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Angry Grass Roots Movement to Combat Rising Fuel Prices

Okay ... here's an idea. Why not use mass internet media to fight back against the oil companies? There is no shortage of supply. And people are actually using less fuel now than ever before. So, why are prices skyrocketing?! Answer ...Greed on the part of speculators. This is the idea ... we spread the "word" ... in 30 days NO ONE, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE will buy fuel from EXXON/MOBIL for one month. The next month, CITGO is targeted, followed by BP, then SHELL , etc. This process repeats and/or is time extended until the economic pressure on the individual companies forces a price reduction. I realize that this tactic will require some organization and cooperation. But, we now have the technology to get the information to vast numbers of people and ask for their support. Got to start somewhere. Why not right here. And right now. Far fetched?

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Chevron is the second lowest in our area, but that station is run by the local native tribe and there may be some tax breaks from the state involved. Their price this afternoon was 3.73.9. Our in-town Safeway is usually within a couple of cents of the tribe's price. It's a 13-mile round trip to the tribal station, so unless you're going by on other business, Safeway is a good deal. Costco is the cheapest, at 3.62.9 when we filled up this afternoon, but that's a 42-mile round trip. We were doing our monthly mega-shop, so we were there anyway. Still, anything in this country beats the UK price, around $8.50!

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It isn't milk and it won't go bad, therefore, it doesn't hurt the fuel companies like you think it will.
Suppose there are 5 fuel companies. Each company holds down 20% of the market. We all boycott 1 company for 1 week. During that week, that company brings in no money for gas sales. But all the other 4 fuel companies will have seen an increase in sales. The 20% that company #1 is not enjoying is split amongst the other 4 companies. 20/4=5. 5+20=25. The other 4 companies are now enjoying 25% each of the total market. Total sales loss? Zero. Next week, you switch to another company. The losses that company 1 experienced are recouped during the time that companies 2-5 are taking their turn in the boycott barrel.
It seems like it would really hurt, but it doesn't. It also doesn't matter if you stretch the boycott to a month, or even a year. What might happen is you could make a company suffer long enough for them to go out of business. All that does is reduce the number of fuel companies you have to choose from. Which means less competition. Which means less incentive to keep prices low.
No, I don't work for any fuel company.
It's a commodity. They have it. Modern lifestyles require it. They can charge as much as they want as long as it is profitable to do so. Sad, but we the consumers don't have much influence over the pump price.

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Unless we switch from horse power to mule power they will have the camper's business. I sure wouldn't want to pull my trailer with a team of mules.

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The only way you can get the price of oil lower is stop the speculators. If some how we could get the price of oil so low that they were to loss there shirt then it would stop but we all know that will not happen. Plus in Canada the governments all charge a tax on gas. The worst part is we are taxed on the taxes. The city of Vancouver BC also has a tax on gas to help pay for public transit.
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Originally Posted by slipf18 View Post
NO ONE, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE will buy fuel from EXXON/MOBIL for one month. The next month, CITGO is targeted, followed by BP, then SHELL , etc.
can't do it
not many stations where we go camping
one must have gas to get away
ObamaMama will try to get gas prices down soon
if not he will not be around much longer

((seems that would not be a bad THING!!))

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Fuel prices are what they are because of us! We created the EPA and ever since it has become the monster some people feared it would become. I'm all for protecting our environment but emissions restrictions on our industry have become the most restricted in the world. Working in the industrial field with conveyor systems I've seen these companies "forced" to leave the United States and manufacture elsewhere.
How does that affect gas prices you may ask? Try getting a permit to build a new refinery! They can't!!(That's why our limited refining ability always comes up when gas prices go up) Permit to drill for oil? NO, not in my back yard! And not in that beautiful Alaskan wilderness either!!! And oh my god can't drill off our beautiful coast line!!!
Those are just a few reasons why, but here's the kicker that the whole world laughs at us about! Brazil grows sugar cane, so they make ethanol! (Good idea)
We don't, but we try to imitate them by using our corn! AKA-FOOD! (Bad idea)Not only are we using a much more expensive crop to make the ethanol, we actually us just as much energy to make a gallon of it as it produces! Just like a damn moth around a light bulb, every spring everyone freaks out about the gas prices......did you forget??? The EPA also mandates oxygenated gas! Do you think that's cheap or something> No its not and just like the ethanol, the oxygenation process and costs are passed along to you and me.
Diesel? Great idea! Most of Europe runs on it! Cars, trucks, buses! Why? because it costs and pollutes less when refining it, and provides the most energy to a vehicle pound for pound to gasoline. We see the dark smoke and say oh my god, look how dirty that is! but the bi product of diesel is 99% soot, which settle right back out of the atmosphere.
Case in point; The VW Jetta diesel; less emissions than a prius, same gas mileage, bigger car, yet we restrict how many of them can enter our country, and US manufacturers aren't even allowed to make a diesel car! Search if you will, the overall carbon foot print of a prius....everything! Batteries, charging the full electric models on coal fired plants because we can't permit ourselves to go Nuclear like other countries ARE doing!
Obama sucks, but when it comes to energy he's got his sh** together! He wants to DRILL OUR OIL! He's said it many times before, and continues to support it! He's a president not a dictator, he can't just make it happen! We support the EPA and the EPA has caused the gas prices, the factories moving over seas and is mostly responsible for the state of our country today!
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I have a feeling the gas prices will magically fall just before the election. I could be wrong, but I don't think so.
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Ethanol is not the solution and it is not ideal for many gasoline motors from small engines, outboard boat motors and many car engines. It is corrosive in nature. I was watching a report on the Brett Baire report the other night where oil production is up on private lands and state controlled lands like in North Dakota where unemployment is a whopping 3.5% to boot. It is down significantly on Federal Lands due to the President's policies through the dept of Interior and the EPA. A simple stroke of the pen here would go a long way to fix this. We need a real do it all energy policy embracing algae, solar, wind, biofuels, nuclear, coal, natural gas and oil. We need short terms oil and gas increases coupled with long term solutions. Solar power will not power ships, airplanes, and trains. solar and wind will power our homes and businesses along with other sources. What we have is the desire for green energy at the expense of everything else and everyone else I might add. Maybe Warren Buffer owner of Forest River see sales of his RVs fall due to this and maybe he will have his over taxed secretary arrange a meeting with the annointed one in the White House to discuss energy policy? We can only hope. Hope that November brings us all some change.
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replacement of

Originally Posted by LFugate View Post
I have a feeling the gas prices will magically fall just before the election. I could be wrong, but I don't think so.

it is just amazing how those THINGS happen
right before an election

might be time for a replacement of ObamaMama


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