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When I toured the Wildcat plant Chris talked about the add ons that we all want on our RV. He admitted that it's all about the biggest bling for the dollar. Fire place, seating, big frig., sq. ft., entertainment section, and so on that meets the eye seems important . Not everyone thinks they need JT Strongs, surge protector, new mattress, a second AC, better tires and other toys until you start using the RV. So if $5,000-10,000 were added to the price of the RV to get the rest of the items you wanted, would you pay for this up front?

Ed & Ruthann / Toby and Tucker
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I apologize if my previous post sounded like a slam. Like my P.S. said, I appreciate all the info you folks supply because of your experiences. My point is that there are is a lot good that goes unreported. I have never had a tire problem, a leak, an electrical problem, a plumbing problem & so on, & this is with 4 RV,s over about 15 years. I guess I'm just one of the lucky ones. Hope I didn't jinx myself by saying this. Anyways, keep up the good info, I need all the help I can get.
Much Thanks

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Originally Posted by gashog View Post
Is it just me or does everyone read all the horror stories on the forum and end up modifying and upgrading their new travel trailers?
It really ain't so bad...

Originally Posted by gashog View Post
Forest River puts China bombs tires on their TT.
So I ended up buying Tire Minders thinking problem solved, I will be alerted when something goes wrong. Then I read that the tire tread separated causing damage to TT, but the tire stayed inflated the TPMS didn't sound off.
Four yrs and over 20K km on "Duro" China bombs. No TPMS or tire minders although they are inspected frequently.

Originally Posted by gashog View Post
I read about electrical problems in RV parks. Low Voltage, High Voltage, Spikes so on so forth. Now a Progressive EMS_HW50C is on the, to do list.
Plenty of gadgets out there to check the power outlets at RV parks. We do it routinely and it only takes but a minute of so.

Originally Posted by gashog View Post
The list goes on and on, when am I going to find the time to enjoy my new TT?
Just hook er up and go. Prepare yes but don't let the horror stories hold you back.

Originally Posted by gashog View Post
I read about the cautions on jacking to change a tire with Dexter Torflex axles. So I purchased an Andersen Rapid Jack, later read they wonít work on the Dexter Torflex and will damage the axles, but some say the Rapid Jack works great. So, I also bought a bottle jack. At least Iím covered whichever way I decide to jack the TT to change a tire when the china bombs explode. Must mention that Forest River has no instruction on jacking points to change a tire. At least the car manufactures show you the jacking points.
The scissor jack that came with our Dodge pick-me-up is up to the task of changing a wheel on our TT, which sports ALKO axles comparable to the Dexter Torflex design. Done this on a busy thoroughfare where it was essential that I get the heck out the way... fast!

Originally Posted by gashog View Post
UV and storm damage, should I cover my TT, so I installed a fully enclosed 12 ft walls 24 ft x 40 ft RV carport.
TT sits outside. Gets buried in snow every winter and endures the freezing hell of prairies. We account for that and while it does add to the maintenance, it's not so onerous as to have us considering other storage options.

Originally Posted by gashog View Post
TTís over 26 ft requires 2 sway bars. My 35 ft TT only has one on the right-hand side. Getting a left-hand one ordered in a few days. So another on the, to do list.
Consider a WDH system with integrated sway control i.e., Reese Dual Cam or Equal-i-zer.

Originally Posted by gashog View Post
Then we have the TT rocking when someone is walking around in it. Read the best way to stop this is donít walk around, just joking. Read that the expensive JT Strong Arm Stabilizers do work. I've also read that a pair of X-Chock between the tires helps eliminate some of the rocking, so I opted for X-Chocks. Havenít tried them out yet, still have my to do list to complete.
X-Chocks work for us. We're 32 ft and sport the std Lippert stabilizers. The electric motors have long since bit the dust but no biggy, I can crank them down faster on a bad day than the motors ever could.

Originally Posted by gashog View Post
Wireless Rear camera for TT, been doing research for months, no conclusion yet. My TT does have the Furrion housing, but I read that the Furrionís are junk and expensive.. Best is the Voyager, but they have a very hefty price tag for a camera setup IMO. Will likely mount something on the Furrion housing and utilize the power that's already there. I just don't know what I will get yet.
All you need a traveling companion that can yell real loud!

