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We had a 2012 23ss and I wish we still had it. That was the best built easiest towing trailer we ever owned. The sales guy you talked to might do better selling vacuum cleaners because he certainly doesn't know anything about Travel trailers. I would most certainly look elsewhere for your trailer. frankly I don't think you can go wrong with any of the three. Good luck in your search and welcome aboard.

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Just returned from first big trip with 23IKSS

Cleveland, Ohio to Yellowstone and back. 2 weeks. 4115 miles. Great trip and the 23IKSS worked out great. Plenty of room under the awning. Not sure about the new models or why the weight difference or price come into play. Bottom line is if you like it and can tow it well you will not be disappointed. I tow with a 2010 F150 Supercrew with a 5.4 V8 with tow package. I upgraded to a tall cap and really like it. At 65mph I can feel the airflow off the cap kick in and everything smooths out. Even in the mountains I was going the speed limit up over the passes. So, I would say it all depends on your TV. The only problem we are having is that the floor leaks where the slides don't seal correctly over the wheel. Both slides are right over the wheel wells and the spray off the tires apparently makes its way past the seals. Warranty issue for sure. I was kind of concerned that you have to run out one of the slides to get to the kitchen or bathroom but it was not an issue at all. Kitchen slide runs out in 20 seconds then you are open. Did it every day on the road at rest areas for lunch with no problem. The new sofa bed does not have an air bed. It now comes with cushions and is pretty comfy. We did get a full size air mattress to put on top and it makes a great bed when not opening the tend ends. I will post on the 23IKSS thread about some interesting mods I have made. All in all a great, highly recommended unit.

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Either of the 23 units are great. I wanted the ss because it was 500 lbs lighter and 1500 dollars cheaper. Wife wanted ikss for extra storage and floorspace. We are proud owners of an ikss. Funny how that works out. Actually it's worked out great. Plenty of room for the two of us and grandkids if they come along. Like you I was concerned about towing since our previous camper was a pop up. No problem. Easy pull, easy stop. Backing up using only mirrors was a bit of a challenge but still ok.
Now, towing for you may be more of an issue. I tow with a Ram 1500 . I towed once across town using wifes 2008 Durango and didn't enjoy it one bit. Too short a wheelbase , less power, and less brake. Even though your vehicle is rated to handle the weight , it may not be able to handle the aerodynamic drag of an 8ft wide barn door being pulled down the road. Also check your payload capacity. Tongue weght plus cargo plus passengers may put you over the top.
But back to the camper.... if you can pull it, get it. For those of us who like the canvas lifestyle, I don't think you can do better. Good luck .
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We went with the 23ss but the 233s and ikss were under heavy consideration.

We bring 3 bikes with us and haul inside the trailer. I couldn't see how I could haul those with the ikss.

In the end, counter space won the day along with the extra closet space. The 23ss is perfect for us (me, wife, son and dog).

As others have said, you can't go wrong with any of the Roo's if you are in to the hybrid trailers.

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ikss owner. love it. bought mine this year we looked at the 23ss and the ikss won out hands down , storage and the island was what sold me, i pull mine with a 2012 f150 with Eco boost with no issues. backing it up is much easyer than my old hard top camper, the bbq placement is a little odd , but can live with it. plenty of floor space.
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On towing the 23IKS with my Land Rover LR4 (2014)

Originally Posted by bikendan View Post
personally, i wouldn't tow any HTT/TT with a vehicle that the manufacturer discourages using a WDH. Honda is the same way. that's why we scratched the Ridgeline off of our list.

if their vehicle can't handle the stresses due to a WDH(usually due to unibody construction), it's not a good choice for a tow vehicle.
Yes, I'll need to check on the use of a WDH with my Land Rover. It does have towing stability assist (uses the traction control system to pull the trailer back in line should something happen and I understand from owners it is pretty slick) but I also know some use a WDH.

