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Fido in our MH...?

Am happy I read this interesting thread re certain "house" rules as per dog friendly CG's...esp. about bringing their rabies records.

Just bought a MH last August and most recently a 1-yr. old LabraDoodle female who is as sweet as can be. We haven't hit the road with her in the Solera but are looking forward to that this Spring once the tundra unthaws here in SW Ohio. Anyway...seems like a lot of things have changed re dog rules since we used to camp with kids and dog about 20 yrs. ago, in-state, and elsewhere. The only problemo we had was when we tried to go into Canada with the pooch and did not have her records, or realize that we needed them. Needless to say we viewed Niagra Falls from the American side. BUT, all good idea's and hints from what I've read thus far...

I do have a few questions for anybody willing to bend my ear tho...

1. What is the best and safest way to secure "Olivia" in our 25' Class C when
running down the road to destination? Don't want to risk putting her
between us up front of course. The overhead bunk is also out I assume.
Would attaching a restraint to the seat belts on the side-facing couch be
the answer and place her bed on the floor below that? Don't want her to
become a projectile as she weighs around 50 lbs. at this point. We have
a common layout with galley on the opposite side, double bed in back
corner and bath room on other side of bed in other corner. Advice?

2. Other than the usual stuff associated with dogs, including shot records,
plenty of towels for wet days, anything else that I should consider or
might overlook that might not be obvious at the outset? Pick your brains
for this one please.

Hope someone can lend any advice. I'm all ears... Thnx...PB

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Willie, our 21# Shih Tzu/Doxie mix, rides in his soft-sided crate under the dinette. Not 100% secure, but better than on the side-facing sofa where he prefers to be.
Other than the essentials you listed above, don't forget her favorite toy, or something familiar that will help her adjust to being in the MH. Willie also prefers when I bring his regular water bowl, but will eventually drink out of the smaller bowl we keep in the pantry.
You probably already do this, but make sure you have a good stash of doggy doo bags. The fastest way to make enemies in a CG is to not clean up after your dog.


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Pixelbum1, you may want to carry something for car sickness in case there is a need. We were on the side of road cleaning up a pile of mess when a OPP ( police) pulled over to see what was wrong, he gave us a product from Zep chemical company that you sprinkle on the mess and it absorbs it, taking away the smell and making it easier to clean up. Not sure if you dog is OK in vehicle you may want to try short rides first.
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We travel with 7 dogs. All ride in airline crates, a motorhome is still a vehicle and if it stops short or is in an accident they can be injured, though we have the bunk beds with six crates hooked up the remaining crate rides under the bench table. In the past with a different motorhome we did lock one crate in the handle of the airline crate in the seatbelt of the couch. The others were stacked and secured into the bench table lowered to a bed.

Other items we have brought along is a small write up on each dog in case of emergency. What if any medical issues they have and medications needed. I also made up a first aid kit just for the dogs. Toys, x pens, extra leashes, bottled water (I don't trust water I don't know).

Campgrounds have been great, as long as they are quiet, don't disturb others and are cleaned up after. They have camped with us throughout the east coast and across to Missouri.

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Thanks all for the great doggie advice. I take this all to heart but also put it into my "notes" section of my iPhone! Interesting comment about the ZEP product and will investigate that. Olivia loves to ride in the car and we brought her in from Virginia and over the W. Va. turnpike to Ohio without any problems.
I figure that trip would have been the "test" but we also made sure that we only fed her lightly before leaving and gave her water on demand, when needed.

