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Just bought Columbus 320 RS

Love the look of the trailer. Love the décor. Love how it's equipped.

I'm a bit worried, now, about the build quality, though.

Went to pick up the trailer and, during the walk-through, the guy at the dealer found several problems, including a malfunctioning 6-point leveling system and a seal on one of the slide-outs that was about 2 inches short of running the full length of the slide-out. That was among several other, much smaller concerns.

I'm glad the dealer's guys are conscientious, and I have great faith in their ability to fix the problems, but I'm left just a little nervous about having traded my pretty-close-to-trouble-free 2011 Crossroads Cruiser 325CK for a Forest River product that I couldn't even tow off the lot when I went to get it.

I wonder what that says about the quality control on these products. I mean, how does the guy installing the seals at the factory NOT realize that the seal has come up 2 inches short? And, if he realized it, how does he NOT make sure it gets fixed? And how does the guy at the end of the line who inspects these units not notice that the levelers don't work properly or that the seal on the slider is too short?

Must be a non-union shop.

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Smile No quality control

We are picking up our new 320RS on Monday. We are also trading a almost trouble free 2011 Crossroads Cruiser. Hope we will be bringing it home after the PDI. Its scary after reading all the things that go wrong right out of the factory. But it is nice and everyone seems to love them even with the problems. Good luck to you and us with our new 320s Glennb

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columbus 320

We full time in our 320rs Columbus thinking about trading for a Columbus 365 as that is what wife likes. We will never own any thing other than a Columbus it has been awesome. It is a 2014 had 2 problems they were small taken care of ASP. We bought ours from Cheyenne RV in Iowa will uy there again they have been great. Any questions let us know

Jack Dianne
Go Hawkeyes.
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I had a great buying experience and warranty proceeds refunded via Cheyenne also. They consistently gets good reviews. Do they still give out a rose and a bottle of bubbly?
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320rs columbus

They did us. We worked with John he was awesome no pressure sales. First time we went there John came out asked if we wanted him to show us around or if we wanted to look our self loved him not pressuring us.

Jack and Dianne
Go Hawkeyes
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Columbus 320RS -Love It, but.....

We picked ours up in March (new) and have used it for 7 trips so far I think a total of 25 days.

My thoughts:
The trailer design and layout works great for us. We travel with two Australian Shepherds and being able to move the island around really helps. Pulls like a dream and gets compliments every time we use it.

The issues:
Some minor and others will be a significant repair. I should also say that our dealer has been pretty lousy with service and that is a whole other story.

Since we picked it up the trailer has been back to the dealer I think a total of 6 times. We store outside and the trailer has been in the dealer lot almost as much or more than at storage which we continue to pay the monthly fee.

-Bubbles in the decals that just won't go away
-Radio in the storage bay would turn on, work for 5 minutes, then shut off. Dealer finally replaced after 6 week time to get the replacement in. To replace took 15 minutes
-Loose drain spouts at top of the trailer
-Drawers that continually slide out during travel. Have been adjusted many times and still move.
-The drawer under the stove broke, the glides broke the wood where they were screwed in and simply dropped to the floor. We had only stored minimal items in there so weight should not have been a problem.
-The shower handles came off during a hot weekend of camping. How they attach seems less than quality. I think it is basically a double stick type of foam tape. When it gets hot they soften and the handles fell to the floor. So far we have not reattached. Shower works without them.
-Our shower has hairline cracks in the walls. We missed on walk through as they are hard to see but they are there, but the first time we used it both my wife and I noticed. To fix we either remove the entire shower which will require the kitchen wall to also be removed or we have them do repairs at each hairline crack which I think there are at least 4 of them. It is usable but over time with travel they will most likely grow in size the same way a crack in a windshield grows over time. We will opt for the fiberglass repair rather than replace and hope they can match it color wise so they are not visable but blend in. We will leave the trailer with the dealer at the end of the season for this repair.
-Headboard had a cut mark and will be replaced this week as the trailer is back in the shop.
-Tail lights more problems than I can share. I have a brand new 2014 F350 and this trailer was brand new as well. About a month ago when we went to leave the campground we checked the lights and we had no brake lights on one side, no turn signals at all, no hazard. All that we had was the solid red running lights. I checked and a fuse was blown on the truck which I replaced and the lights then worked so we could get home. Since then we continue to have the same issue each time we check the lights before travel. My Ford dealer tested the truck ( I have the trailer package) and said the plug receptacle was working fine after multiple tests. When I pressed he went ahead and replaced it as a favor. Still had issues when connected to the trailer. The trailer is in the shop now to fix this but I don't have high hopes. They had it before and said all worked fine after they tested which is why I pressed the Ford dealer to replace the connector in the truck. I should find out today what the Columbus dealer has to say as they have had the trailer since last week. Unfortunately lights are not simply cosmetic and I cannot use the trailer if they are not working. We hope to use again this weekend but at this point its 50/50 if we can.

