed take up about one third of the available storage space below the bed. The rest of the area is accessible from inside by lifting up the mattress or via the only outside storage door. I was concerned with this being the only storage area for outside items but have found it to be very large. Right now I have four fully packed, military duffel bags sitting side by side in there plus my golf clubs, chairs, BBQ and a few other things and there is still more room. I am confident when I get home there will be plenty of room for our "outside" stuff. I did change out the lock on the exterior door so at least not everyone in the campground would have access to it.

Bathroom. The bathroom contains the shower, sink, toilet and cabinets within one room, with a door to the hallway and a slider door to the bedroom. I would have preferred a walk thru bathroom but I was willing to compromise on this feature so my wife could have the nice big kitchen she really wanted. Since its just me right now I dont mind the smallness of it, my wife may feel differently once she spends some time using it. However, the water pressure here at the campsite is rather low so I expect she will use the showers over at the bathrooms rather than the one in the trailer. While it is certainly larger than our last trailer it does feel small once you start hanging a few towels. I may add some hooks inside the shower to hang towels there while they dry. There appears from a picture of the bathroom that there is all kinds of storage cabinets, however the one below the sink and below the big towel closet are screwed shut, (the one below the towel closet contains the breaker box wiring and the one below the sink is for the pump and water filter.) The towel closet has three shelves that are fairly large, I keep our vacuum cleaner on one of the shelves, the bottom one has enough room for the black tank chems, plus ten packages of four-roll TP, I mounted the TP roll holder down there too. The top shelf has a lot of room for towels or whatever. There is a medicine cabinet above the sink which is nice as well as soap and toothbrush holders. The sink is very large for a trailer, it could probably be smaller with more counter space, but the sink is really nice and doesnt have that cheap trailer feel to it. There is only one electrical outlet located on the front side of the sink, not a very good location if you have things that need to be plugged in all the time. I usually end up charging my razor on the kitchen counter. The shower is a corner unit with a glass door/wall surround. Probably a bit snug for two and no tub but roomy enough for a decent shower. The shower head is one of those typical RV cheapo shower heads with a hose. The hot water tank is only six gallons, I can take a full shower without turning off the water but then I dont have any hair or have to shave my legs. I am sure my wife will have to turn it off to make it last. I have not tried using both the gas and electric heating functions of the tank at the same time, some people say this helps recover it faster.

Kitchen. One of my wifes requirements for a new trailer was a decent kitchen and some counter space. The stove and frig are in the slide with the couch. The stove has a small counter next to it, there is decent counter space on both sides of the double sink and the island provides a lot more room. There are two hanging lights above the island, I like them but find I hit my head on them when standing up by the island, they need to be a little more towards the center of the island. The countertops are all corian. Microwave is kind of small (900 watts) and lacks even a timer, it is above the sink, kind of high up, not sure if my height challenged wife is going to like it. The stove comes with an oven and three burner top that includes a cover. I put a cutting board on top of this to add a little more counter room. The frig is about 6 square feet, fine for the two of us but may be kind of small for a big family. The frig has nice wood panels on the front that match the kitchen trim. Lots of storage with drawers below the frig and stove too. There is a spice rack above the sink and another one alongside the stove. The stove has a decent fan hood with light. There are LED puck style lights above the stove and a bar light above the sink. Kitchen sink is plastic double sink with a smaller bowl on the right and a larger one on the left, the faucet is chrome and has a single faucet handle.

Living room. The two Lazy Boy recliner/rockers are EXTREMELY comfortable, not sure this qualifies as "roughing it" anymore. The couch is more love seat size and the cushions are pretty firm, it is not wide enough for me to stretch out on and take a nap but the wife is a bit shorter than me. I did find a collapsible foot stool that allows me to put my feet up so I may try that napping on the couch thing one of these days. It comes with two throw pillows that match the trim. I have not inflated the mattress yet but did unfold it during the PDI to make sure it was there.