I am seriously thinking about getting a stabilizer bar for my MH to help it's highway manners around the semi's and also to make a more stable platform for the dog. Win-win I hope. Thanks again and Happy Trails to you! -PB
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I like the write-up idea for the pooch! I assume this is a short medical history which is a good idea. However, what is an 'x' pen that you mentioned...something like a styptic pen that we guys use on our faces whenever we cut ourselves shaving? Anybody who travels with 7 dogs is undoubtedly a DEDICATED dog lover so kudo's to you! Hopefully they all don't try to jump in bed with you when time to sleep...ha ha? Thanks and Happy Trails to you! -PB
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X Pens are the portable wire fences that can be set up in a square or whatever shape you need to make, they come in different heights are very convenient and set up nicely in a dining shelter or overhang.
I used to travel with 3 dogs not as patient as schnauzermom but interesting at times before I left home I would make lost dog posters with pictures, descriptions, phone numbers and a fill in the blank area in the event any of my dogs got away on me on a trip. A bit anal I suppose but it gave me piece of mind to know I could put up a poster in the campground and get my dog back as quickly as possible also especially important as one of my dogs was born deaf and it would be dangerous for her to run loose.
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We ran all over the country and canada/mexico with the KW MH pulling the race boat.We had our two boys,that pretty much grew up liveing that way all summer and two bichons and a himalayan cat. The cat usually rode on the dash (right in the middle) and the dogs wherever they wanted to be. At one point Tinker (the cat) had a litter of kits under my seat! I tried to move them to a nice basket so I could drive the truck but she wasnt haveing it. She could move them back just as fast as I could take them out! We sat in one park (and missed a race) for over a week untill she would move them..Always had rabies and license tags on the dogs and Tinker's papers with us but were never ask for either,in mex or canada. Of course this was in the 70's, and 80's ! None of the beasties would leave the coach unless ask to,even when it would sit all day with the doors open at times. Now we have the husky and an aussie.They ride in the area of the truck that originally the back seat. We put them on leashes hooked to the toy hauler ramp hinges. Thier "beds" are in the garage along with thier dishes but at night they have free run of the trailer.They do have rabies and license tags, but again,no one has ask to see them.
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We travel with two dogs, one big and one small. They ride in our truck, so I cannot help with how to handle them in your rig. Most of our friends with dogs and Class A's keep their dogs kenneled when going down the road. One thing that I do not think I saw mentioned in the take along list for your dog is a tie out. We use a screw in stake and coated lines for our pooches, so they are able to be with us when we are at the campsite. Otherwise, they are on leashes and walking with us, or inside. It is helpful to have a little flashlight at the ready, for when you do the last walk of the night and a few dedicated towels, for wet weather. And, enjoy!!
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Talking Traveling with Pets

Hi All -
New to the group! We camp in our Sandpiper Destination model on the Ohio River. Love the full time camping! We travel with 3 dogs all the time in our customized Toyota Sienna Van. I thought I'd throw out some things that we do with the van. Needless to say - our Destination is set up as home #2 - so packing it up for the dogs isn't an issue. Our Toyota has a xlarge x-pen mounted to a large sheet of plywood and attached to the middle passenger seat bars. All seats are removed - other than the front two. I refer to it as "I Dream of Jeannie's Bottle". Things that we pack up when traveling are: 5 gallons of water from home (I always use home or bottled). Other water treatment areas might upset pups stomachs - not pretty! Medical/shot sheets for all dogs with emergency contacts (list 3 with phone numbers) and vet information. Health conditions, etc... With a guarantee message that emergency vet bills will be paid in the event of a car accident and/or emergency. I put all sheets for one animal in a clear paper protector and attach to both sides of the cage (one for each dog). Each dog's packet has it's picture on it. They are attached to the xpen with bright colored survey's tape. It rips off easily in an emergency. A pair of wire cutters and gloves - in case of emergency extractment of dogs in car wreck. Poo bags, towels for rainy stops, cooler jacket (for hot days), extra leads/collars, medicines, flashlight, Rescue Remedy for water bucket (which is attached to xpen - so they can't dump it), ramp for old dogs getting in/out, and a fan. One thing that would be nice once you reach your destination would be a fence of some sort at your camp spot. So fido can come and go from the motor home and have his only little yard. A fan and extension cord would be nice too. Our camper yard is fenced on the deck and then we run large lattice panels on the side for movable doors. Works nicely! Happy traveling! Becky

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