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Thanks for the help. Our ordered CC has tankless, and hopefully you bent the learning curve for us a little. Thanks again!

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Thank you so much for your review. I really want to change out our 6 gallon tank for exactly the same reasons you state.

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What a timely post...thanks. if you have pic of the installation and/or "the on/off switch for the heater and also the red reset light. This doesn't use a reset light, so I used the existing wiring to mount the manual heat dial here" could you post them.
Thanks for inputs...enjoy the HOT H2O

Happy Trails
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I am looking at other posts on tankless WH and was concentrating on the Surburban tankless, but my shop is pushing the Girard. Two things I am not clear on are the improvements in the 2nd generation version selling now regarding setting and maintaining a given temp and the actual amount of water flowing.
We often camp at electric only sites and while I don't really mind refilling the fresh and carting the grey, wasting water is never a good thing.
I just read the owners manual for the latest model of the Girard and they say min flow is 0.9 gal/min. I can live with that, I think. But-how does this really effect water usage? Am I going to force the use of full-blast showers at 1.5 gal/minute (regulated by the shower head) and so go through 12 gallons of water in an 8 minute shower?

I am also wondering-how long does it take to get hot water out of the heater? I know delivery will be dependent on length of pipe to the shower (for example) but how long before hot water shows up at the outlet of the heater? (I am asking because Suburban does quite the dog and pony show talking about exactly this thing)
Can I turn the shower on and off at the shower head with out freezing or boiling when I turn the water on again after 20 or 30 seconds?
Additional comments from current users would be welcome!
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Here's what I can tell you from my experience with the Gen II. Once they got it all fixed, it works great for me but it us different from a tank model. In my shower, it takes about 20 seconds or so at full flow to get hot water coming in. I adjust the temperature switch based on outside temps, i.e. 40F outside is about 75% setting. I run out of Bly hot and on full. If you slow the flow down, the temp will increase. I am always hooked up when camping, so I let it run when showering. Also leave the grey water valve open when parked. You can turn it on and off while showering but be careful to point it away from you when turning it back on, just in case. If all is working well, you shouldn't get scalded...big if, though. I would suggest talking with the Girard tech in CA. There us a Gen III that us now being marketed and gas a much improved temp control system, etc. from what I've seen, you actually select the exact water temp you want and it automatically adjusts the burner. Talk with Kyle Johnston at 866.559.1221. Email is Kyle is great - very knowledgeable. Good luck!
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I got the chance to use mine thoroughly about a week ago. State park in PA with full hook ups. Was in the 50s outside and hooked to city water. Had to set the temperature control dial about halfway. Water gets hot at the shower head in about 10 seconds depending on how cold the incoming water in. There can only be so much rise in temperature in a given amount of time plus the water can only get so hot based on the inlet temperature. I believe you get a 50-70 degree rise.

First shower on city water was my first shower with it overall. No more navy showers!! Once I adjusted the faucets, I knew the sweet spot to get it where it needed to be. It was nice and like being at home. But you really want to run the water and get the temp where you want it before getting in the shower. So you will probably use a LOT more water doing this, but its worth it.

Then the entire campground lost water pressure. It was down to a trickle. Took all day, but I filled my onboard 40 gallon tank. All 3 of us were able to take quick steamy showers the next day without having to on/off/on and still had some water left over. And because it had dipped down into the upper 20s overnight, I had to turn the temperature control for the water heater to max because my onboard water was pretty cold.

So YES you can dry camp with it, but you are rolling the dice in terms of having enough water to get you through and having enough room in your grey tank for dishes, etc. Plus when I dry camp, I tend to fill my grey tank pretty quick. Call me a glamper, but I shy away from dry camping simply because I don't need the extra headaches of rationing water and my tanks filling while trying to enjoy my weekend. Some of my younger and best memories are camping in a tent with my friends, but at my age, GLAMPING ALL THE WAY!!

Full hookups, tankless hot water heater is a nice luxury. Dry camping, I think you are better off with a regular hot water heater. I pulled it off using just my onboard water tank, but I filled my grey tank pretty quick because you aren't doing a navy shower.

When I get a chance, I will post pictures of my install, wiring, etc for anyone interested in going down this road.
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Concept & Major, I appreciate the details from both of you! My wife and I decided we want the hot water when we want it!

I did an experiment this past week-end where I took off the shower head, taped a thermocouple to be in the flow and directed the flow into my 6 gallon water jug. Air temp was 74 degrees. Water temp built to 128 degrees after 40 seconds and was down to 122 at 1:50; at 2:30 it is was down to 107, at 3:00 it was 97 degrees and by the time I reached ~6 gallons at 4:28, the water temp was 85 degrees.

I need to plot the data, but it sort of answered the question of why I had gotten a bit chilly when I took a shower that morning with the new Camco shower head. The new Girard WH should be a HUGE improvement!

I think we will have the new Girard in for our Memorial Day campout starting on the 25th and be able to say more after that trip.

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