At 5,655 lbs (body on frame) and a 113" wheel base my LR4 is not a truck but it is also not a "crossover" SUV. The "max" hitch weight is 550lbs (though some have used it with tongue weights as high as 800) which though close, should not be an issue with the 558 lbs tongue weight of the 23IKS. (Interestingly, the 21SS has a hitch weight of 674 and that may have been more of a problem so it is looking like I would be better off with the larger trailer.)

A number of LR4 owners I know pull boats and Airstream trailers that are heavier than the 23IKS.

The issue will be the "sail" as someone described it and the fact that I need to pull it over mountain passes in Colorado. The 2014 model of the LR4 went from a V8 to a super-charged V6. Horsepower and torque dropped a bit but are still respectable with 332 ft-lbs at 3500 and 340 hp at 6500. Some have said that the supercharger actually helps at elevation and most of my pulling will be at elevation. It has an 8-speed transmission and I also have 4L should I need to go there.

My wife and I are not "heavy campers" and I plan to do my water fill after traveling over the passes and dumping before the return trip whenever possible.

Actually, the bigger issue may be me learning that I simply need to get in line in the right hand lane behind the semis on the way up the mountain passes and swallow my pride. At least I'll be having more fun where I am going than they will. And when I get there I'll have my "truck" to go play off road.
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Considering a 23IKS - Got Questions

Send a PM to Stickfigure - she has a LR4 and may be able to give you some good feedback.

Homebound in our 23ikss !!

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Thanks again to all of you. This is great. I started reading some of these to my wife - beginning with one from roovader - and she said it makes her more excited about getting one!

I addressed the TV question previously. Yes, I agree that a truck - especially one with a ton of torque - would be great. But I think I'll be OK. We chatted with a family camping near Leadville, CO a couple of weeks ago who were pulling a 25' hybrid with a Dodge Durango 6 cyl. and with much less HP and torque than I have. And they felt fine with it. So I should be OK.

jking46 - I hear you. I went into this thinking that the island didn't make sense. Then my wife walked into the IKS model. Now it looks like the IKS will be the one for us. ;-) Oh, and yes, I am a bit nervous about backing up. I told my wife that setup on this thing is great. Just a few minutes. But that getting it in exactly the right spot in the site so that I can get just the right view and be level and ... that will take at least an hour.

kanga99 - what is a tail cap? Also, not happy to hear about your leaking issues. Are we sure this is an anomaly and not an engineering/systemic problem with the IKS model?

As to the question of the air bed, I saw another thread here on this topic. I "think" the sofa in the demos we looked at were "air beds"? Pretty simple to pull out from the bottom and "stretch" it into a bed. But to be honest, for us the use as a bed is nearly unimportant. 99% of the time I will be using it as a couch. Someone else mentioned that the airbed has "arms" when used as a couch but that the other type (jacknife?) doesn't have arms. Is that true? I liked the sofa when sitting in it and would definitely want arms. I'll need to look into that.

As for the slide out taking up space under the awning, I'll adjust to that. When we had a pop up many years ago we rarely used the awning. It was handy to provide a sort of porch but we were usually hanging out elsewhere. So it probably isn't a big deal. And thanks for explaining, whoever it was, how the BBQ works. I wondered what that mount was on the rear bumper.

And, yes, I hear you all loud and clear. I will season with gusto - when/if we pull the trigger and get one. (And I'll likely get a set of PUGs!)
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Originally Posted by Changes_In_Latitudes View Post
We live our ikss and wouldn't change it. It is a little heavy though - by the time my wife packs it to the gills, my 6.2L half ton tows it with ease but does have to struggle just a bit when climbing hills (we live in mountains). Something to consider if TV is not a truck.

As for slide out under awning, it does take away a little but still plenty of room. Attachment 82631Attachment 82632

By the way - these pics are from camping right now. If there is anything else you'd like to see let me know.

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Thanks for the pics! That helps. Good to see someone enjoying their rig.
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Originally Posted by DK-in-SC View Post
Send a PM to Stickfigure - she has a LR4 and may be able to give you some good feedback.

Homebound in our 23ikss !! - Forest River Forums

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Thanks. Just did. Saw her pic. Looks good.

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