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Dear Forest River, Why is Quality Control non-existent?!

I read these forums everyday and it's ridiculous that consumers buying these campers are having to deal with literal stupidity on the production line.

What is it going to take to institute quality control procedures when building these units?!

A grey tank valve "accidentally" installed INSIDE the underbelly?
My fridge fan was too loud and it was discovered they forgot to put the insulation around it?
Wiring not done properly?
Plumbing backwards?
Windows leaking?
Forgotten trim pieces?
Cabinet doors not lining up?
Screws falling out.
Screws missing.
On and on and on and on.

It certainly should be expected if these units sold for under $10k.

Is it really that hard to put procedures in place for each task on the line to do the same thing over and over?!

There's not one person in charge with some kind of integrity to produce a product that is consistently built correctly?

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Just poor quality control at the end. Several years ago I went to a factory tour of TT plant. They had excellent quality control. End product was inspected and if something was not right, it was taken back and redone by the person that did the install. Written up and too many times that person did not have a job. I guess this is not done anymore. It seems like it is get them out as fast as you can with no quality control and accountability. At that particular factory, at the end of year, the workers received bonus based on company profitability. Poor workmanship, redo's and poor QC eats into profitability.

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I sometimes wonder if it is not a quality control issue but a build issue. Not the people but how they build them. Leaving the assembly line they look good and work.

But my trailer is held together with brad nails and staples. Now lets rocket down a highway at 60 mph bouncing around and guess what... Staples and brads fall out. I had never seen a staple or brad used to hold a panel onto an aluminum square tube before I had my Rockwood... With in a few months I had to pull many brads and stables and replace them with screws and glue. Even now I have trim pieces to re-attach since they were held on with a single brad to hold a 4 x 6" piece of trim on a slide.

I do not fault the builders.. But the ones who made the design specs to how the builder puts them together since the builder only follows the specs they are given. Using 18ga brads and stables and screws into 1/8 plywood to support slide mechanisms are bad engineering.

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doc73 expressed my thoughts exactly. quality control on the floor concerns is it made as it was designed. I think the issue goes back further to the design stage. I have read many posts where 'generic' parts were used that do not match the exact form and function for the application they are being used for. I have screws coming out several places. they make screws that do not come out. why not specify those? there are a few features on our 5th wheel that drive us insane. they were designed that way. why not move a door 1 inch so it will clear? we have nice cabinet doors installed under the tv, yet you cannot open them fully as the coach was interferes with them. perhaps a sliding door would provide access? doc73 mentioned using brads for trim. mine has staples. i'm sure the assembler was told to put them in with an air stapler. he did as he was told. I do not fault him. but the designer could have specified some other fastening technique. in fact, i'll bet if you ask the assemblers they would talk for hours about how they could put the units together better if they were allowed to!

where does this all end up? i'm really not sure. us car makers had quality problems which allowed the Japanese carmakers into the market and that competition force the us carmakers to up their quality greatly. I just don't see any rv's being imported from japan or Germany. it's going to take some rv manufacturer to take the lead and improve the quality of their product line to get the industry as a whole to improve.
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But with three companies owning all the RV lines out there (made this number up but prob not far off) WILL it change? I do not complain or make them fix it (to the same crappy spec that put me there) I just fix it right and be done with it. But for $25,000 I would expect a bit better engineering, well, since they do this for a living!

Pat, Jen, Heather & Sapphire, the head mouser.
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I have spent literally hours removing brads and "Gooping" the pieces back in place. Every time I open a compartment, I find screws laying around. Some I can find where they came from and replace them with the proper type screws/glue and others go on the WTH list.....which is growing fast.
Many of the facial trim pieces would be held in place with glue much better to begin with and there wouldn't be all those holes left when the brads are removed. OBTW, my DW has a nice rip in her leg from a brad that worked it's way out on a piece of trim at calf level.
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I've learned, if I lose a screw I pull out a drawer. I can build a whole new RV from all the screws, saw dust and scrap wood I have found behind the cabinets! LOL

Pat, Jen, Heather & Sapphire, the head mouser.
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After forty years in the manufacturing process of large earthmoving equipment I have learned that you can not inspect in quality to the product. You must start the quality process at the very first stages of manufacturing of any product by empowering the employees to question any item that is not up to production standards.

Now you also need to understand that the fabricators and assemblers are humans and not robots so therefore mistakes will happen!

I have a new 2016 CEDAR CREEK 34RL and have had a few issue with my unit but they were all with the components made by the sub-supplier such as the stove, tire and wheel and the sound system. The dealer fixed them all except for the tire and wheel which was replaced at the FROG Rally.

I am happy with my unit and the build process on the trailer.
Jim W.
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Agreed!!!! Though they are addressing some issues, most should never have happened in production

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Dear Forest River, Why is Quality Control non-existent?!

I agree with most said. But the guys assembling these TTs are letting a lot of things go undone.

Luckily I've had no major issues so far but have had some small issues fixed under warranty by a local RV shop.

Just to be clear we ordered our TT so it never sat on a dealer lot to be damaged by hopeful new owners.

Since I bought my TT I've seen cabinet door hinges with 2 screws never installed. Another Cabinet door came apart/unglued from itself.
Bath door misaligned (so they just tweaked / bent the hinges) from the factory to make it align in the frame. The bath door frame mldgs were cut to short in the corners.

One screw in the handle on a pull out drawer below the dinette was striped out of the wood and torn upholstery on that drawer.
Lots of loose screws that needed a little more tightening.
Igniter never installed on the outdoor grill.

The awning arms was installed out of level causing the awning to close slow and not close completely.

Also loose nuts on the outriggers.
And a nut and lock washer missing from an outrigger. Look close no marks on the painted surface so it was never installed.

I know it sounds like I'm complaining but facts are facts.
I'm happy with my TT but CC is lacking somewhat.

Click image for larger version

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