The list is a bit longer but I am typing at work so that's all I have time for now. We love this trailer and simply want to get all the issues taken care of so we can camp and forget about it.

There are some positives of course:
-Storage is great, we travel lighter than most and still have not used many of the cabinets.
-Central vac makes it so easy to clean after use, especially with two dogs.
-6 pt level system is really nice. I liked the hydraulic system on the Cedar Creek we looked at better (faster, stronger) but having any type of level system makes dropping the unit so much easier.
-Bed sleeps nice, we did put a foam pad on top which helps and I have serious back issues so when I say a mattress sleeps good it is saying something. (We did not upgrade the mattress when ordering)
-Large shower is really nice, comfortable
-There are others but not enough time to list.

Would I buy again yes and every trailer has issues. Part of our problem is the dealer. If they were on their game I think most items on our list could have been handled the first time we dropped it off. The shower is the biggest headache and had we caught it on the walk through we would have had them build us another trailer.

All for now, I will check back in tonight to see if anyone has any questions I can answer.

Matt & Wendy
Aussies Skye & Finn
2014 F350 Diesel, SRW, 4x4
2014 Columbus 320RS
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Smile 320rs columbus

Sorry for your problems but the dealer could be you problem.
Our radio did the same thing our dealer overnighted a new radio
radio and told me where to go get it put in but I did it myself.
We bought ours from Cheyenne RV in Iowa they are awesome any problems we have had which were minimal have been taken care of ASAP. We fulltime so they have hooked us up with a shop wherever we have been. I will never buy from anyone else that is for sure.

Jack and Dianne
320rs Columbus
3500 Dodge
Living our Dream
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If your dealer had done the prep they are paid to do, they would have identified those items prior to the delivery date & had them repaired prior to delivery. We ordered a 320 on Feb 5 of this year. It is a 2015 & we picked it up on 5/03. The dealer found a few small items that they fixed. We did a trial 3 day trip & then went on a 2 month trip out west. The ceiling fan died & the fenders cracked because of excess vibration. These items have been ordered. Everything else works great & we are at Cave Run Lake, in KY, at this time. We have spent 11.5 weeks in ours since 5/03 & love it. QC could definitely use some improvement but they seem to be average or better than industry standards.
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Originally Posted by sammysabre View Post
i had a great buying experience and warranty proceeds refunded via cheyenne also. They consistently gets good reviews. Do they still give out a rose and a bottle of bubbly?
yes !


"sabre owners united"
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Shakedown is complete

Well, we picked up the trailer from the dealer after they replaced the too-short seal above the kitchen slideout and took the rig on its shakedown cruise for three nights.

We experienced one night of heavy rain and the slideout didn't leak a drop, so it looks like the dealer did a good job, as I figured they would.

Everything in the trailer worked fine, except for one tiny problem that took about five minutes to fix. The fittings at the ends of the hot water and cold water low-point drains leaked a little after connecting to the campground's water system. Took off the fittings, applied a little plumber's Teflon tape and carefully tightened and that took care of the problem. I don't think they had been tightened sufficiently at the factory.

We tested pretty much every system except the furnace and the water heater in gas mode. They all worked great.

We have one design quibble, though. The bike rack on the back of the 320RS has an eye bolt that rubs against the rear of the coach when the bike rack is folded up. It rubbed a tiny bit of the white paint off the rear. Again, it's a simple fix if you have one of these racks on your trailer. We cut a piece of swimming noodle just a little longer than the bolt (maybe 3 inches) and jammed the hole in the piece of noodle over the bolt. Perfect! Swimming noodles are like duct tape -- no end to the uses.

The unit towed beautifully. It actually seems to tow more easily than the 2011 Crossroads Cruiser 325CK we traded in, even though the Columbus is 2 or 3 feet longer, several inches higher, 4 inches wider and almost 1,000 pounds heavier. And we thought the Cruiser towed pretty well!

Happy camping to you all!

Dennis and Kathy
And Aggie the Gordon setter
2015 Columbus 320RS
2016 Ram 3500 diesel
Employment was great, but retirement is better
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