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I can comment on the Banff area. Very nice place but be sure to book early as sites are hard to find around there. If you have a large trailer look into Tunnel Mount. camp site in Banff as some of Banff's camp sites do not accept larger unites. One awesome road to take is the Banff Jasper road you might just find that the best, scenic route of your whole trip. Also Canadian dollar is very low compared with U.S.D.

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Unless you have specific Dates that you need to hit at specific locations, I'd suggest that you REVERSE your Route.

1) Glacier NP usually doesn't clear of Snow until mid- to late-June, especially the spectacular Going-to-the-Sun Road. Some of the Boat Tours don't start until mid-June, either. Nor most of the High Country Hiking Trails (although your Whirlwind schedule doesn't leave you much time for ANY of that)...

2) Banff NP keeps the Main Highway OPEN throughout the Winter, but the Turnoffs and CGs are often still Snowbound until mid-June (or even Canada Day - July 1st).

3) I've been to Yellowstone in mid-June where all is Melted and Open, but I've also been there in June when ALL CGs were still Snowbound.

4) The Tioga Pass Road across the Yosemite Backcountry (also one of the most Scenic routes from Tahoe to Yosemite - via US-395) sometimes doesn't Open until mid-June.

5) You mentioned "Hoping A/C Works" for the Desert SW Leg of your Trip. That's assuming that you can find Full Hook-ups with 50A Service at your Destinations. NOT. At least Not in any of the Forest Service or National Park or BLM CGs. Very Few have ANY Hook-ups - and those are Squatted-On like Gold by the Savviest of RVers. You are looking at the HOTTEST Weeks of the Year - Late June/Early July - with Temps in the 110-120*F Range around Vegas. And still over 100*F in the High Country. Some years, there are Complete Fire Bans, while a few years have gone past Stage 2 and the National Forests have been CLOSED To Visitors. (Yup, from Late-of-June until Monsoon Moisture arrives, it's Wildfire Season.)

Much of the Potential Frustrations and Re-routings due to Lingering Snow and High Temps and Wildfire Season can be minimized if you were to hit the Desert SW in Early June, and the Rockies of WY and MT and AB after the 4th July Weekend.

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In Colorado you have the Royal Gorge at Canon City, about 385 miles north of
Albuquerque. Then just short distance 65 miles to Pikes Peak and lots to see around there. Ride the Cogged Railway to top of Pikes Peak from Manitou Springs. Then Loveland 130 miles or so and visit Rocky Mountain National park. If you haven't gone down I-70 through Colorado it is worth seeing. Goes through Vail and Aspen and the Eisenhower tunnel.
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If you're military or former military, have you tried the different FamCamps along the way? We like staying at them whenever possible.
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Over 1000 miles a week for 7 weeks; do you plan to hire a divorce lawyer now, or wait until you get home--if you both live that long.
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If in Colorado, we've stayed at three places near I-70...all Colorado State Parks: Rifle Gap which is close to Utah (lots of full-hook ups spots); Golden Canyon State Park (close to Boulder/West Denver) but no full-hook ups; and St. Vrains which is about 30 minutes north of Denver on I-25. (St. Vrains has full-hook ups)

Be advised that the drive from Denver, west, to about Glenwood Springs can be very slow driving as there are mountain passes (one is over 11,000 feet) and mountain tunnels. But it's an absolutely beautiful drive so you won't want to rush, anyway.
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Once you get into the Mountain States, I think that your 300+ miles/day is Overly Optimistic - especially pulling a sizable 5'er.
Google Maps and other Map/Atlas Software may be decently Accurate with regard to the Posted Speed Limits, but you won't realistically be making those Speeds. Figure long Hill-climbs at 40-45MPH if staying on Interstates or 25-35MPH if on State Highways. And unless on the Interstates, the Curves and Downhill Grades will keep you slower than anticipated for those segments, too.

