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Thinking about buying 2014 Roo

We just sold our Fleetwood Sequoia Popup camper and now looking to move on to a Roo 233S. I live in Florida and we camp a lot all year long.
I'm thinking about opting for the larger AC unit 15k instead of the 13.5k.
Forrest River said it wasn't needed and would most likely cause condensation.
Looking at this forum I'm wondering if they are talking about condensation in the bunk ends. We had a same large unit on our popup and never had any issues with condensation on the beds. We also used the solar gizmos which we would do the same on the Roo. I will say by having the larger AC unit we almost always had dial set to the middle (between cool and warm) and on low cool. The AC keep the popup very cool in the hot summer. I always felt like it wasn't working as hard to cool the camper.
Also, the top of the Fleetwood bunk end looks much heavier than the Roo. We haven't looked at one yet in person, but all the pictures online the tops appear to be letting a lot of light in. So it seems thinner.

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I have a 21SSL and I insisted on the 15k A/C unit, and I am damned glad I did. I have not had any issue with condensation at all, and the A/C kept the camper very cool even in 100+ degree weather.

I'll tell you how good it is. Last July, soon after we got it, I had about 7 too many rum and cokes. The wife was coming down to the lake the next day, so I was solo in the camper. I staggered in at about 1:30am and realized that I not only didn't know where she keeps the blankets and such, I didn't even know where all the light switches were. so after 10 minutes of pawing around in the dark, I gave up and just flopped down on the bed and passed out.... er... fell asleep. I woke up at about 3:30 literally shaking like a wet dog because it was so cold in there. I turned the air on with the thermostat at its lowest setting after setting up the camper during the day, and getting up and actually turning up the thermostat never entered the drunken fog of my mind.

Imagine the response of the wife when she arrived at the lake lot to see me passed out in the bunk with the mattress folded over on top of me like a big taco, the trashcan by my head, full of recycled rum and coke, and every cabinet and drawer wide open. Lets just say its not the best way for a hung-over guy to be woken up...

Get the 15k. Its totally worth it.


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If you stay in Florida you should be able to recoup the additional cost when you sell the unit.
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We don't camp in hot enough weather to offer much of an opinion on 13.5 vs 15, but we were out in MN this summer and got into the upper 90's. We left the AC on and went out to visit some friends. I was unaware that for some un-known reason, DS (10 at the time) had decided to turn the thermostat down to 65 before we left. I knew something was up when I walked up to the door and it was covered in condesation. Went inside and all the windows we so covered you couldn't see out of them. But in this case, it was "reverse condesation" (if that's a term) - condensation was on the outside of the windows, not the inside like when in cold weather. So note to self - don't let DS adjust thermostat...

We also see much more condensation in the cold months with the Roo than we did with the popup. I found a lot of good info here on how to minimize it. I think the hybrid is much tighter as far as air flow than a popup, which is why condesation is a bigger issue. Mostly it occurs on the canvas since there is no insulation. And with single pane windows, anytime you have a significant temp difference from inside to outside, you're going to have condensation.

If its not a big cost/hastle to get the bigger AC, why not? But if you do have the 13.5, with it being ducted in the roof I think it can probably do the job. You can add popup gizmos (pugs) to insulate the bunk ends, becasue that would be where you have most difficulty cooling.

Either way, enjoy the new Roo!

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Condensation is caused by warm moist air condensing on a cold surface. An A/C unit is just a fancy dehumidifier, so it won't cause condensation INSIDE (cool dry air), but as KMP44 pointed out, it will cool down the windows, doors, walls and tents, and the hot and humid outside air will condense on them on the outside. Since this isn't much different than rain, I wouldn't worry about it and I'd get the bigger unit, especially since you're in FLA.

Also, the size of the unit isn't going to change the temperature to set it to (say 70 degrees), so that really ISN'T going to change the amount of condensation you may get on the outside. What the bigger unit WILL do is allow you to get down to that same 70 degrees on hotter days.

When you say "Forest River" doesn't think you should go with the 15K unit, do you mean the dealer or the manufacturer? I'm thinking you talked to the dealer and he either doesn't want the job of changing out the 13.5K unit on an existing trailer OR he doesn't want to order you one with a 15K unit. It's to his advantage to just sell you the 13.5K unit that's sitting on his lot.
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cow racer, love the story! hopefully you have lived that one down with the wife.....and if not enjoy, story well worth repeating haha!!

rockfordroo is right. an a/c unit is a dehumidifier that pulls moisture from the air, hence why the water is running from the roof while running. the larger unit will not cause condensation inside the unit.
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Our 2012 23SS has a 13.5 unit it is sufficient. Here in Ontario we experience temperatures in 35 degree celcius range (100 deg. F).

2 years ago I was camping in near 100 deg. temparatures and my a/c had no trouble keeping the trailer cool....on low fan speed. I also use PUG bunk covers, which I believe help.

my two cents.
Dave, Southern,ON

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I'd be careful comparing Ontario to Florida. Most of the energy used by the A/C is in removing the humidity. In the Navy, I spent a summer in FLA, only 85 degrees, but 100% humidity and HATED IT. In October that year I went to Pt. Mugu CA, when the Santa Anna winds were blowing 105 degrees off the desert and it was so much better than that 85 degrees in FLA.
1988 Coleman Sequoia - popup (1987-2009) - outlasted 3 Dodge Grand Caravans!
2012 Roo19 - hybrid (2012-2015)

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2009 Silverado 1500 Ext Cab, 5.3L, 4x4, 3.73
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Spent a week in Florida at Disney in the middle of July. 95+ each day. Never came in to the camper with it warmer than 65 degrees. It was so chilly our dog would bunch the blankets in a pile and tuck herself underneath them. It was a great oasis.
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We took delivery of our 23IKSS in October that we ordered. You can't order it with the 15k anymore. My dealer upgraded it for me.

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