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Tires will heat up much faster when driven from under inflation; this is what typically cause tire "blow outs". I thought the question was concerning storage?

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I don't use boards, the tire guy I use says it won't matter. that tires sitting on asphalt don't have the oils leached out, nor does sitting on stones cause broken cords. SAt his suggestion, after I'm parked at the storage place, I fill the tires to 10psi over. This seems to help with flat spots a little.

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The only two known enemies of tire rot to my knowledge is UV light and moisture. I had my last camper under side shed of my garage and noticed tires on outside were showing signs of dry rot. Tires on inside next to garage wall were fine. ie UV Light. Now moisture in the air inside the tire will break the compounds down inside of tire. Use nitrogen (Cleaned air) to prevent this or postpone it. This of coarse if you maintain proper pressures which you should always check. Most tire failures are caused by low pressure ( It looked fine, Did you check air pressures= No it looked fine) As far as flat spots my truck does this everyday when its cold. 1 mile and its gone 1/2 mile if I do the nascar weave.LOL I don't think I will be putting a 42 ft 13,000 fith wheel on jack stands. It is what it is, so cover your tires in storage, swap air for nitrogen, and hope you get 5 yrs out of them. HAPPY TRAILS
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Your levelibg system is designed to take it. I parked in a spot and hit the button while I hooked up power and water. When I went aroybd to the door side the tires were 6 inches off the ground. It did not shake any more than with 4 tires on the gound. Love my level up system.
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Level up system is not designed to take tires off the ground. It will do it but not good for trailer frame or level up system. This is from Sonny at Lippert who helped design the system.
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I beg to differ with you. My documentation states it is designed to do this if necessary to level the rv. One jack has the capacity to support the entire rig. Each jack is loaded at 1/6 its capacity. All cupboards open and close normally. The slides operate normally and close very tightly. The ffame undergoes much more severe stress traveling down tbe road than when it is supported my the jacks, which are designed to support it.
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Originally Posted by BigTJohn View Post
Level up system is not designed to take tires off the ground. It will do it but not good for trailer frame or level up system. This is from Sonny at Lippert who helped design the system.
I do have a question for you? I heard the same thing, not knowing how true it is. I was wondering If your level up system picks up one side of the RV because the uneven space, why couldn't you place blocks under the lifted side wheels as normal and then retract the system to rest on the blocks instead of the rams? That would take the pressure off the system but get you level? It seems to me it would be the same as leveling an RV without the system.
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You are defeating the purpose of the system. It is designed to push one button abd walk away. It will do what it needs to level itself. Also if you relieve some pressure you have just induced bounce into your rv. As you move around it will bounce up and down because you have lowered it down to be partially supported by the tires. Even on level ground my rv is lifted so much that the rotochocks are not in contact with the tires. As the rv is lifted the tires move apart. The only time I feel movement is when the washer goes into spin cycle.
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I always put boards under tires and carry extra for 2 reasons .
1) leveling, getting the trailer level before putting jacks down makes it easier on the jacks and leveling with the jacks can twist frame of trailer causing permanent damage to it. Was always under the impression they were called Stabilizer Jacks, used to keep shaking to a minimum.
2) Went camping once and it turned into a mud fest and I watched as RV's and Trailers sat bogged in the mire and had to call wreckers to pull them out and when I left just drove out by putting extra boards under drive wheels of my truck, didn't need 4 wheel drive. Now I was told by one of the ones pulled out the wrecker cost them $100 for it to show up and $5 a min from then till pulled out total 30 min to an hour for most. Now I spent $30 dollars for my Boards and get to use them over and over, They spent $400 to get towed out and any damage it may cost on their RV. Seems only logical to put the boards under the wheels.
I also attached pieces of wood to the Stabilizer Jacks using carriage bolts to give them a little larger foot so they don't sink into the mud and keeps then from getting rusted up.
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Mark, I think the other folks on this thread are talking about the automatic leveling systems that some campers and motorhomes have.

You're right about stabilize jacks, but these are different for the automatic system jacks.

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