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New 2104s 2018 owner

Hello everyone.

I just purchased my first trailer, a 2018 Rockwood 2104s!

I’ve been wanting a trailer for a long time. Grew up in them with my parents camping and doing cross country trips. It is something I’ve wanted to continue on doing. Wife finally approved after a tent camping trip in the sierra’s where fellow campers had to fire warning shots at a bear.

I was looking used on CL but my wife wanted something newer and the price difference between new and a couple years old wasn’t much so we headed down to the local Rockwood dealer and checked out some models.

As someone who has never towed a trailer before and plans on camping in smaller forest campgrounds I wanted a smaller trailer that would be a little more forgiving. We ultimate settled on the 2104s after looking at every floor plan in that length, plus all the 23’s and 25’s. The local dealer I guess is the largest Rockwood dealer in the US for 2017 so they have a lot of trailers on the lot. It is only the wife and I and our two small dogs so this will be more than enough space. Plus the U dinett looks pretty big once folded down as well. As I am 6’5” I don’t have many options. We looked at the Minnie Winnie’s as well by I hit my head on the ceiling when standing straight up so it was not an option.

I was really surprised by how much room they have inside for such a small trailer. The Murphy bed option is really great. I’ll be picking up the trailer this Sunday with my tow vehicle: 2003 Sierra 2500hd with 8.1/Allison combo.

I also wanted to make sure I would have enough truck for whatever trailer I picked, which is another reason I went with a lite weight., especially since my truck has nearly 200k miles and many camping desitinations are 6k plus climbs I didn’t want to need a new tow vehicle.

Some questions:

1. Any must do modifications?
2. Where do people store their pillows who have Murphy beds and how thick of a mattress topper can fit?
3. What trailer accessories were really worth it? Especially the inside amenities since storage space is at a premium?
4. And which ones ended up being sneak oil?

P.S. This is a great group,I’ve been reading non stop for the last few days; trying to soak everything in.

Take care

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Lets go camping!
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congrats on the new trailer jordan!

i would say one of my best mods was installing a digital thermostat from the old analog unit that comes with the camper.
pillows, sheets, and comforter stay on the bed when stowed. there should be a strap that runs along length ways to secure everything.
as far as accessories goes, well there are alot that you can buy lol. but the basics would be a water pressure regulator, external water filter, a Y valve is handy with coil water hose. 50 amp to 30 amp adaptor, a trailer aid to help if you have to change a tire, and all the tools to go with that. spare fuses and a good assortment of tools to fix things that may break. leveling blocks and tire chocks.

a clear, level head, when setting up and taking down camp.

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Digital Thermostat was also the first thing I did after one weekend of camping.

I am not familiar with the murphy bed as I have a 2109S, but due to your height, if possible make an extension for the bed. On my 2109S, I made a hinged extension that stores under the mattress and flips out to add the 6" of bed I needed to accommodate my 6' 1". I have a piece of foam that is 6" square that is bed width that I put in the space, then stretch the fitted sheet over. The bed stays made up, I simply lift the sheets from the foot end and remove my foam then flip the extension over. I cannot leave the extension out due to the slide when it is retracted. I also added a 2" foam topper.

Also, one campground that I frequent I need two water hoses to reach the shared hydrant.

Plus everything str8t six said.
2018 Rockwood 2109S
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Oz Family
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Welcome. We have the 2304 with Murphy Bed and love it to. A must to have is leveling blocks the ones that look like Legos dont use your leveling jacks to level. I have seen bent jacks on similar light weight trailers. Just thought Id put that out there. Enjoy!!
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I would suggest putting covers over your vents like MaxxAir for fresh air when it rains.
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Another vote for digital thermostat. I got a Coleman Mach [same brand as the original] so the wiring and mounting was 1 for 1.

We've bought a lot of Command hooks by 3M. We have two just over the command center [for slide out, awning etc.] to hang a dish towel and a hand towel. At night we drape one of the towels across both hooks to block the light from the water heater switch and the like. We have others for hanging jackets on the wall. Others are on the entryway, above the breaker panel for keys. We used a couple of command clips, above the window in the door, so we can put up a shade [currently a black trash bag] to block out the light when sleeping. We have recently added command strips to hang pictures, as we are spending a lot of time camping this spring, summer and fall, and it is much more homey. We just pulled the down [they are like velcro] when we recently moved, and popped them back up.

We use the wardrobe next to the refrigerator for a pantry, I added some shelves in there.

We bought two plastic boxes with lids from Ikea, that fit under the wardrobes on either side of the bed. We use those for our non-hanging clothes.

