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1st Weekend out

Hi all,

Took the new Roo out for the first time on the weekend. Did pretty well. I was able to hook up, tow, and set up the thing on my own even in the dark.
I think we used pretty well everything except the oven. The heated mattresses that I laughed about were just lovely and relaxing. The slide out gives so much more room than I was used to with the motorhome.
I just have a couple of questions. I probably zoned out on the PDI and didn't hear the explanations, or coming from a motorhome they didn't think I needed the breifing.
1) I have a DSI electric water heater Does this mean I don't require the propane on, or does it just mean I have an electric lighting system for it? (motorhome had old fashioned light the pilot outside in the rain )
2) Fridge. How do you run it on battery? Does it automatically switch over when the shore power disconnects?
3) At the advice of this forum I put an Equal i zer wd hitch on. It appears to work well, but does a fair bit of creaking and complaining on corners. Will this work itself out?

Thanks in advance guys, enjoy the last day of the holiday

2007 21 SS Roo
1997 Safari Van

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Congrat on the first outing.

DSI - Gas must be on and that (DSI) is the ignition so no more standing in the rain/wind to light the pilot.

Fridge in my unit runs on gas or electric. If I disconnect from shore power it automatically goes to gas if the gas is on. Not sure that it will run on battery alone.

The creaking on the hitch is normal for the hitch you have, I have the same and after some time I only notice it on very tight turns.

Congrats again on the new rig and successfull first outing,


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2 I think depends on your rig. There are still a few tri-mode frigerators out there. I think most of them are either propane or AC now. DC probably sucks too much battery.

3 is fine, I have an Sqeakalizer too and it does make some noise on turns. I put a very small amount of grease on it.
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My friends said if the hitch didn't creak they wouldn't know I came or left. Yes it's perfectly normal. That means it's working.I bought some nylon slevees that go on the L brackets. It helped a little but it still groans on corners. By the way the camping neighbor next to last week end groaned also. He had a reese dual cam. The frig is dual power either gas or 110ac no battery.
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Ok thanks all. Groaning and creaking is good, and my fridge doesn't work on battery. The one in my motorhome used to, so I assumed it was a standard design on the Dometics. Does anyone drive with their propane on?

2007 Rockwood Roo 21SS
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Congrats on the rig and your first successful outing!!
Yep, slide-outs are mucho awesome! I really dig mine.

As with the previous posters regarding the fridge. A/C or Gas (gas/battery combo). 3-way use to be the norm but no longer as running on just battery as opposed to A/C or gas/battery combo used up your batteries mass quick. They still make the 3-way though. Ammonia absorption refrigerators work on the principle of heating the ammonia to create a high pressure situation and as it evaporates it “absorbs” heat thereby cooling the inside of the fridge. Overly simplistic explanation but the general principle. For a better job of explaining than I can do go here

There are 2 main brands of fridges used in RVs, Dometic and Norcold.
The Dometics generally have an on/off button and a gas button, an auto light and a check light. The temperature on most Dometics is automatically controlled. When the gas button is in the “out” position it will operate on gas only. With the gas button in the “in” position it will operate in the auto function (plugged into shore power it will run off of A/C, no shore power it will run off of gas). Now, when it runs on gas you still need a good battery as the battery is what sparks the flame on and controls all the electronics. Dead battery, no fridge. With the gas button in the auto light should be lit, with the gas button out the auto light will be off. The check light will flash while either in the gas or auto mode (while running on gas) if gas is not getting to the fridge. This happens with an empty tank, tank off, or air in the lines. A quick fix for the air in the lines is to light up your stove to purge the air as it is usually close to the fridge. Once it gets lit you have gas pretty close to the fridge.

The Norcold brand of fridges work the same way as the Dometic with the exception that most of them will have a temp control switch as well.

Also on some of either fridges depending on model there may be a “frost control” switch. This is for use is humid climates and is basically a mini heater to keep them from frosting up around the freezer door.

You stated that you have a “have a DSI electric water heater “. DSI stands for Direct Spark Ignition. There will be a switch (probably with a red lamp next to it) somewhere in the kitchen. Flip the switch, lamp comes on gas fires up, hot water (as with the fridge you still need the battery to control ignition and the controller board). BUT you stated yours was DSI electric. The electric part means it will also run on 110A/C. If you do not have a switch on the inside (my old one did, my new one doesn’t) of your RV for turning on the A/C part of the heater, go outside and open up the inspection panel and look for a small toggle switch usually on the lower left-hand side of the water heater. Flip the switch and it will then be running on A/C and no need to turn on the gas although gas heats the water quicker. Just remember to TURN OFF the switch as part of your packing up because if you plug back into shore power for storage the heater will be on and will boil out all of the water and ruin the heater.

As far as driving with the propane on.......... Check your local laws on that one. If it's a short trip (less than 4 hours) I'll leave mine off. Longer trips with a fridge full, I'll turn the gas on.

Ok, long post. I’m done.

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Yes we always drive with the propane and frig on. This has been the question forever. We don't have the advantage of keeping the unit by the house so we need to get cool the day before and leave it on.
02 Chevy 2500HD Duramax ,Ally 5 speed, 3.73 gears :Equalizer Hitch
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Just a question about AC power and the battery on my travel trailer. I'm wondering what controls what in the trailer?

If I disconnect the battery and have AC power what should be on or workable?

If I disconnect the AC power and connect the battery what should be on or workable?

Can the fridge operate by either power source? I have a 2008 RockWood Roo that is Automatic Temp Control with Auto Button for either gas/electric.
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We always travel with fridge on propane never had any problems Mrimmer is right on everything else

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