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Barstorm 05-13-2016 06:17 AM

Electric Jacks
I am presently out on my wife's and mine first camping trip of the year with our new T.T. Here is my question, neither the front or back electric jack are operating. Maybe one, but both?? This would fall under my warranty, but I am bugged about it and wondered if anyone had any suggestions that I could look at to see if I could save myself and trip to the dealer. Both of the jacks worked fine at home, right up to the time we left. Any suggestions would be helpful. i did not see a fuse for the jacks, in the fuse box compartment.

youroo 05-13-2016 06:25 AM

:welcomesign: There are Fuses in the panel for the Jacks,F/R also places fuses "Other" places at times? Check/replace some fuses in your Power Center and you should/will have "Jacks" agin! :signhavefun: Youroo!! :us-flag-waving:

TURBS 05-13-2016 07:21 AM

Follow the positive battery cable off the battery to a resettable circuit breaker .
It'll have a red cover on it.

2008 2500hd Duramax
2015 Columbus 320RS
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2015 nights camped "34"

Bama Rambler 05-13-2016 07:54 AM

Does your unit have a remote for the stabilizers? If so, try that.

Is the battery disconnect on?
Is the battery fully charged?

Are you hooked to shore power?

The fuses for our jacks are in the wire looms behind the battery.

Barstorm 05-13-2016 05:02 PM

Thanks all, I will check out all of the suggestions. Will let you know.

Barstorm 05-13-2016 08:18 PM

Come to find out that a 30amp fuse was at the bottom of the fuse box. Once I put it back in the jacks work fine. Thanks for the suggestions, I am now a HAPPY CAMPER! This forum is excellent in getting help.
PS. Don't know how the fuse came out, but it is fixed.

crunchman12001 05-13-2016 08:28 PM

Thank you for the follow up. Glad you got it fixed.

Bama Rambler 05-13-2016 09:00 PM

Glad you got it fixed and glad you came back and let us know what it was.

SeaDog 05-13-2016 09:07 PM

Feedback when you correct a problem is a great way for the rest of us to learn thanks

SilverbackMel 05-14-2016 04:59 PM

Jumping on this looking for info....
I have a 2015 Silverback that has the rear ELECTRIC MOTOR STABILIZER JACKS. They are SCISSOR in operating function. They extend and retract at each side simultaneously.
When retracting the last time A PART THAT LOOKS TO BE A COMPONENT OF THE SMALL ELECTRIC MOTOR, seems to NOT ENGAGE and therefore the direct contact from the electric motor to the APPROX; 1/2 inch screw rod into the motor housing DOES NOT ENGAGE. I am GUESSING that since the motor is functional, the part I am referring to must have some sort of bearing that stripped.
The system has a manual over ride that I do not need to use at this time.
Anyone that has experience; comment please.
I am NOT stuck anyplace so no issue on that.

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