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Bump it up to the manufacturer and find an independent service that they approve for your warranty work.

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You could try Safari RV in Reno. Theyíve always been good to me when other rv service shops in the area wouldnít work on Forestriver or that I didnít purchase from them. I almost went to check out the new RV Country and the rv show. Glad I didnít make it. Good luck!

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It is not uncommon to resort to mobile techs, if you find a good one or to travel to get good service, I am finding.
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There is a Forest River dealer in Carson City. Carson City RV 775-882-8335 Have just ordered parts from them, but seamed to be OK. 4550 N Carson St.
Good luck. At least a shorter drive!
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Hi RFOXUSMC. Hereís what happened to me and found a easy solution. My purchasing dealer is about 50 mile away by toll roads, great dealership but gas tolls to go there for a crimped shower hose, and a broken louver a/c vent that actually was my doing, I thought where can I get these parts replaced without traveling away 50 miles away. Surely didnít want to get involved with Camping World / Now Gander which is 6 miles away from me so I called my RV manufacturer and asked then whom is a authorized repair/ dealer closest to me and in my situation it was which actually was less than 2 miles from my home. Also they do provide mobile serviceís for any RV repairs etc. So I contacted them sent them pics of shower hose crimped and broken louver and 5 days later parts are at there location, run by sign a receipt at no charge and on my way. Not sure if they service your area, but look them up and call and see. Im sure there are other other similar ones in your area that your RV manufacturer authorizes. Hope this helps.
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I work for a large agricultural equipment co. and any employee that does that to a customer no matter how irate or unreasonable they are will be fired no matter how long they have worked there. The owners reason is that without the customer there will be no business. Service department needs to be cleaned out.
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This is good to know, RV Country has a
few outlets too, So now we know the Dealer(s) to stay away from

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Sounds like you are better off not using them me you did nothing wrong even if you were hollering at them after all that.

I worked in a restaurant and always had unhappy customers I tried to make happy. The ones I could not make happy were either trying to defraud us or I feel when telling their story to someone else would learn they were asking for too much.

I prefer to do the work myself on my RV and work directly with FR or the chassis manufacturer. They are more responsive and the work is done right without additional damage or lost time as long as you get preapproved.

Happy camping.
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Originally Posted by Malojeer View Post
I work for a large agricultural equipment co. and any employee that does that to a customer no matter how irate or unreasonable they are will be fired no matter how long they have worked there.
Perhaps the dealership in question is owned by a rich woman who inherited it from her first husband (or got it in a divorce settlement), her second husband is the GM, and the Service Manage is her Son. Good luck firing the Service Manager under those circumstances.
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I'm confused. OP went to a dealership and got black tank content dumped on him by said dealership. Sounds normal to me. ������
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All goods things...

Originally Posted by RFoxUSMC View Post
I bought a 2019 Georgetown from RV Country during a show in Sparks, NV in September. Nice price!

The trim piece at the bottom of the steps was cracked so they told me they would have to order a replacement and have it installed at their new RV Country dealership in Sparks. No problem. I asked the service writer when my appointment would be. She said November 18. Well, ok, no problem as it wasn't essential.

Meanwhile I drive the Georgetown to my home and the next morning oil all over the asphalt! I call the RV Country dealership and was explained that was a Ford issue. I spoke with Forest River and they quickly gave me the proper contact for Ford. Ford came through like a champ! They paid for a town over the mountains to Roseville, California (because no authorized Ford locations in Reno/Sparks) and they paid for all engine repairs (it was due to a $8 gasket). I had them put on additional sway bars, Summo springs and a Safe-T stabilizer because all of my dealings with RV Country in Sparks, NV were raising my spider sense.

So last Monday I take the Georgetown in for the stair trim piece only to find out 3 days later the wrong color had been ordered. I became a bit frustrated and the next thing I know BANG the Service Manager approaches me and tells me to get out and to never come back! I was shocked and looked around and all the staff had their heads down. All along the RV Country Sparks location had been blaming their company for having the shows and being short staffed in a new facility only made it worse.

