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32SRV FYI Watch out!

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Howdy folks, just reading through your info on the 32SRV and thought I would share my story with those of you that would like to hear a HORROR story that would be straight from Spielberg if he wrote tales like this. May 23 we went and bought a 2011 32SRV. We had done our research, checked comparable and different types and models. It is our first camper, first camping (since kids) and first Forest River product. We had to travel a couple hundred miles to get the exact model we wanted but it fit the bill perfect. May the 24th, 23 hours after getting it home is when the fun REALLY started. We were hit with a hail storm and 50mph winds. Three sides of the trailer, all of the doors on the entry side and the vent cover on the roof were damaged as well as various other smaller parts. The hail was so big that it broke the walk in doors. Insurance called and then it was taken to a repair facility for their estimate. (Forest River Dealer) They were told that we had already scheduled a vacation, they could estimate it, order the parts and when we got back we would bring it in for the repairs. Great no problem. I picked it up on a Thursday. Saturday the dealer was hit with another storm and it cost them a substantial amount of money. (Had I known then what I know now, I would have left mine there a little longer) We took the camper on a 500 mile trip. No big deal right? We were about halfway back and Istopped for fuel and as I got out of the truck I looked up and much to my surprise I noticed that all of the parts for the trailer were not in their assigned places! Now, when the hail hit, it damaged three sides of the trailer, front, rear and entry side. The side with the slide was OK. Now during my fuel stop, I had to climb onto the truck and get my roll of duct tape out to try and keep the front half of the left side (traffic side) from PEELING OFF! I finally got it home, unloaded it and took it back to the repair dealer (not where it was purchased) and showed them my new found use for duct tape. They did some checking and sure enough there was a manufacture defect in the construction of my trailer. Now I ddin't find this out for several weeks after this because I was told that the parts that had been ordered for my unit were wrong and they had to reorder. Next time I called I was told by their service manager that "They were having a hard time finding the graphics for my trailer because they didn't make them anymore" WHAT? This is a brand new trailer! HOW CAN THEY NOT MAKE THEM ANYMORE? A total of three months has now gone by and I keep getting the story of they can't get this or they can't get that and it finally boils down to they can't get the metal to re-side the trailer because of a shortage of materials and storm damage in other parts of the U.S.
Now after it was in the possession of the repair dealer for three months, I'm starting to get a little ticked off? Ya think? We now have the Warranty department of Forest River in Indiana involved. I told them that I am running short of time to schedule another vacation time at work and could the trailer be ready in the forseeable future for us to take it out again? (I mean I've now owned it for almost four months and got to actually see it in MY drive for almost four weeks! Fair trade huh?) So they told me that it would be and I could pick it up on a certain day. They then called me and asked if we would participate in the filming of a reality show documenting some of the problems of owning a RV. I'm like??? Yeah, I own one but haven't seen it in awhile!
So we go to the dealer and do this taping and while we are there we are to inspect the trailer prior to our picking it up and taking this next vacation time. Cool, Huh? When we got into their shop area where the tailer was parked under flourescent lights, we got the surprise of our life. (By the way under these types of light are the ONLY way to inspect any type of vehicle after having bodywork or panel work done on it. It shows EVERYTHING.) Our surprise was that we now had almost as many dents in it as it did when we sent it in???? But these were more democratic! Some were from the outside and some were from the inside. GREAT!!! We pointed all these things out and the film crew is taping the whole time. The service manager even had the audacity to tell me "Well, we really don't know the origin of these dents or if they occurred here." What? You're the only person that's had it! So fast forward another week and a half and we pick the trailer up to take one last excursion before the cold weather sets in. Oh, almost forgot! The day I was to pick it up, I was called and told by the service manager that the guy working on it had slipped and fell into the side of the trailer from a ladder and we now had some newer dents. OK, I can deal with that, accidents happen.
We take the trailer on about a 750 mile trip this time and had a good time----UNTIL----we were almost home (within 10 miles) when the right side peels off while we are passing a slower moving 18 wheeler, almost hits him in the windshield, wraps around the awning post and starts beating all of the panels that had just been replaced from the hail damage! I'm sure that the truck driver had to really, really tip his laundry person for the mess. Because I did and I wasn't in the path of the flying pieces.
And again it is in the hands of the repair dealer and with conversations between us, the dealer, our dealer and Forest River, their current answer is to ship it back to Indiana to the factory, put studs next to the studs that are already part of the walls so that the metal has more area to staple to, reskin the whole trailer and put a fiberglass nose cone on it that is their answer to this problem that they have know about for some time.
So now I've owned this trailer for over six months, had it in MY driveway for about a week and on vacation for four weeks and I'm making payments on it, so that it can be shipped off for another two, three or who knows how many weeks until it gets "fixed?".
I don't know maybe I'm just being too picky!

