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My gas tank is 35 gallons. With $4 per gallon thats $140 for a fillup and I probably only travelled 350 miles pulling so that is 40 cents a mile.

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Gas in Vancouver is $1.41 today.

Terry and Janet
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Originally Posted by Iggy View Post
Same here but I use gasoline and the diesel prices are already near $5 a gallon out west.

Regular gas here in Phoenix was $3.599 was yetserday but they are raising the prices whenever they want.
Its all because of the speculator buyers of crude oil that makes the prices go up. Nothing more.
The US consumption of gas has been decreasing over the past 8 years and not up. Hummm someone has to be making the money? SHELL, CONOCO, BP quarterly gains are in the billions.
Gas is about $4.289 for regular as of about 3:30 pm this afternoon on Central CA coast.

If gas consumption is down, then it is commidities speculators driving this again like before.
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we will still travel as planned, going on a 10 day/1700 mile round trip.
between gas and camping it will be around 1000.00, we eat the same traveling as we do at home. we can take the dogs with us.
sure I get a sweat bead at the pump, but I try not to worry about it too much.
this is how we vacation - don't let a few more dollars stop you- get out and enjoy it, maybe one less dinner out and a good hike instead!
we will continue the weekend trips also, we are fortunate to have 3 really awesome state parks within an hour of the house and 3 more that are 2 hours away.

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My next R.V. option.................
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Hey, Newt says he will drop the price of gas to $2.50 !!!
Vote for Newt, and for the tooth fairy while you're at it, or for any of the other three morons.
But seriously, some of us only have a few years of travelling with our campers left, at least for the long pulls. So I am not going to let the price of fuel stop me from going where I want. How important will a few hundred bucks be when we are sitting in the old folks home?
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Our 2012 RV travel plans will not change – even as gas prices are on the march towards the $5.00 per gallon level. The increasing cost of camping / cost of living is not only limited to the rising cost of gas.

Example: My L/DW purchased two steaks from the grocery store for a nice Valentine’s dinner -- $24 for two. Enjoying a nice steak at the camp-site will cost more in 2012.

Another example of recent cost increases as it relates to another camp-site favorite – My preferred brand of bourbon went from $19.95 to $23-something per 1/5th.

Another example of cost increases the price of tires have increased. We are looking at some new LT tires for the truck and it will likely cost near $1,000 for 4 tires. The manager from Discount Tire attributed this to the cost of tariffs and the increasing cost of rubber. He said this has caused prices to bump on tires by $40 to $60 per.

Related to the RV industry – I suspect that those new to the RV lifestyle will hold off on their purchase while gas prices and other consumables have such strong upward pressure on price.
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I am multisport guy meaning I like camping and when I camp I want my other toys like my boat, bikes and so forth. This means towing two trailers and my boat's gas tank is 125 gallons. When we run her on the lakes 125 gallons goes a long long way, but when we head to the Keys or the coast somewhere we can easily burn 3 tanks in a week. $5 a gallong gas is expensive and it will modify my plans on where we go and what we do while we are there.

I am in the travel and tourism business here in the North Carolina Smoky Mountains. We own 5 nice vacation rental homes and a chocolate business in Dillsboro. I can tell you all that $3.50 gallon fuel has killed tourism here. Last year was our worst year since doing this from 2001. It changes travel patterns for everyone. High fuel costs coupled with inflation in the food and commodities markets coupled with stagnant wages is a tax on daily living. If you are spending more and more just to get to work and take the kids to cub scouts, then you have less and less for everything else like travel. It is really hurting my business. Last year in March coffee went up 43%, chocolate 38% and I got another notice from a supplier that they will be increasing costs by 20% next month. Why? fuel and the weak dollar from the Federal Reserve monetizing the debt.

I am happy for those who are retired and can spend their fortunes before they either die or end up in the group home some where, but high fuel costs are the single biggest factor in our country struggling to get out of the recession. For my sector of the economy the recession is alive and well.

We need a REAL DO IT ALL energy policy where the market decides which is best for the short and long term solutions not crony Obama capitalism where he picks the winners and loosers in all this. We need to drill more on our soils and shores, we need more coal and natural gas, we need more wind and solar, we need more nuclear, we need advances in new fuels/biofuels, we need more refineries, we need the XL pipeline, we should be saying yes we can to all energry everywhere and anywhere, but no this guy is hell bent on making green energy the winner at the expense of all other energy sources and the expense of small business owners like me, at the expense of the marine industry, the recreational fishing industry, the RV industry, the farming industry and everyone in between.

So yes high fuel prices are making me make choices, hard ones in my business like increasing my prices, like not going offshore fishig as much, like maybe taking the Roo on 1 long trip this year.
Bob, Tonya and the kids
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Smokyroo....and I say this with no disrespect to you...I have a hard time reading a persons comment about the U.S. economy and see that they are driving two Toyota's...again please, with no disrespect...
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Originally Posted by Crusader View Post
Smokyroo....I have a hard time reading a persons comment about the U.S. economy and see that they are driving two Toyota's.
What a man drives should not have a negative impact on what he says about the economy. That tactic is devised to diminish him what he is saying.

Bob's comments were about the fact that he's feeling the economic "pinch" and tied the relationship to high (and rising) gas prices. Which is a valid point and goes to the topic in the OP - travel and leisure activities will be impacted with rising variable costs.

It is interesting to read how other RV'ers will respond to rising costs and uncertainty with regard to gas prices. This thread is a fun read.

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