Mapping Software will play other Tricks on you too:
1) Google's preferred route Tahoe to Yosemite is a Windy/Twisty State Highway that I've had trouble maintaining 55MPH in my BMW Z4 (and that's when you aren't 10 miles from the next Passing Lane and convoyed behind a weekend's worth of RVs).
2) Google's preferred route Zion to Lake Powell goes through an RV-Restricted Tunnel in the back of Zion NP (2hrs longer route around; or 4hr-to-all-day wait for RV Escort).
3) You haven't left any time for Setup / Teardown at the Destinations where you are already going to be crowding Activities into most every Waking Moment of your 2-3 day stays.
4) You haven't left any Breakdown Days / Resupply Days (for anything you can't get at the nearest WalMart / Discount Tire).
5) You haven't left any "Carve-out" around the 4th of July (although your Schedule looks like you might be in Carmel / Big Sur), when EVERY PARK and CG is assured to be FULL - many for both the Week Before and the Week After (7/4/16 is a Monday - so figure Both Weeks to be Crammed with Vacationers).
6) You haven't left many Days for Detours and Side Trips to Additional Scenic Spots. You are zipping between Numerous NPs and other Parks, but there are several that will be "Almost Along the Route" that will be UNRESISTABLE STOPS. You hit Breckenridge, but miss Rocky Mtn NP and Canyonlands/Arches NP and Moab UT. You aim for Central Yellowstone, driving through the North-end of Grand Teton NP without stopping. You will be hard-pressed to get "Both Sides of Glacer NP" and Waterton NP into your Glacier 3-day stop. You "Top-Out" at Banff NP but probably don't leave time for Jasper NP and the Icefields Hwy. You hit Zion NP, but miss Death Valley NP (maybe for the best Temps-wise) and Bryce NP and Capitol Reef NP and Grand Canyon NP (North Rim and/or South Rim; West Canyon "Park" doesn't even begin to compare).

Not that I wouldn't be Jealous of your proposed Itinerary, but I know that I'd want the Family to have chances to Enjoy all the Country that you are rolling through...
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I have to agree with the folks who are pointing out the mileage plans per day. We've been in Class A's now for about seven years and even in those that's a lot of very long days. We live about five miles from you (Winter Springs area), so our routes, traffic, etc., are going to be similar. We now have a DP that is MUCH easier to drive than the old gasser but the 450 mile I did last week like to have killed me! Some things to think about:

1. Your tow vehicle is a gasser, so you're getting what.....maybe 7-1/2 to 8 mpg? Maybe 35 gallon tank? That's less than 300 miles from overflowing to bone dry. You're going to have probably two fuel stops per day at 1/2 hour per stop after waiting in line, etc. there's an extra hour of driving time per day.

2. Towing the fiver, you'll most likely be limited to 60 mph, maybe 65, though you don't want to push the tires in the summer heat.

3. My guess is you'll be very lucky if you average 50 mph through the day. Those are some very long days. Also keep in mind the sun is going to be in your face for half the drive if you're headed west. It will definitely be Visine time when you stop!

4. Oh, yeah - don't forget an hour to pull out in the morning and the same to set up in the dark at night. There's another two hours gone daily.

5. In the Class A, the wee wee stops are quick and only for the driver. You don't have that luxury, so there's more time gone.

6. Just me, but it sounds like you have far too much driving time versus vacation time. An RV really only pays off when you spend a while somewhere. You'd be better off expense wise to fly and rent a car and hotels.

7. So far as your A/C, I assume you don't gave a generator so you won't run the A/C while driving. That time of year and in those areas, you're likely to see 115F inside the RV when you stop. That's going to take several hours to even start to cool down with the one unit. My guess is if you could keep it running while you drive, the parts of your trip in the SW might make it around 85F inside the RV when you stop. Get some small fans - you're going to want them.