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When does the TV show air?

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Waiting to see if the network picks it up. It was being produced for TruTV.
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Holy cow! (no offense to anyone) I just cried a little for you. I mean, your story part way through got me sad. Then you just keep on throwing out the bad news. I think you just created a new genre of horror. I hope you get this fixed to your satisfaction. Let us know how it goes.
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Originally Posted by 199ciofpurefun View Post
I don't know maybe I'm just being too picky!
Sorry, after reading your horror story, I like how you closed it.

Here's hoping everything turns out fine and in a year or two you can be sitting around a nice camp fire telling this story laughing until you cry.
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This is a great story for Reality TV. Ever consider doing your own show?
This is a horror story!!
Never enough camping!!
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So sorry to hear of this. We have had some issues along the way. Most were the fault of the dealer working on it but all were able to be corrected properly. Just poor workmanship on an employees part not so much the fault of the actual dealer. Once brought to the attention of the service manager they were all corrected. My point is that it took over 3 months to get all these things corrected and we too were trying to get usage of our rig in between services. We made it all work and once FR was presented with the issue and the hold on parts that extended it to 3 months we firmly requested that FR make our payments while the rig was disabled (basically wasn't taking no for an answer). We too had owned the rig less than 6 months and they had it more than we did. Not only did they make our payments they installed an optional part we had expressed interest in as an apology. Cost of added part was aprx $300.00. I hope this info helps you negotiate to your satisfaction not theirs.
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Well for those of you that are following this while YOU get to sit around the campfire and enjoy the camping life, I thought I would post an update. The factory transport company picked the SRV up on Dec. 9th around 1:00pm. I got the message from the dealer and by what I was told then by both the dealer and the factory guy was that around three weeks it should be back in our hands. Well, now it has been almost five and I don't even know if the thing is still on the planet? I haven't heard from anyone, dealer or factory or for that matter the salesman at the dealer where it was purchased. (He said he was going to stay on top of it). I sat down and added it up and we are now going on the 8th month of ownership, and I have been able to see it in MY driveway for about 7 weeks and been able to use it for four. So if I add that up that's about 2400 dollars in payments, 11,000 dollars for the insurance claim that was paid on it, 1000 in deductible, 1000 dollars in insurance premiums, about 1000 dollars in equipment put in the trailer, and about 500.00 in extra fuel to pull it twice and all the aggravation of owning a Forest River product, I could have stayed in a decent hotel for about the same amount of time that I have owned this thing overall and had a whole lot less stress in my life! Ya think? Boys and girls, I don't know 'bout ya'll but I'm startin' to second think this thing about owning an RV?
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I think you have really had a bad run of luck for sure.

However, if the factory has your unit, from previous issues posted here by various members regarding delamination and several other serious repairs, you will be very pleased with the result.

If I ever have a serious problem with my rig, FR will be my FIRST phone call to schedule it in. While I am not sure about costs or insurance, the feedback here on factory repairs has been 100% good.

Once back in your hands, lets hope your camping fun makes up for your bad luck to date.
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Any update on this horror story? Like to know how FR finally handled it...

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