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Welcome to the Forum from a former Lab and now two Boxer that own us.

Keep taking her camping. No dog parks near us (not within 60 miles). But try to keep her socialized with another dog(s) if possible (friends?) Our Lab was great but protective of the Kids the day she passed was rough she waited til I got home from work & was gone within minutes..........

We keep our Boxers close when camping. Every time we walk them on the beach someone has to come up & say we miss ours & before we can speak have their face at the dogs mouth & has her "kissing" on them...... wow why would any one put their face at a strangers dogs mouth is beyond me but it happens all the time. Just expect the unexpected & keep them on a short leash.......

Labs are great dogs, and very smart....... but very playful

No cut & dry answer but keep taking her & keep an eye on her esp when other dogs are walked by. Depends on the dog one of ours I trust the other not so much keep her farther from others.


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We have two Havanese who RV with us all the time. The younger (6yo) female was a rescue from a puppy mill. We got her at 6 months and she had never been socialized. Didn't have a name until the rescue group gave her one when she got her shots. It takes both a while to warm up to other dogs. We don't use dog parks. I'm concerned they will pick up something from a sick dog. We walk them with a retractable leash so we can set the length. Please keep camping with your dog. It's great for both of you. My wife has been after me to make a dog run here at home. I actually like and need the exercise.

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My vet, and my own experience, tell me to stay out of dog parks. Unfortunately, some owners just aren't responsible and fail to properly control their dogs. We have a rescued pit bull who was used as a bait dog (for other dogs to practice attacking) so he is very wary of other dogs. Our trainer taught us to introduce him to other dogs by carrying high-value treats and giving them to him as he walks closer and closer (but never face to face) to the other dog. It works very well and he's made friends with a number of other dogs. Keep camping with your beautiful dog and just use treats to teach him that other (approved) dogs are a good thing!
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Thanks everyone! She is a very sweet dog, we will definitely keep cmping with her. She's family and loves the outdoors!
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inside track

Let's just say I have an inside track on this (OK, I'm a vet that loves working on dog behavior issues and an acquaintance is a vet behaviorist only). I don't always succeed (only one of ours qualifies to continue camping with us at the moment & I only get the bad leftovers to work with) but simple tip to make your dog more comfy around others:
Get together with a few friends with dogs, have that 'special' know, the one she never gets but would do anything to have (& if you haven't got one like that for her you may just be offering too many treats for no good reason) and set up a walking event. Have that treat in hand & have friends walk by (keep some distance first) with their dogs while you feed her small quantities of that favorite treat. Once you notice she no longer trembles during the walk-by start bringing those dogs in closer, feeding yours the whole time. Eventually pick the dog she seems to have the least response to & reintroduce play behavior with showers of treats.
Cut back on her regular food during this time (no fat pups!) ...this trick also works for the dogs that always bark to chase off other dogs....they can't bark & eat @ the same time
Good luck & don't hesitate to message me if needed
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Originally Posted by cjearle2 View Post
Watch that neighbors Aketa. My mom's neighbor had one. It jumped my mom's fence. Killer her rat terrier and tore up her Min Pin. It then turned on my 70 year old Mom. I had warned the neighbor this dog was going to hurt some one. They ignored the warning. The police had to shoot it because it went crazy. And would not et us get to my mom or the injured min pin. Just FYI Those dogs are dangerous!

Thanks my big problem is my neighbor is a police officer in a near by town. I have told him if it comes on my property I will have no choice but to shoot it for safety.
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Keep camping with your pup! Sounds like the other dog by mounting yours was trying to assert dominance over your dog. Your dog was defending itself. That is a natural defense mechanism your dog was using. I also don't frequent dog parks due to no knowing what other dogs will do and if they carry any illnesses. Canine flu and kennel cough to name a couple. I attend dog shows so they are protected from as much as I can since who knows what other dogs have. Introduce your dog slowly to different situations, enjoy your time camping and keep showing your pup how fun things are. It will take time but as said by others bring treats, praise and have fun. Also they can pick up on our emotions so if you're nervous about what other dogs will do your pup might pick up on it. Enjoy!

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I agree with Cindy B - dog parks are to be avoided if your dog is a gentle, friendly beast. We have two middle-aged yellow Labs at present. They're # 5 and #6 in our family history with the breed. We got our first Lab when DW was pregnant with our first child, who will be 50 next year!

There are two dog parks in Anacortes and we've had very bad experiences in both of them. People bring their very aggressive dogs, who "can do nothing wrong" and they terrorise all the other dogs who are there. IMO, dog parks should be banned!

The only dog parks that have been reasonably safe, for our two guys, from menacing dogs have been at RV parks. Most RVers seem to favor either small breeds or Labs and Golden Retrievers.

We're glad that, now we're retired from the RV life, we don't have to worry about other campers' dogs.
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Avoid the dog park

A friend of ours took her new dog to a local dog park. Two other dogs were chasing each other, and without warning one slammed into her leg knocking her to the ground. She was badly injured and was on crutches for some time. We take our two small babies camping, and let them enjoy the campsite and walks throughout the campground, but not the dog park.

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Look for Zak George on YouTube. Really phenomenal dog trainer and his videos are free (OK, there are commercials, but the guy has to make a living...he's not Batman). Total force-free training and he's really legit. I also agree with bplantcjf...too many wannabees and nitwits at the dog parks. I gave up on them years ago. Good luck with your beautiful rescue and peace!

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