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RV Guy 01-18-2011 06:46 PM

What Annoys You About Your FW?
If you were on the design team in charge of building a high end FW ($50,000 retail) what features would you include? :thumbsup: What are the annoying things present in most RVs that your RV would eliminate? :( Are there specific "hassles" with all RVs that should be improved?

Herk7769 01-18-2011 08:06 PM

Oh, where to begin...

1) Better tank level indicator probes. Like: Horst Miracle Probes for Wastewater Tanks in Recreational Vehicles RVs

2) Eterna-bond the roof seams. ALL of them.

3) A power monitor system that tells you something about what is going on with your systems. Like: Trimetric TM-2025A Battery Monitor System

4) AC volt and ammeter to monitor AC usage.

5) Floorplans that allow two door access to the bathroom from the master bedroom and the rest of the camper.

6) High Output LED lighting inside and out.

7) Better speakers for the surround sound.

8) Better Surround Sound AMP and component switch that uses HDMI, Component, RGB, and Composite video inputs - RCA and Fiber Optic Audio inputs.

If a Built in DVD player, it should also play DVD-R, DVD+R as well as Blu-Ray.

A bumper you can hang a generator or a bike rack on that will not invalidate the warranty would be great too.

I am sure you will get lots more.

donn 01-18-2011 09:33 PM

I think I would fire the interior design team and hire a real honest to goodness interior designer.

KyDan 01-19-2011 07:15 AM

The thing that most disappointed us with our trailer
was the almost total disregard to maximizing storage.

Fer instance-- under the sofa is a heat duct.
The duct itself takes up 15% of the space under there but
the morons at FR stuck those flimsy panels in there and
cut the open space in half.
Same thing under the fridge. Same thing in the "basement"
Drawers under the bed and under the dinette seats are
MUCH smaller than the area they occupy. They are a
HUGE waste of space.
Wall cabinets that should have had 3 doors only have 2 which
leaves large areas behind front panels where you have
to reach around the corner to get anything out of the
The microwave was inserted into a cabinet opening
that was 50% larger than the microwave needed.
This resulted in a large reduction in available cabinet
space over the range/sink area.
I modified the cabinet to re-claim this space but it
was an all day job and it would have been just as easy
for FR to do what I did as the cabinet was being installed.
No more work for them one way or the other but they
didn't do it.
See my post here--

I could go on..... :mad:

Our last trailer was 6 feet shorter and had more cubic feet
of accessible storage.

yvesm 01-19-2011 07:29 AM

I would buy a Carriage Home :: Carriage RV - Luxury Fifth Wheels or a New Horizon New Horizons RV | Luxury Full Time RV & Custom Fifth Wheels . Then I would get quality materials and construction in a unit that is designed for full time use in any weather condition.

Herk7769 01-19-2011 07:32 AM

Flagstaff 8526 RLWS Changes

I also should have stated my unhappiness with storage. A giant cabinet over our dinette has 2 doors, yet they are so small there is a 2 foot space between them with NO access at all. The cabinet itself is not as wide as the slide it is in, so there is 1 foot of wasted space on either side. (I made shelves for books there).

Ditto on the space in the Entertainment center. The entire lower area (except for on spot opposite the sub woofer) is useless. I intend to remove panels and open that area up for storage this year.

The subwoofer could have easily been mounted behind the TV in that wasted space instead of tying up a "high value" area near the TV and Fireplace. That whole wall is poorly utilized. The drawers there are numerous and TOO SMALL. Bigger drawers would have solved a lot of those sins and more effectively utilized the space. The 8 small drawers could have been (and will one day) be replaced by 4 larger ones.

Herk7769 01-19-2011 07:43 AM


I looked at those, and yes you are correct. They are gorgeous. They are also much more camper than I need. I would like an Ultra-lite (3/4 ton towable) that was laid out smarter; had a "reasonable" floorplan; and utilized something like the "state of the art" we expect when buying a new car. Cheap and light should not have to mean 10 year old technology and poor craftmanship. :rolleyes:

yvesm 01-19-2011 08:13 AM

Just dreaming I guess. Some of the storage issues should be common sense. We also have cabinets that are very wide with only 2 access doors in the middle. Just taking extra time in building the units and adding a few doors here and there would make all the difference in the world. Properly located light switches and outlets would be nice also.

Willis 01-19-2011 10:48 AM

Tankless water heater. These should be standard on all RVs now except maybe the very lowest-end units.

3 Happy Campers 01-19-2011 05:44 PM

We are on our fourth RV over a 20 yr period.
Not to mention the half dozen we rented before becoming owners.

Started with a Jayco p/u
then a R-Vision TT
then a Coachmen Mirada Class A
now a FR Sierra 356RL 5er.

They all have engineering WTFs that made us at times want to slap the designers silly.

The one universal thing I think all manufacturers have lost sight of is, In their quest to go lighter/cheaper they lost touch with some of the “nice to haves” that most owners would not mind paying a little extra for.

If I hadn’t gotten so used to the recliners, fireplace, flat screen TV, ceiling fan, A/C, I’d go back to tenting in a heartbeat. :roflblack:

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