Mods. As part of buying the trailer during an RV show I got a $200 accessory gift card so I had the dealer install MaxAir covers on all of the ceiling vents, I went for the smoke colored and it looks really nice with the brown color of the trailer and black AC cover. I wanted the dealer to install a TV mount in the bedroom, since they didnt know what size TV I wanted they didnt do it. I was a bit upset they didnt call and talk to me but in retrospect I am glad I did that myself, I was able to match a mount with a super light, 24 inch LED TV. The TV mounts above the curb side window partly behind the bedroom door. The mounting location has a power outlet and cable/satellite connections. There is a large floor to ceiling dresser/closet just forward of the window so the TV has to be able to swing out enough to be seen from both sides of the bed. When swung out the bedroom door can not be fully opened (its a big TV) not a huge problem as I just cut thru the bathroom if I need to get out. The entertainment center is not wired into the bedroom to play DVD's, so one of the first mods was to run a DVD cable thru the inside of the closet to a small shelf on the forward side of the closet. There is a power outlet there along with a 12 volt outlet and a cool USB charger station. I have pics of this mod if anyone is interested in seeing it.

The water connections, outside shower, pump and filter are all located below the bathroom sink and the door to this area is screwed shut. I installed a water alarm here as I felt any leaks would probably go undetected for awhiel and could do a lot of damage. Battery operated, $12 from Radio Shack. I might install another one under the kitchen sink as this is where the hot water tank is as well.

The TV in the living room is a nice Toshiba LCD/HD set (32 inch), the entertainment center has a DVD player and is HDMI wired to one of the two HDMI ports on the TV. I wanted to put a Blueray player in so I can also connect my hard drive with my digital movie collection. I ended up taking down the TV and running a second HDMI cable down to the space below the TV. Bit of a challenge to thread it down there as there is only a small 1.5 inch hole behind the TV and another one to get down to the area below the TV. I put in a trim cover that has these small brushes to pass wires thru. The HDMI cable is long enough to connect my laptop to the TV while it sits on the kitchen table. The bay below the TV is very large and could easily hold a satellite box, blue ray player and game system. There is one power outlet and connections for cable/satellite, RCA plugs for three different types of set ups and a satellite connection to the bedroom outlet. The cable/satellite outlet also has the power switch for the factory mounted antenna on the roof. (which receives HD broadcasts as well) Of note the TV HDMI connections require 90 degree adapters.

Furnace/AC. The trailer is built with floor outlets for the furnace (one each in the bedroom, kitchen, bath and living room) and ceiling vents for the single 15,000 BTU AC unit (two each in the living room, kitchen and bedroom that rotate to direct the flow of air as well as louvered). The AC and furnace are controlled by a single, manual thermostat located in the middle of the trailer by the door. I figured for a trailer at this quality and price point would have a digital thermostat, while I havent had any problems with it I may change it out later. Since the thermostat is right next to the door it tends to kick on the furnace if you leave the door open for too long. I usually turn it off or set it all the way down when loading things from the car. I tested the AC during the PDI but its been too cold to run it so I will see how it handles the NC summer. At 15,000 BTU it is larger than most travel trailer AC units but this is a big trailer at 35 feet. I ended up putting a small ceramic heater in the bedroom. The slide in the bedroom is at the head of the bed and is was always cold, partially due to there being windows on both sides of the slide and that the slides tend to have less insulation. The small space heater pointed at the bed seems to keep the cold down, I close the bedroom and
bathroom hallway door at night and it stays cozy enough for me. However, my wife is having those "private tropical moments" so we will see if this mod survives for long.

Switches and Electrical outlets. One of the things with a trailer is there never seems to be enough power outlets. This trailer seems to have a lot more outlets than I expected, one on each side of the sink, one in the island and two in the very rear on each side of the recliners. One more in the bay below the TV. There is one on each side of the bed and one on each side of the dresser. There is only one 12 volt cigarette lighter type outlet in the bedroom, there is also one USB charging station, not sure if it is 12 volt or not but it is in the same outlet as the 12 volt connection. I have not tested any them to see which ones work when only on 12 volt power.

