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Lets up the communication and drop the pain

The RV Industry Death Spiral thread seems to highlight a need that someone could fill and make a potential killing in the industry. There needs to be a way to engage more repair personnel in a more timely manner. Right now most mobile repair services are not engaged with supporting new hardware unless the owner is willing to pay out of pocket. One of the main reasons is an inability to communicate with the manufacturer in a timely manner. By timely I mean right now and interactively. Mobile repair services able to go on site and work on a rig. They are not tied to a bay and can handle all but the biggest problems faster than a dealer.

The challenge here is that the industry has not upgraded their support network to use mobile technology. I can setup a bill pay system on my phone, use a meeting program to meet with a person real time and show them the problem first hand. I can take snap shots during the meeting, highlight what I'm talking about and then both participants can mark up the image while talking about it real time. A quote for work can be issued immediately and agreed upon right then and there. On top of that, the meeting can be recorded and kept as a record or referred back to as needed. No need for reams of paper or long and confusing email threads.

The technology exists to allow a manufacturer rep and a technician to deal with an issue real time and there are free applications out there that would allow them to use a 200.00 android tablet to do it. I do this daily in my job so it would be a snap for me to pass this idea on. If anyone from FR on this forum would like to chat about this post or would like me to demonstrate this tech and its setup please PM me. I would be more than happy to setup a webex meeting and walk you through this idea and its potential applications. It could really boost customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Imagine the press you would get both on the customer and dealership side of things if the factory was able to respond in minutes instead of days or weeks? A dealer has a part and wants to verify it's the right one? Take a snap shot and PM it to the parts dept while in a chat. You can compare notes and images to make certain that the right part is delivered.

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Would you please run for President?

The technology exists to make a PORTABLE and AUTOMATIC HD dish that works with direct TV. It's easy to describe. An automatic motor, an internal GPS, a list of the satellite locations for Direct, a program to coordinate where you are currently via GPS with the view of the sky for that time period for that location, and a dadblamed on/off switch!!!!

But it ain't gonna happen apparently. If it ever does, DISH is doomed........ LOL

But I love your thinking. We are all sighing at the un-inevitability of your idea! Yet that's where real change a dreamer.

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It's no dream...

I just got out of a meeting with folks in Israel and Ireland troubleshooting a problem on servers in Ireland and India. None of us could lay our hands on the hardware and all of us had a dependency impacting the broken process. We sorted the issue out in less than 30 minutes and had a plan of attack for a complex software issue that was breaking a critical build process. I would think that the same could be done here. Having the human communication is step one. The next step would be on board diagnostics similar to what many of the automakers are rolling out today. The diagnostics could allow for monitoring to light up idiot lights for required maintenance, pass information on to the manufacturer to assist in diagnosis and warranty support or shut down systems to protect them from damage. Alas automakers control the entire environment within their vehicle while an RV is too distributed for that to be a viable option but that doesn't mean we can't try to improve on communication between the people using readily available technology. It may start ugly until grievances are identified and worked through to both dealers and manufacturers satisfaction (with communication comes more transparency which tends to force skeletons out of the closet) but ultimately I think it could make both their lives better which would the customer experience that much better.
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You are missing one key element.

They don't care.
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In a simplistic way, I've already done this. I had an issue with a part on my TT a couple of years ago. Having a good relationship with the service dept of my dealer, I contacted them and supplied them with photos of the issue, all using a simple smartphone. That was on a Saturday. By Monday, parts were ordered and a time scheduled to bring the TT in for repairs.
Sure, the Manufacturer wasn't involved, but it just shows how some of this is already being done and I applaud the OP for bringing this to our attention. However, as one poster pointed out, they (the manufacturer) doesn't care - or at least don't APPEAR to care. If so, they would be jumping all over this.

Just my $0.02

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Originally Posted by mikeysotp View Post
You are missing one key element.

They don't care.
"Well that didn't go as expected"
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Originally Posted by mikeysotp View Post
You are missing one key element.

They don't care.
Sheesh folks. The post has only been up for a little under two hours . They're central time. The coffee is probably just starting to kick in.
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It would be very cool , can get my coach into dealer, not a problem, one of the largest in the country, an il'll sit in a bay for a week or more waiting on simple communication, it's crazy an time lost for everyone , dealer is very good, you give them your list months ahead of your appt. so they can prepare, but something always comes up an it's always communication . Whole industry needs a quality control overhaul , followed by full 2 year warranty on all manufactures . The whole process could be so much better, it just needs to be address, if not the spiral continues,
How do you get it from here to reality. I really like this great thinker .
Thanks for the post.
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HappyGuy, your ideas are excellent.
However, as you can tell from the replies, and the lack of them (so far) from any FR reps, you're dreaming.
I think I know the answer, but haven't you ever wondered why FR service departments are so unwilling to service any rigs that weren't purchased from them? After all, they are in the RV service industry. Private shops will only usually deal with the customer re: payment, who then has to get what they can out of FR in reimbursement, when dealing with warranty issues. Follow the money.
As they say, you're confusing FR (and most likely most other manufacturers) with someone who gives a s....
The only other industry with a worse reputation that I have dealt with are the TimeShare bandits.

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