One thing our salesman did for us, was cut the sink cover in half. One half stays in a cabinet and does not get used. The other stays on the left side, except when we are actively washing dishes. The dirty dishes go in the right sink. The cover gives us more counter space. Then when we want to do dishes, the left sink is clean for rinsing. We have a folding wire rack and drainboard that goes on the stove cover, and one of those microfiber drying pads along side it for big pots.
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Some questions:

1. Any must do modifications?
2. Where do people store their pillows who have Murphy beds and how thick of a mattress topper can fit?
3. What trailer accessories were really worth it? Especially the inside amenities since storage space is at a premium?
4. And which ones ended up being sneak oil?

Welcome to the forum! Were enjoying our 2104s just the right size for two. You will get lots of good info on this site. Check out the Search function. As to your matress topper question, we use 1 and strap our pillows, sheets and blankets to the bed and simply fold it up.
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Originally Posted by Shooting4life View Post
[...] 1. Any must do modifications? [...]
Not really. Your trailer is good to use out of the box.

I added a digital thermostat. I went with Coleman because it was a 1:1 install with integrated fan control. Search here for other options. I like it, I'm glad I did it, I'd do it again, but there's no "must" involved with this upgrade. I used a dreadful analog thermostat for 6 years on my pop-up. Every year I told myself I was going to swap it out. Never did. I survived just fine and that furnace kept us warm and toasty. So, no, not a "must."

I added a push bar to the screen door. Nice, but not a "must."

I will probably add a Slim Shade window/shade to the door. Search here on that for info. I hate the useless frosted window in the door. Can't see out of it; can't block light coming in from it. Garbage. But, again, not a "must."
Originally Posted by Shooting4life View Post
[...] 2. Where do people store their pillows who have Murphy beds and how thick of a mattress topper can fit? [...]
Mattress and topper concerns are better answered with a search here. Tons and tons and tons of threads on mattresses and toppers. For toppers, I think 4" fits just fine, based on memory.

We store our pillows either on the bed or in the pass-through storage below. Sometimes the strap keeps them in place on the bed ... sometimes they drop through. Either way is fine for us. Some people don't like having that open gap that reaches the pass-through storage and have come up with some pretty nice solutions/fillers (search for those). For us, we don't care and use it in factory condition.
Originally Posted by Shooting4life View Post
[...] 3. What trailer accessories were really worth it? Especially the inside amenities since storage space is at a premium? [...]
We got some cheap cabinet organizers, which are nice. I'd like to get some battery-powered lights for the pantry, because it's hard to see ... having those push-on lights in there would be awesome. Still playing with getting a good-fitting over-the-door rack for the bathroom for hanging towels and such (RV doors are so damn thin that walmart/target racks don't fit at all). Otherwise, we are only using about 50-75% of our interior storage.

Outside accessories that I love are for cooking. I use an Iwatani 35FW butane powered stove for light-duty work. I had been using a Camp Chef version for a few years, which was nice. The Iwatani is 2x hotter and I can use the entire butane canister. Love it. Super convenient. Wouldn't camp without one of these butane stoves.

For big meals, I use a Camp Chef 2-burner stove and griddles. This connects into the trailer's propane quick connect line. Really like this setup. Cast iron griddles cook the best burgers, steak, and chicken I've ever cooked.

I got BAL wheel x-chocks for stability, but still need a bit more bracing to take out excess sway (I may go with Valterra). I use Camco for leveling (the cheaper knock-offs of the Anderson levelers that fit our tighter axle distance without modification). The levelers work as advertised and I like them.
Originally Posted by Shooting4life View Post
[...]4. And which ones ended up being sneak oil?
You mean snake oil? I don't know that I have any products that don't really solve the purported problem. Everything I've purchased seems to work for its intended purpose.

Good luck.
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we had an older version of the trailer b4 we got our fifth wheel.

I concur with the Max Air vents. They allow airflow in any weather.

We have dogs so a screen protector/ guard for the door was a must have. The first time we had camped and a squirrel ran by the screen would have been destroyed

I recommend that you get a water regulator, leveling blocks, a GOOD Sewer hose, a brass hose y connector, 50 amp to 30 amp dogbone and a 30 to 15 amp plug.

One of the most important things i can tell you is a EMS system to plug into at campgrounds. not a surge protector, an EMS system. they are $250 ish but worth every penny. You can buy either plug in or a hardwired unit. EMS projects against Surges, but also against Reversed polarity or even low voltage, which can do just as much damage as High.

Most of all, I recommend having fun. the trailer is a great size and you can fit it in almost any Park. We loved taking ours to Yellowstone.
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Upgrade The Bed!!

I had a new mattress before the trailer arrived...

That heated mattress that comes with the trailer, that weighs about 2lbs and is about as comfortable as sleeping standing up had to go!

We went with a 10" short queen from "Mattress Insider". Fits with bed folded up, also we put all the pillows 4 of them under the straps and put it all up with the bed.

All fits fine, stays in place and no problem with space when the bed goes up.

You have to enjoy and look forward to using that camper, gotta improve that bed that comes with all these trailers... not fun.

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