There are wall mounted light switches in the bedroom and bathroom. There is one, four switch outlet on the right side of the sink in the kitchen that operates the LED lights above the stove, couch, sink and island. Finally there is one switch on the main switch panel that controls the hallway light. The remaining lights, including the ceiling lights are all operated individually.

The main switch panel is located just inside the main entrance door on the bathroom wall. I would prefer that this panel be behind a door so maybe when I get home I will build something around it, it is mounted to a nice piece of wood trim. This panel controls the water pump, gas water heater, tank heaters, living room slides, 16 foot awning, left and right flood lights, hallway and exterior LED floor lights. My only gripe is the hallway light switch should be illuminated so you can see find it in the dark. The bedroom slide switch is also located alongside the panel, why it is not integrated is odd. I ended up putting in a small night light on the kitchen counter outlet so when I come home in the dark I can find the switches. The LED pathway light outside is not high enough to be helpful with finding the door locks in the dark. The outside flood lights are really nice and very bright.

Towing. Since this trailer was delivered by the dealer I do not have any experience towing it. My tow rig will not be here till May and then I probably wont tow it until we leave next fall. I am planning on towing it with a 2010 Dodge Ram 1500, 5.7 liter/Hemi, the trailer is at 7530 and I figure we will have about 750 pounds of stuff in it, so I am still within my tow limits but at about 90% max capacity. We will see how it does going home and decide if we need a bigger truck or not.

Dealership. I bought this trailer during the Charolette, NC RV show from Tom Johnson Camping Center, they have stores in Marion and Concord NC. Probably one of the nicest experiences I have ever had buying a relatively expensive "toy". No pressure, easy to deal with, no games, I was able to negotiate a lower price than the "show price". I worked with two salesman during the show, one of them had only been with the dealership for four days, the other one knew a lot more about the trailer, I continued to work with him after the sale. The parts manager was very helpful in spending my $200 gift card and was able to also get me tire covers and an extra potable water hose as well as the three MaxAir vents. They werent suppose to install the MaxAir vents, just put them inside and I would install them. The tech misunderstood the directions and went ahead and installed them anyways, the service manager didnt charge me as it was their mistake.

I ended up buying an extended warranty for seven years, since I was going to be full timing for awhile I figured we would give it a lot more use than just normal camping. Also with the three slides I figured it will help with any problems down the road. The purchase also came with some free camping certificates and one year of travel insurance (like AAA for trailers). So would I recommend them, you bet. Would I recommend buying a brand new rig, off season during a show, hmmm?? Well if you figure industry standard is about 25-27% off MSRP I didnt get that good of a deal, close but not quite. New models usually do sell for higher at the beginning of the year and then trend
downward later in the year, same as with new cars. If you want the newest model when it first comes out your going to pay a little more for it. I feel we came to a fair deal and I am extremely happy with the trailer, of all the floor plans I have looked at over the last few years this is the best one we have found that we both like. I think it will give us many years of enjoyable use and will be very comfortable for the short time we will full time in it. We have also been curious to see if we would enjoy the full-timer RV lifestyle, so far I am enjoying it, once the wife gets here we will see how living in 300 square feet of space agrees with our marriage. We both love camping and are constant companions and best friends so we are not worried and we are very much looking forward to it.
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Nice write up. :-)
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Do you know about the floors? Our Flagstaff in insulated hardboard sandwiched between to luan boards. Starting to sag (our 4th year now). We've been in it sinse new. I intend to install a floating floor this year. The tech support at Forest River says you can go 3/8".
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Great write-up.. ordered ours @ the show in Novi.. supposed to be here in early April. Went platinum instead of diamond and opted for the 'stock' chairs & awning covers. Twin A/C's were tempting, but stayed with the single as all my extension cords are 30A and twins take you to a 50A service (also more expensive @ some CGs we've been to).
Will miss the Rockwood 8314SS we're trading and didn't realize how much JUNK we had in that till i started to unload it! Bought the digital thermostat already.. and have the new vent covers ordered (will transfer the fan vent from old one)..
Like you hoping the wife finds the bath/bathroom adequate but know she likes the kitchen and BR.
Congrats on your purchase!
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Thanks, what kind/model of digital Thermostat did you get?

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