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New TT , old tires.

Please pardon if this being posted in the wrong forum but it does involve a Surveyor so I'll start here.

I recently took delivery of my second TT (both Surveyors) from the same dealer. However, while dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's I discovered the tires on my new 2019 TT were actually 13 months old.

The dealer had absolutely no interest in making any adjustment at any level and attempted to justify his position by asking if when I buy a new car, truck, etc. do I get new tires? Actually I do check to see if they are somewhat close to the year model but certainly not 13 months older than the new vehicle's sold on date.

I could understand if the TT was being discounted as new old stock, but it was not. It was advertised and being sold as a 2019. The dealer "claimed" the TT's 2018 build date is what governs and therefore the 13 month old tires were acceptable. He could not answer, why it then was/is being sold was titled as a 2019 and not a 2018?

I left the dealership after letting everyone with earshot know what a crappy way to treat a returning customer and that I would not be returning for my (or hopefully anyone else I come into contact with) future RV needs. I may or may not make any difference to his bottom line, but the look on his face was priceless.

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A 2019 very well could have been built in May 2018 and will be a 2019 with components built in 18. The dates and model year pretty much match for your situation. There is nothing abnormal here at all.

The 2020s are out now and if sits on lot until next May they will have year old tires and be sold as a new 2020 and the 2021s will be hitting lots at that time.

I don't see the dealer doing anything wrong except maybe how they explained it.

My new 2020 that was built the last week of May 2019 has 5218 tires.

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old tires

Same thing happened to me; however, I did not catch it. We checked everything during the PDI but I forgot to check the tire dates. When I was checking the tire pressure before our first trip, I noticed that the tires were over 3 years old. This was on a new 5er. As soon as I got home, I purchased new tires.
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Originally Posted by mjacxx View Post

He could not answer, why it then was/is being sold was titled as a 2019 and not a 2018?

The RV industry changes model years usually a lot earlier than the automobile industry. However the automobile industry legally can designate a "Model" starting at January 1st of the preceding calendar year if they so I would figure the RV industry can do the same. Your 2019 model year RV could have easily (and was) been built way back in 2018 and is legal to do so. I'm surprised a dealer wouldn't have known such and been better able to explain this to you, as below. Unless there were other issues that haven't been explained, I'm not sure you were really treated "crappy". Most likely the 2020 model year is out, or about to be. When they hit, is when you can probably get the discount on the 2019's.

In the United States, automobile model-year sales traditionally begin with the fourth quarter of the preceding year. So model year refers to the sales model year; for example, vehicles sold during the period from October 1 to September 30 of the following year belong to a single model year.

In addition, the launch of the new model-year has long been coordinated to the launch of the traditional new television season (as defined by A.C. Nielsen) in late September, because of the heavy dependence between television to offer products from automakers to advertise, and the car companies to launch their new models at a high-profile time of year.
In other cases, products of a previous model year can continue production, especially if a newer model hasn't yet been released. In that case, the model year remains the same until a new model is introduced. This is to ensure that the model will be seen by the public, and will actually sell a number of vehicles before a new vehicle-model is produced, and people will look at the newer model rather than the previous one.
In the United States, for regulation purposes (such as VIN numbering and EPA emissions certification), government authorities allow cars of a given model year to be sold starting on January 1 of the previous calendar year. For example, this means that a 2019 model year vehicle can legally go on sale on January 1, 2018. This has resulted in a few cars in the following model year being introduced in advertisements during the NFL's Super Bowl in February. A notable example of an "early" model year launch would be the Ford Mustang, introduced as an early 1965 model (informally referred to as "1964˝") in April 1964 at the World's Fair, several months before the usual start of the 1965 model year in August 1964.

Here is more FYI, if you really want to know how the auto industry came about launching new model years...and is interesting.
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the same goes for cars you can this fall in sept and buy a 2020 but its still built in 2019 and some years right now a new model will be called a 2020
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As others have mentioned, the RV model year build usually starts in March or April of the prior calendar year. What is also very common is that the actual design changes for the new model year may not be implemented until July or August. You'll often see vastly different features, graphics, front caps, etc. on post-July (approx.) built RV's compared to the same model year of those built between ~March through ~July.
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I bought my 2018 TT in July of 2017. Just happened that I bought a couple days after it arrived on the Dealer's lot from the factory. Didn't give it a second thought.

As for tires, I wouldn't obsess over the build date. Just pay close attention to the actual condition of the tires as you enjoy the use of your trailer. Keep pressures up to designated level, look over the tire carefully before each trip looking for any severe cracking in tread or sidewalls, jack up wheels on a regular basis and spin tire looking for the beginnings of a separation. Keep the load down below mfr's specified max weight and keep speed down below rated speed molded into sidewall of tire. Then enjoy.

Install a TPMS to warn you of air loss due to a puncture from road debris.

The tires on my TT are already into their third year based on build date and will start year #3 of camping next month. When I inspected before leaving on last weeks trip the inspection only revealed some dirt on the the tires. Didn't even need to add air. Bearings felt smooth and snug.

Total mileage on these three year old tires is around 15,000 miles and growing.

Worry more about actual tire condition than "age".
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Absolutely nothing wrong with having 13 month old tires on a new RV, car or truck. You were out of line bashing the dealer, especially creating a scene in public. They offered you an explanation. You owe them an apology.
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Originally Posted by My17Ram View Post
Absolutely nothing wrong with having 13 month old tires on a new RV, car or truck. You were out of line bashing the dealer, especially creating a scene in public. They offered you an explanation. You owe them an apology.
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The current age of the tires may not be an issue, but ST tires should be replaced at 5 years old per the date code on the tires. You will need to replace the tires a year sooner. If you don't, you greatly increase the risk of a tire failure. Great info. can be found on (Tireman9 on this forum) on ST tire age.

I know I would be ticked but not much you can do as it's not against any regulation. If a person were savvy on this stuff, they could have put it in writing as part of the purchase contract. ST tires are a different animal than P-rated or LT tires.

When buying new tires, you should also insist on recently made ST tires, not old stock.

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