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I know it`s hard, but just ignore it! trust me I know exactly how you are feeling. imagine her taking it a step further and not talking to you or your wife for up to 6 mos. (FIL). that is when I shake my head! some people as they get older (or for there entire life) don`t know when to keep there mouth shut and when not to make comments!

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personally I think you have it easy... I'd trade you my MIL in a heart beat... when mine gets to me, I think of a little joke I was told once... a guy finds a genie lamp and gets three wishes, but there is a catch, whatever he asks for his mother-in-law gets double of what he gets.. he thinks a bit and asks for a Corvette. Poof a bright shiny red one pops into his driveway and then poof poof two in the MIL' s garage.. He then wishes for a million dollars and a huge pile of cash shows up and of course 2 piles at the in laws.. So for his third wish he thinks for a while and then with a confident smirk, he says to the Genie... I wish to be beaten half-to-death!
Every time my wife and go through one of "Those" evenings at the in-laws , I turn to her and ask if I can have the third wish... we both are able to chuckle and it breaks the of luck to you. Your in my thoughts and prayers...

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Strange thing happened - - -
Yesterday afternoon my mom shows up at the front door and asks if we can talk.
I let her in and lay in to her a bit about how she treats some family members differently than others.
In a snide little tone she asks, "Jealous?"

Laurel mentions something that bothered her at Christmas.
Mom says this is between him and I.
I told her no, it isn't. She's my wife and she is a part of this.
Mom says "Well, I can see where this is coming from."
She left without another word.
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I took the easy way out and emigrated, that put the Atlantic between us. The other side of the equation was that she lasted years after my FIL and both my parents so it just goes to prove that only the good die young. My advice would be to ignore her or confront her at every opportunity.
"Well that didn't go as expected"
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We emigrated .. MIL came over for a month ... We got a divorce ....

Sometimes they do not know when to draw the line and when to stop. You are lucky, your wife is on your side. Do your best to keep your marriage intact.
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Sounds like you're describing my mother and father lol... welcome to my life
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I was very lucky, I had wonderful in-laws, mil lived next to us her last 8 yrs and was a delightful neighbor. Loved having her next to us and enjoyed her company. Both mil & fil were fantastic people.
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Yep, my il's live less then a quarter mile from us. My FIL has the best of everything and probably two of each item. Comments about others and neighbors, word spreads quick in our rural area, he wonders why the neighbors hang and talk to me and not him? I've never been one to brag about anything I buy, I've worked hard, bled, cried and missed more of my young Sons life then most can even imagine, I'm proud of what we have and my Family, I could give a damn what mi IL's comments are! Oh and my parents are proud that I'm able to give my family things that they could not give/do for their kids, that's the way it is supposed to be! You always want better for your own. I've learned to just sponge things up and move on.
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Some people are like slinkies...

Seriously, the only way anyone can ever get under your skin is if you let them. Don't look to confront, just go around.
We are all here on top of the dirt for a limited time. Try to make the best of it. My MIL was never happy... she seemed very much like yours actually. It wasn't that she was not happy with DW or me, just not happy. As she got older, she mellowed. So did we.
Just as things got good, pancreatic cancer got her. FIL lost his best bud and traveling companion.
Yours may have some issues (not knowing how cool a camper is, OMG!) but be patient. Don't look for battles.
Oh, remember one thing... you can never change someone else. You can only choose how you will react, and best do it before you have to. See the situation about to happen and be ready for it. Find your peace first.
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Originally Posted by PHS79 View Post

I am so sick of dealing with her and her BS! Or and I thinking of this all wrong?
You realize this is EXACTLY what she wants, and she is getting it. Your best course of action is ignoring her. I know it aint easy, but trust me, she is provoking you to get a response, and nothing gets under their skins more than not getting one.

Stout heart, lad. It'll get worse before it gets better, but if you ignore her it WILL get better.


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