Later that day I called the General Manager for the Sparks RV Country and calmly explained what happened and that I am 67 years old and have never, ever been thrown out of any place and to please just have the trim piece shipped to me. It's a 10 minute job with 5 screws. He called me back to say the piece has been ordered (maybe). I ask him about the Service Manager and to my surprise he simply said the Service Manager doesn't want me as a customer.

So where do I go now for my 2019 Georgetown warranty work?

On the upside...a Service Manager with that temperament probably wonít last long. Heíll make the mistake and unload on someone the boss knows, and heíll be gone. High turnover in that job.
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Im thinking if you had funny feeling in your stomach because of interaction with this place then maybe you should listen to your gut and move on. Dont matter at this point whos right or wrong . Find another place
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None of us should have to be going thru all this crap. None of us. I wish I had the money to hire lawyers to fight this stuff. This has got to stop.
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Respectable service

To those who believe that this industry owes nothing to its customers and the customer should buy the dealerships respect are those who help propagate and fortify all the wrongs of the RV industry. This industry is and should be no different then any other consumer based institution. It is the consumer who pays out the cash to support the Rv manufactures who themselves should help with product support and customer service with the dealers who sell their products. The day will come once again when the economy isnít as strong and the first industry to suffer will be the RV industry and it is then and sorry to say that they will once again start to care more about their customer base and the quality and courteous service and support they should have been providing all along.
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Please contact Bryan Knight, Georgetown's Service and Warranty Manager, and let him know the situation. He can probably intervene if you'd like, as long as he has the whole story. Otherwise, he can probably suggest an alternative.

You can reach Bryan at (574) 206-7611, or by e-mail at

Bob Byrne
Director, Forest River Owners' Group (FROG)
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Well the warranty is usually worthless anyways past getting a few items fixed and alot of times easier to do your self then waiting for warranty calls etc. And ordering. So this lets you drive to where you actually want something fixed anyways. My local dealer doesn't seem to care either if im being honest so I'm not schocked.
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I had to take my other camper in for some warranty work a few months back, walked in and the service manager was dealing with the next customer, there were two in front of me and he was the only guy there. Anyway the guy comes up and was just a total dick to the service manager about needed some work done that was supposed to be done once before. The SM stayed calm and worked with the guy in a professional manner the whole time while the guy is just being rude the whole time. The guy finally calms down and then goes on, then the lady if front of me was a little better but kind of rude as well and again the SM handled himself in a professional manner. Felt sorry for the guy as he was trying to help. I had been in twice over warranty issues and they had been good to me every time. Not sure I could deal with that every day and you never know when someone will have a bad day or when someone has had enough. Sorry it worked out that way for you and good luck on resolving the issue.
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Apologize? Really?

I'm totally floored that people on this thread are suggesting you apologize and buy them lunch.

This is 2019, almost 2020. Contact Forest River for an alternate repair center (mobile or otherwise). Then write reviews everywhere you can to let others know of how they treated you.
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I manage a service department for commercial HVAC. I have to remind my people that no matter what, without customers we don't have a business. However there are customers that time and again complain and want concessions to the point that you're making very little and then factoring in the hand holding, etc. and it becomes a business decision to walk away. But that's a LAST resort
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I had a situation where it didn't matter who you talked in the dealer I wasn't going to get satisfaction, all except 1 manager who sided with me that the slides were so far out of adjustment when open and the fact that they said the problem could not be fixed, the "good manager said the unit should have been replaced, everyone else disagreed, including the service manager.

The point I'm getting at is the "service manager" who lied to me right to my face, the best thing is I called him out on his obvious lie with the good manager present, at that point it cost them an extended 5 year warranty and my future business because 1 and a half year later I took my losses, traded in the unit on my retirement 42' Bighorn from Heartland and said good buy to any and all Forest River products.

The bottom line is and I was told on this blog," no matter what unit you buy there will always be some kind of issue, the difference is how the dealer handles it", I would definitely try going above this service managers head to see what you get for a response, if no luck I will say it is unfortunate and I would look for a good dealer that will stand behind there product.

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