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Buying ordeal nearly over. Yea!

Been a month and a half journey trying to purchase a new popup. Zeroed in on a new 2018 Flagstaff 206LTD. Went to "local" dealer May 5th and found unit we liked. After an exhausting session with the finance dept, credit ok, but bank wants 11.99% due to low amount of loan. No biggie since I am refinancing thru my credit union at 2.84%. Plus finance guy just did not want us to get away without an extended warranty. Used every reason in the book outside of us taking food from his kids mouths. Sorry I don't buy them. We set up a delivery date.

Big day rolls around...2 plus weeks later. My wife works so it had to be a Saturday date. Get to dealership and wait. And wait. They were dealing with customers that had "issues" with deals or units. Finally get to us. Here we go. Explained to them that I was not real happy with the way they had stored my unit. I mean we signed the papers and I had to put insurance on it. Legally mine in the eyes of the state. They were to prep it and add an air conditioner to it then store it till pickup. Where was it stored? On the sales lot. Set up. With a new price tag in it showing 2 grand more than we paid. Er... storing does not mean using as a demo unit. I go look at the unit to be sure that what damage I had seen done to it in the two weeks had been fixed. Ok, looks fine to me.

Pay rest of down payment and head out for delivery. Go thru set up, take down and how other stuff works. Cool. All good. I head back in to sign acceptance papers while they hitch it up.

Back out and hop in tv. Tell wife I need to adjust brakes before we hit the street. Get unit up to 20mph and pull manual lever on brake controller. No Connection. Huh? Out to check 7 pin connector. Seated good. Try brake setup again. No go. Back to pickup area. Talk to mechanic that I know from a prior job. Tell him problem. No problem he says. Just no brakes on the unit. is build sheet and factory invoice. item #4 Electric Brakes. Nope. Not on it. I get down and look at the axle. Damn. He's right.

Back inside. Get store manager. Oh yes. It has brakes. No it doesn't. He comes out to unit. 2 mechanics tell him the same. No brakes. Does the "Wet Paint" thing and has to look for himself. Nope. Nada.

Back inside. He checks his inventory. We go out and look at the 4 other units on the lot. Of those 4 all were invoice with brakes but only 1 actually has them. Poor guy. Has no idea what is going on. Can we wait a couple days so he can find out what is going on? Sure.

Get a call from him the following Tuesday morning. Just got off phone with himself, sales manager, one of the company owners and Forest River. FR has no idea how that slipped thru. End result is he has the one with brakes. Will put air on it, take off the bike rack and outside grill and just make a straight exchange.

OK. Sounds fair to me. Back out to dealer to sign another tack of papers. Get VIN and transfer insurance to it. Everything honky donkey...wait for it....until yesterday.

Unit had been sitting on the lot same as first on. Some storage. Yesterday morning we got hit with some wind driven torrential rain (not my words but weather bureau). SOOOO...I head out that way. Gee. My unit is still set up on the lot. And the windows are zipped open. And the door is flapping in the breeze. Now I am the proud owner of a water logged unit with a door that is sprung so bad it will not close. "That's no problem" sayeth the sales manager. "we will fix everything up." will no "fix" anything. You have 2 choices at this point. You go back inside and put your head together with the store manager. Either I get a different unit or you just hand me over my deposit money and I will go see some other shyster.

End of story (I hope) in sight. He agreed to a different unit. I did the math and figured that the thing will probably never max out to over 2200 pounds
so my tv should have no problem stopping it. If I find other wise I see you can get the entire brake assembly online.

Now it is just a matter of seeing what fresh Hell might be awaiting us tomorrow when we go to pick it up.

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Please name that dealer so others may watch closely when dealing with them.

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Dealer name

Will be doing that once I am satisfied with what the dealer is doing. Will be cleaning this up and moving it to reviews then also.
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It sounds like you had a rather normal dealer experience. RV's sure are a pain in the patuti and the dealers don't seem to care about their customers. Why oh why do we keep letting them treat us like this? My buying experience was just fine but the first time I took it in for service (warranty) they managed to wreck the trailer and had to replace a lot of parts. AND they did not tell me about it. I saw the damage and asked.
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When i called forest river to check on specs on my rockwood i was told the dealers have like 7 or maybe 10 days to check in the unit to see if its optioned the way they ordered it .if outside that timeframe the dealers are s.o.l. sounds like most dealers dont check them in as this seems to be a huge problem all over.
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Not to add to your issues, but if the VIN#/registration indicate a weight over 3000 lbs, it will need brakes to be registered. Also keep in mind that you added an AC and will have personal stuff so it will most likely be over 3000 lbs.

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Unit itself scaled out at the factory at 1608 lbs. Air adds about 100. LP and battery maybe another 50 or so. Based on what we hauled inside our 1990 Coleman Roanoke, can't see anytime we would put 1300 lbs +/-
of clothes and food inside it. Just have the two of use so fairly sure we will stay way under 2500 total for sure. (TV limit). FR shows GVWR of 2350 or so for the 206LTD anyway. Not gonna go over that.

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