View Poll Results: How do you restrain your pet
Keep them on a tether/leash always? 94 82.46%
They just hang out at the campsite? 10 8.77%
Keep them in the camper? 8 7.02%
Just let them run free through the CG? 2 1.75%
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Mine stays tethered or on a leash. Non negotiable. He is a Jack Russel/Walker Hound mix. Quick, fast and gone at a moment's notice. Loves everybody and is non aggressive, but people wouldn't think that when he comes jumping up. He weighs in around 50#. I use the vinyl covered leads, I keep both a 15' and 30' depending on the site size. He walks pretty well on a leash. I have used both the 16' retractable as well as the standard 6'. I have only been called on it once for not having the "required" 6' leash. We were using the retractable and I was holding to around 8'. That is one campground we will not return to. After I was cussed out, I was walking back from the bathhouse and was accosted by the nazi's off leash ankle biter. It was all I could do to restrain my self from drop kicking it into the next county.



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Only stayed at 2 camp grounds, the rest of the time we are at the race track or dry camping with friends in the middle of nowhere. Have not had a problem in the 2 camp grounds I've been to with having my boxer/ rhodesian ridgeback/ pit mix off leash. Both places had dog parks and the owners dogs were there too. Saying that, he has been trained to listen do to his size so the Gf can walk him, not that he's bad or hard to handle, he's just 70lbs of muscle. He follows me every where and doesn't run off. So off leash as much as possible. He does walk on a leash.

If campground said he had to be on a lead while at camper I wouldn't be camping there, he would be panicking being tied to something all the time. But if they had a rule for a tether I'd have to respect it.

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Originally Posted by Flybob View Post
There are many reasons for pets on leashes. It is not just another dog walking past but an animal (ie squirrel) that may run through the campsite. Many campgrounds just started allowing dogs because of demand. The restraint/ leash requirement was the compromise that allowed this to happen. The breed restrictions that remain are almost universally dictated by insurance companies. It is also for your benefit as a dog is much more likely to get lost if chasing an animal in a strange location.

That is what I am worried about more than anything. When we are camping, they are cabled when we are up and kenneled while we sleep. My boy chewed his harness off one night and went and hopped in another campers tent!

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We have a goofy little 14# registered, fixed, female Boston terrier who thinks she is bigger than a bull mastiff. She doesn't play well with other dogs except for my daughters pups. When we travel, she stays inside except for business, which is what she prefers. She loves to play wrestle, and sounds meaner than a lion defending the pride. Who woulda thought?
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We use 3 ex pens hooked together and take them for walks leashed. Dogs walking free can go onto others campsites and bother the dogs on their site causing them to bark which is not fair to those dogs. We travel with several, all are continuously watched. We have no idea how responsible each owner is and if their dogs are free of diseases, parasites, etc. My feeling is while in a campground, state park we are on another's property, if they sipulate dogs need to b leashed, etc it is their right, shouldn't matter if it is insurance requesting it or not. What everyone does on their own property is their own business.
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I have been raised around dogs, horses, cats and the list goes on. I even studied animal science for a little bit. I love all animals dearly. I also have a healthy respect for them. Understand, ANY animal can bite given the right circumstances. I don't care if it is a Chihuahua, a teacup poodle, a pit bull, Rottweiler, or a giant great Dane, animals will protect themselves and their family if necessary.

I trained dog aggression out of my old dog and she became extremely docile with other dogs once she was properly socialized. She was a Velcro dog but I still knew, no matter how well trained she was, off leash could be dangerous for her or another dog or child.

My current dog is a Boxer/American bulldog/ beagle mix. He is 70 lbs of muscle and love. He would never hurt anybody intentionally but I have no doubt if he was attacked or felt we were attacked, he would defend. He is always on the alert to give kisses to anybody (human or dog) that comes to our campsite. His obedience class instructor was impressed with how docile he played with little dogs and how big he played with big dogs. I still wouldn't let him loose at a campground and I still will keep my eyes on him at a dog park. I also microchipped him for his safety.

I know some fear him for his size or just because he has four legs and that's ok. They don't have to interact with him because he is leashed, on a tie out or in the trailer. Since he is really bad about getting tangled with the tie out, we just bought 2 large exercise pens to give him an off leash safe run on the campsite. He will only be in the pen when we are at the camp site, otherwise he is in the fiver or with us.

To answer the OP question about where to tie... I have been known to use my fiver steps, a picnic table leg, a dog stake in the ground or a tree depending on the site. I also adjust my tie out to make sure he stays within our camp site from all angles. I have had neighbors dogs go under their trailer to the drivers side and pee on our stuff or come meet my dog because their time out was too long. So yes, the tie out rule us a safety rule for dogs no matter how good they are. If your dog is off leash and at your side, another dog comes on your camp site and your dog gets into a fight, you will be to blame because your dog wasn't restrained. If your dog sees a squirrel and runs off, you will hate yourself for not preventing it with a leash. If you love your dog, and I'm sure you do, keep them on a leash.

Capone, our boxer/bulldog/beagle mix. On his first camping trip a couple years ago

Our old Maddie (gone from our sides but never out of our hearts)

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We have a cat.. She stays inside for the protection of all the other dogs.. Because she thinks she is a 507lbs (7lbs actually) lion!

I strongly believe in pets being leashed. If your dog runs at my family, namely my daughter, and becomes aggressive it may end badly for fido.

I do not care "how friendly" the dog usually is... Some people just do not want your dog jumping all over them, potentially knocking them down or such.

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My dog won't chase after anyone/anything and will sit by my side. Regardless, if the CG rules state pets must be restrained, then you have a choice to comply or leave. I also think this is an insurance liability issue.
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This thread reminded me of an incident several years ago. A loose dog came onto our site. Acted OK, but was loose and acted like it wanted to hang out with our tethered pups. I saw the direction it had came from and headed through a path to the neighboring site. There were 3 couples sitting in a circle in camp chairs.
I said, "Sorry for the intrusion, but are you missing a dog?" ( Seems to me this a question that warrants a yes or no answer after a quick scan of your site).
A woman looked up at me and asked me what breed it was. I hadn't paid that much attention to the dog's characteristics so I replied "a lost breed". Turned out it was their dog, but I thought what an odd thing for her to say.
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Our camper has a dinette slide away from the door and we face other people's side where they sit at. Some people stake there dog out beside our dinette and then go back in there camper, I like dogs but why not stake your dog out beside your camper.

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