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Originally Posted by Mojojojo View Post
Would you want this guy to be allowed to keep towing or be told to park till he solves the obvious problem.
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I'm just saying what judge or jury in there right mind wouldn't stand behind an officer writing this guy a warning or ticket.

Lets not let this thread get out of hand

but no a judge & jury would not convict this guy unless the trooper had scales with him. He IS probably overloaded...... but probably will not get you anywhere in court. It could be that his hitch set up is totally wrong or ??? Without actual weights you can not prove anything.


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Originally Posted by dustman_stx View Post
Very true. But I'm talking about a criminal case, not a civil one. Anyone with enough money to file the court documents can sue anyone for anything at anytime.

I agree; I'm just saying that I don't think it is realistic to expect to understand where the ratings on trucks come from. I'd never expect a major manufacturer to come out and publish their process for arriving at numbers.

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Originally Posted by Oaklevel View Post
Lets not let this thread get out of hand
Agreed. Some of the posts have been borderline out-of-line. The moderators are reviewing a couple of posts, and deciding on whether to allow them or not. This is a discussion thread, not a debate.

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It's amazing where these posts go, and how just because a vehicle manufacturer doesn't hold Tow Ratings 101 for every truck buyer that it must be some sort of black box voodoo that just can't be right because "I can do X." OK, so this engineer is going to tell you that it is not black box voodoo, and ratings, in the simplest term, boil down to the capacity of the weakest link in the system plus a margin of safety. That's it in essence.

That weak link can be anything from a sunshell in a transmission, to the strength of a single bolt, to strength of the frame at the hitch connections, the ability of the brakes to perform adequately to FMVSS, even the vehicle emissions under load. These are just some examples. Every major manufacturer has/had its method of determination and acceptable margin, and thanks to the SAE and its Recommended Practices there's a bit more consistency in determination approach. See SAE J2807.

For those who ignore or flirt with ratings, you beg against the margin of safety. Should the worst ever occur, depending on the severity, the authorities can and do investigate if overload was a factor (usually where fatalities are concerned). I'd like to meet the lawyer that felt he was on the winning side of published ratings when found actual load was purposely ignored. Oh wait, there's the loophole! Only commercially licensed drivers are held directly to having sufficient training and required to know and understand their load at all times and always held accountable as purposely ignoring when found overloaded. Those with regular driver's licenses can still claim a defense of ignorance!
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17 years with a cdl and that is a true statement at least in Oregon. If it's scaled overloaded driver gets a ticket. It's just mind boggling what some people do without regard for anyone else's safety in mind.
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No, my trailer or truck are not overweight, even though my tongue weight is 515 lbs. But the hitch can hold 800 lbs of direct weight.

But in my case it is me and two dogs. And I travel light.
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I will throw my two cents in here as I have learned a lot in the past month or two from reading threads like this. Since the OP posted this in the tent trailer section I will venture to say, and they can correct me if this isn't what they are referring to, but maybe they are referring more to people with tent trailers pushing the limits. I will say, that is an easy thing for the average tent trailer person to do that doesn't get educated in the process and a guy at a dealer wants to sell them an trailer. When I was looking at upgrading our pop up, the only number I thought about was tow capacity. Am I stupid, no. Did I know about all of those other numbers like combined vehicle weight, nope. Not at the time. Should I have, yes, I probably should have, but I didn't. It wasn't until I started reading a thread about combined vehicle weights that made me get into my owners manual and start running some numbers of my own. I knew what my vehicles tow capacity was and that the trailer I was buying was with in that range and that the tongue weight on the brochure meets the requirements as well. So, all is good right. Well, after I started reading about things, I started estimating the weight of wood, cooler, clothes, us, ect. I am feel good that the trailer and what we have in it is with in limits, but it got me questioning if I went to a scale, would we be over that combined limit in my vehicles owners manual. And I think we most likely are. I tried to pull up to a Loves truck stop one time but a guy told me that my suv and camper would be too small to register on the scale and would be a waste of money, but I have found out since then that was in correct so we are going to load up and go to the scale first thing this spring to find out exactly where we are at and make a decision accordingly to see if we need to upgrade our tow vehicle to a pick up or just travel lighter like not taking water.

But, back to my comment earlier, I don't think it is always that people in all cases don't care, I think a lot of people, especially some pulling with tent trailers using vans and suv's just don't know any better. The guy at the rv store said, it's in your tow capacity rating so your good, right. When we were looking for our new trailers we stopped at a place that didn't have tent trailers and that was what we wanted. They had small TT (not hybrids). He asked me what my tow rating was, I told him, and he said, this one will work for you just fine. I went and looked at the tag on the side and it was just right over my tow rating by couple hundred pounds. Could my SUV have pulled it, sure, like a brick and very unsafely. He was shady. But my point is, I can only imagine a lot of people just blindly believe that and don't research any further because the "trained expert" at the rv store said it was good. I am not in anyway excusing ignorance on anyone's part when it comes to safety and now that I know more about all of the numbers I will be making adjustment to either my tow vehicle or how much stuff we are taking if we are indeed over.
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Just today I was thinking about having my TT and TV weighed. I know (I hope) we don't overload the Windjammer. Where does one go to get weighed? Fully loaded I would like to know how much weight is on each tire, tongue weight and total weight. My Ram 2500 will tow 17,000+ so that doesn't concern me, just wondering the actual weight I'm towing.
My main concern is are the factory "C" rated tires being overloaded, but lets not get into tires on this thread.
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IF a DOT cop would stop an RV and wanted to give you a weight ticket,they would use the tags on the axles,tire loads and the weight on the truck drive axle to determine if it was overweight. It would be a time consuming affair to do this with an RV. The only stop an RV is likely to get is for lights (lack of) and tag violations and safety chain violations. If you have a couple of the above mentioned violations and the officer was already having a bad day he may do a brake check,but I have never heard of an RV being weighed, and I've been pulling com. and non com. trailers for around 52 yrs.I agree,I've seen a bunch of campers and utility trailers with the off - camber wheel syndrome,no tags and no lights,but I've never seen one pulled over.

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