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Originally Posted by Shinny View Post
My problem with checklists, is that I forget where I put them

You need a checklist for that!!


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Just coming up north for work. Keep cold weather and hunting clothes in a tote.

Now it's hunting season and 14 F.

First someone could have got it from under the the camper when they visited. Or they took it home and put it in the correct place in shed. Hmm. That never happens unless I do it or supervising.

Conclusion is they took it back and have finally remembered where to store it. Glad DW is coming this weekend. Or I will go there to correct THEIR mistake.

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Forgot my wallet at home - not a big deal really, DW just got to pay for everything however I got nervous every time I same a LEO - which was 5x's more often than usual.

Forgot the pipe I use to tighten the WDH... on the back bumper! I was surprised to see it still there 60 miles later.

Left same pipe on same bumper after disconnecting late at a KOA. As I slowly moved the TV, it fell off the bumper and rolled, bounced, and flipped downhill on the campground lane for about 200 feet. 24 inches of steel pipe makes a heck of a racket after quiet time! (DW got the pipe while I finished parking, very neatly, over top of our subterranean fire ring- just glad I did not put a wheel into it.)

About a month later I was behind an F250 at a traffic light. I laid on the horn since the driver had left a 5 lb. sledge hammer on his rear bumper. He got out, got the hammer and thanked me. "That would have been dangerous when it fell off" he said. I figured it would not have fallen off - unless I didn't warn him about it.

And finally - last week - forgot to close the hitch on our utility trailer. The chains caught it leaving the driveway, no damage. First time I have ever not done a final walk around, first time I ever forgot the latch.

I'm sorry, what was the question again?
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About what? What was the topic of this posting?
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I don't know what everyone's complaining about. A touch absent minded has it's perks. I rather enjoy it!

Ya only gotta take one book and one DVD movie with you on the road.... leave a few days in between and you can read or watch em again for the first time.

It's really hard for me to stay irritated with anyone. I wake up in the morning and forgot what they did yesterday.

I never misplace anything... I didn't even know I had one of "those".

How many people get to see the Grand Canyon for the first time... every other month?

I've never gotten bad news from my doctor before either... I think...

I can drink all the beer and coffee I want and never feel guilty or have to lie to say it's my first one today.

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We always manage leave something behind at home or at the camper it has became our running joke.
Last weekend we were in Myrtle Beach going back tomorrow so we left the camper there but we use dog harnesses when camping but their collars have all their tags..... we will get their collars tomorrow...... left the water containers at home too. (Campground provides purified water free bring your container.)
Usually we forget shoes or clothes (for the beach).

We forget so many things I forget what they are???

Not RV related but several times the DW & I have met in town after work leave one car & run errands. When we get home we realize that the other car in still in town 10+ miles away

What was the ???????


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Hmmmm?????? I forgot what i wanted to say!
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Leaving a cg early one morning we packed up everything the night before. We barbecued for supper though. Not wanting to put it away hot I slid it under the trailer. Yup next morning I got it with both trailer wheels on that side. Flattened it right out. Made a stop at the dumpster on the way out of the cg. I know stupid who pulls out without doing a last walk around.

I never forget to do a last walk around anymore.

One morning in myrtle beach I heard a horrible rubbing grinding noise coming down the road. Came outside the trailer just in time to see a coach go by with the back wheels of the toad sliding down the pavement. I guess he put the emergency brakes on while tieing th toad down on the dolly and forgot to take them off.

I managed to run after him and caught him at the cg gate before he got out on the highway.
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I keep forgetting those things, you know, you use them all the time.
Geez, what do you call them...?
Uh, hang on a second, I'll get it in a minute...
You KNOW, those things, we use them constantly in stuff we send at the post office.
Come on, where is my mind this afternoon, I mean morning?
(Has anyone seen my coffee. Did I make coffee yet? Why didn't anyone tell me?
So yeah, those things, we use them to describe stuff, like colors.
Hey, I just remembered my phone number from when I was a kid! Wait, no that was my girl-friends number. Better not call, her mom is still probably mad at me.

Oh yeah... WORDS! No wait... why was I trying to remember that?

Oh well, I'll get back to you soon as I remember; could you remind me sometime?

"...what a waste it is to lose one's mind or not to have a mind is being very wasteful. How true that is." Dan Quayle.

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