We just finished a six week 3,000 mile road trip to visit grandkids, etc. Took us Orlando to Smoky Moumtains to Nashville to Little Rock to Bentonville to Fort Worth to Vicksburg to just west of Tallahassee and back home. The only thing in that route that might help you was our night at Triple C's campground outside Tallahassee. Used to be an old KOA but private now. Really a nice surprise. Just about a mile off the interstate, surrounded by woods, nice sites, full hookups, super nice staff. Only stayed one night but will keep it on our preferred list. Not fancy, but clean and very quiet and isolated.

This is a twice per year trip, so if interested in where we stay at any of the other spots just yell back. Good luck, stay safe - hope you can expand your trip for more time. We did a car trip from Spokane through Radium Hot Springs and Banff, then Glacier several years ago in the fall and it was beautiful. Have fun. 😎
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Originally Posted by robsshots View Post
What is the purpose of this trip - do you have some kind of a checklist you are trying to work your way through?
The purpose is to make the most out of a 6 week sabbatical (extending with a little PTO), to see much of the country that we would otherwise never get to see.

Yes it's a lot of driving, but I think we can handle that. (two 40-somethings + 2 teens)

Of course we won't get to see everything, there's much that we'd love to see that we'll miss, but I won't have any chance to take a slower/longer trip until I've retired (which won't likely be for many years unfortunately).

I'd love to spend a week or longer at each stop. Our normal non-camping vacations have normally been to fly somewhere (or drive if in the south-east), and spend 2-3 weeks at one place. Unfortunately stopping for a week or longer at each spot, while travelling and camping there in our 5th wheel, isn't a reality, since we'd need 6 months +.
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+1 on RockyMt. National Park. CO Springs Pikes Peak & Garden of the Gods is also awesome. From Kansas I'd go to the Springs for a lay day...then up to RckyMtn for a lay day then to Yellowstone which is less miles and an easier drive than from Breckenridge. Spruce Lake is an excellent park just outside of Rky.Mt. National Park. Spruce Lake -

In Sequoia don't miss the Crescent Meadow Rd. to Moro Rock & do the Moro Rock hike, drive through the tree tunnel & see the Forest of the Giants on the road. Everyone has to see the General Sherman tree but this drive was the highlight for me. We stayed here:
which was good & would have been better absent the drought...NO connectivity to the outside world except through land line phone in office.

In Yosemite... we stayed in Groveland @ Yosemite National Park CampGround | Rental Cabins | RV Sites | Yosemite Pines RV Resort & Family Lodging which was fine & good for kids. I guess I don't understand the detour to Lake Tahoe to get to Yosemite. South lake is where the camping is. Be careful to check the tunnel height on Rt. 50 Lincoln Hwy...12'4" was too short for us and we had to go the longs and winding way for what turned out to be a madhouse of traffic. We left and went up to Sparks where there is no nature but more fun. From Redwoods, you might try going through gold country instead...Sonora/Columbia/angels camp.

allow a day in Bryce Canyon after Zion on the way to Lake Powell. Incredible... take the Bristlecone Pine trail walk.
I'd ditto the recommendation to hit the South Rim of the GC after Lake Powel...then get down to Rt. 40 & head to abq NM...Going that way also lets you see the Meteorite Crater, Rt.66 Wislow az "standing on a corner", and drive through the Petrified Forest/Painted Desert. (We like OK RV pk there in Holbrook).
In albuquerque...if just passing through...High Desert RV and american RV parks are both right off 40 and close in to the city. The latter is nice and cheaper...but the former is nicer and has more ameneties which the kids may like. Downtown...the museum & associated Imax will be loved by the kids (and adults) and the Route 66 diner is a TRUE throwback with the best shakes I've had in decades.

On the dash might wanna stop for lunch at the Big Texan in amarillo...and also see the Cadillac Ranch & let the kids paint their names.

You've bitten off way more than I could chew in this time frame but you know your own capabilities and I just hope you have a great trip and that this is of some help.

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