Originally Posted by gashog View Post
In closing, this Forestriver forum is awesome with fantastic people and great advice. I appreciate all of the advice that I've received and hope to continue receiving. Our Rockwood Windjammer is a totally awesome TT, just wish Forest River would read these forums and realize they need to do better. They could easily be a world class company and out do all of the competition.
You're bang on about the good folks on FRF!

Boeing's 737 is my favorite passenger jet - especially the 700 series. Doesn't take forever to get into or out of. Used to see the girls ready for acceptance at Boeing Field when I was rubbing shoulders with the T-33 guys down there.

Keith, Lori & the Wild Bunch
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Just use common sense........ learn from others......... Use common sense

Planes fall out of the sky, cars / trucks crash, lightening strikes, a tornado can come along, eat this / don't eat that..... Do we all have a concrete box to live in ??????????????? (I know some of us do) If we watched the news & didn't know there was good out there too, we would all stay home.

You hear about the bad rarely the good All RVs, Cars, Houses etc have issues they all require maintenance, & there are things out there that can make RVing easier. Learn from others mistakes, bad luck, lack of knowledge or what ever............. But be careful the sky is falling........... Forest River does not have the corner on issues (other makes have the same issues)

Been RVing (guess now I can't call it camping anymore ) for 30 years, minor issues yes, major issues no...... but tomorrow who knows.....

Read the forums, ask for help decide what works for you .......

Tires my opinion is still out on that one, had the worst luck with Michelin tires but never had a China Bomb blow out on my five current trailers. Since I had bad luck on 3 sets of Michelin (all wore out in 20K each) I will never buy another set...... If the China tires blow out probably would be the same.....

Oh No do not let Chicken Little get you........... Learn from others issues, just figure out what works for you......... Use Common Sense & have fun.....

When we set up camp & take it down the DW says this is sure a lot of work to relax...... maybe so but we would not trade it for anything .....Seen a lot of things , met a lot of super people that we would have never seen any other way !!!!!!!!

Just my 2 cents!!!!!


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Were going on our fourth year, over 6000 miles on our China bombs, Chinese wheel bearings, intact water filter, and no surge suppressor. I read most of the horror stories and take note, then factor in my own 25 years towing experience, take good care of my equipment then go enjoy our campouts.
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I did nothing to trailer for almost 3 yrs.....except I did put tpms on all tires, truck/trailer so I would not have to bend over and check each tire daily...I did buy a portable Surge gard...since incorrect voltage can cause cumulative damage to all systems....and that has paid for itself time and again....I did buy the product my deal used to clean/treat roof and do that twice a year. All other minor items were addressed by CW .... via cost to me....once in CW puter you do nothing but take it in and they work with FR.....tire made it almost 3 yrs as I noticed one was just starting weather cracking next to bead so replaced all 4 with that time bearings had 8k on them and there was no wiggle at all on or off the ground.
So filling the hubs with red high temp grease must be working....original tires looked new and still had the nibs on them....never run over 60mph since I get best mileage at 56-58 mph....the info on the forum is excellent, but most issues are caused by folks exceeding operational limits of equipment...and rather than accept that we blame someone think of all the RVs out there versus the few that post a problem....slow down whats the hurry your house is with you......and for me FR has been exceptional on taking care of anything that occurs ..... they have stood behind the unit I have over and above 100%.....

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Appreciate the good reports kandl, indybp57, sail2liv & Oaklevel (that was more than 2 cents). We can worry our way right out of the enjoyment if we're not careful. Thanks folks; very, very good advice.
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I agree with you...some folks in here a little bit on the "alarmist" side but, like everything, we need to just take it with a grain of salt.

I have "China bombs" but don't stay awake at night thinking my doom is coming. (But just keep and eye on them.) I did buy a TPMS system for that very reason but, you know what, we should have a TPMS system not matter WHAT tires we have!!

I do have a few voltage check tools and, also, a water regulator because the more experienced campers amongst us gave good advise for them...and we should be appreciative!

Gotta go...I don't think my V-8 Tundra has enough power to pull my 6,000 pound trailer (I'm doomed according to the tow "experts" here) so looking at buying one of these:

Rick & Karen
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Everyone, I am new to this and waiting for delivery on my first Camper(Sandpiper 371REBH) GASHOG was just thinking out loud and you are all liars if his thoughts have not crossed your mind...LOL
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Well Jz5g52, I guess you just put me in my place.

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