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Design flaw? Critters have been chewing through wire and rubber for over a 100 years.

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Originally Posted by Ccasey View Post
Its come to my attention that the soy based wire coatings this industry insists on using unnaturally attracts rodents. Ive read this, ive met with two RV service people and local Ford Service and was told this to my face. My newish 2014 Leprechaun would not accelerate. I limped into the Ford dealer -as it had only 7K miles i had no idea what it could be. Service showed me knawed wires to the speed controller
Thst cost me $270. RV is parked on hard gravel driveway along my house. Its open.
I followed advice, put dryer sheets everywhere. Bought a fence to put around RV. Blocked what i could off. This week i open the hood to put on battery trickle charger. Sitting on top of the battery is a rabbit. He has eaten the large red plastic cover over the positive battery terminal. He has chewed through yellow and gray wires inside a black plastic flexible protector tube that goes to a long metal tube. He has eaten about 2" more of the plastic protector tube off the wiring, and some of the wires. I see other area where they have bit.
So it is clear to me the materials used to manufacture the wire coatings, plastic, rubber lines and covers attract rodents. It is not natural for a rabbit to squeeze and climb up and through considerable machinery with close spaces to seek this unnnatural snack. Its not part of a natural rabbit diet. There is no salt or other material on this almost new Coachman RV. It is clearly the materials used in manufacture. What in the world can i do? This seems unfair to me as i paid so much for the new RV and only used it a few times There is no storage here available. These new repairs on top of the past repairs, new cost of fencing, reppelents etc. is really bothering me. Help.
My son recently had an issue with a few warning lights showing up on the dash. When he phoned the repair center , the chap said, I'm going to order (a particular) harness, because I'm sure the rats have gotten to it. Sure enough, teeth marks all along the accessible places. He put on an after market harness that he said they don't like so much!

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Lighting helps!

I have a string of flashing Christmas lights on the ground around the base of RV on a dusk to dawn timer. Completely solved my rodent problem! Looks odd at night but who cares?
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Rodent problem

Go to ACE hardware an ask for ROPEL spray and spray down any exposed wiring...
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My niece had all the wiring ate up in car it was squirrels. I didn't know all this insulation on wires was bio degradable till this happened. Cost her something like 600-700 $ to replace them.
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Warfarin works good too. I put the little packets around the rv. I know they are eating it because I have to replace them from time to time. Never had a rodent get into my unit.
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I had this on a 2006 Silverado, they ate the wiring under the fuse unit under the hood the truck was only 8 months old I repaired the wiring and the dealer replaced the speedo head that had shorted out because of this, fortunately they replaced it under warranty.
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Design Flaw-wiring/plastics/attract rodents!

Our previous RV was a Crossroads Cruiser TT and squirrels did so much damage we filed insurance claim. $1700. Fortunately DH was not within hearing range when I found the two cabinets full of walnuts. We had RV parked on cement pad so ins. co paid (minus deductible). When time to buy new RV. first thing hubby did was crawl underneath to see what kind of access the critters would have. Our Rockwood 8315BSS has a solid underlayment instead of that Tyvek type stuff but we are still very vigilant about the animals. We use "Animal B-gone" spray and other things but I will add the peppermint extract and possible Christmas lights to our arsenal. We live in the country surrounded by forest with rabbit, squirrels, raccoons, mice, oppossum, deer,turkeys, owls. Mixed blessing.
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When I lived in Honolulu, the rats loved to eat the plastic coating on the early Romex cables. Every once in awhile the lights would flicker and then stop. Rat was electrocuted with chomping down on a 120 volt line. I was told that Romex changed the plastic covering and added something the critters didn't like eating.
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X2 on squirrels and wiring, in winter they crawl under hood while engine is warm. Let the dog run about till engine cools off. I spent $300 on wiring replacement on DW vehicle, neighbor was near $1000, had to have vehicle towed, cut through starter cable. Am on the use of an owl as well, not sure about squirrels, no issues with elephants as of yet! Trying the Bounce in the tt, seems to be working after sealing several holes under bath cabinets FR missed. Not sure why one of three holes had foam, the others did not. Tt seems fresh, nice as am heading to LA in a coup,e of days. Last resort is the need for some gumbo meat, squirrel not bad!

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