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scubieman 03-01-2011 09:05 PM

Thoughts on a RV water bladder / aqua bladder
I will be doing some dry camping this summer. I would like to extend my water and how much I can use. That being said, I am considering a water bladder. I found a 110 gal for $110 or 30 gal for $78 dollars. Now, I believe 110 maybe over kill but it doesn't mean I have to fill it all the way up. The 30 gal has dimensions of 3 foot by 3 foot so it will fit a lot more places. I perfect two 30 gallons, but 160 dollars is not worth it for me.

Without getting into weight issues and where would it go and all the other factors(unless others want to know). What would you recommend (size, extended water usage?) I will only use it once this summer for 5 day event. But it may be useful in some places where I maybe electric only.

Here is the links :

Herk7769 03-01-2011 09:27 PM


I have seen both of these in use at Sigsbee in the Keys. Now, portable water is available close to the campsites (less than 1/4 mile) but the MH guys just drive over and fill up.

The TT and 5th campers stay set up and hump their water. The big one (110 gallons) I saw in use by a TT guy who filled it in the bed of his truck and drove around filling other campers since his tank was only 40 gallons. He needed a 150 dollar 12 volt DC water pump to transfer the water since the inlets on most campers were higher than the bed of his truck.

The other user had a smaller water bag he put on the roof of his truck. (NOT my first choice as I have no intention of denting my roof; but he had an old truck.) By being on the roof, he used gravity feed to fill his camper.

I use several 5 gallon water bottles from Home Depot (the bottled water kind). I took one of the caps and cut a tight fitting hole in the center and press fit a clear vinyl tube about 3 foot long into it. I drilled a small air hole in the capto improve water flow. I fill the bottles and drive them to the camper. Inverting the bottles with the hose in the fill port takes only about 3 minutes for each 5 gallon container.

I initially buy two when I get to the campground; use the water to drink; cook; and make coffee; etc. The fresh water tanks on the camper were filled at the potable water spigot when we arrived. When we need to refill the fresh tank; the blue bottles are empty and can be used to hump the water.
At the end of camping we just return the bottles for our deposit before we go.

I posted the photos of the cap and hose previously. I will try to copy and paste the url (using wife's iPad <sigh>) with an edit.

scubieman 03-01-2011 09:43 PM

Lou, how much is it to buy? and how much back in deposit?

Herk7769 03-01-2011 10:07 PM

While the display is in every Sams Club, Walmart, BJs, Lowes and Homedepot I have ever been in this is the only link I found.

Summit Springs Natural Spring Water - 5 Gallon - Sam&#039;s Club

The 5 gallon bottle costs about 5 bucks and there is a like 5 dollar deposit on the bottle. If you can find the Glacier Water dispenser you can refill it for 25 cents a gallon until you are ready to break camp.

I will keep looking for a better link.

scubieman 03-01-2011 10:19 PM

So it cost about 10 dollars to get one, I get 5 dollars back when/if I return?

Herk7769 03-02-2011 07:39 AM

Yes, that is the ballpark I remember playing in when we first got to Sigsbee.

Remember you are getting 5 gallons of spring water at about a buck a gallon, and they want their bottles back.

Oh always look for the ones with handles! The ones without handles are harder to lift and maneuver into position to pour into the gravity fill port.

dimurrrw 03-02-2011 01:02 PM

For years I've been using 5 gal polyethylene gasoline cans as a portable water supply. I think they may have some advantages over Lou's suggestion. The only downside is that you have to buy them outright. The reasons they may be more advantageous are:
1) They won't roll around in the bed of a pickup.
2) They come with built-in spouts, air inlets and handles.
3) The can be balanced on a pickup bedrail, above the height of your trailer water fill. Add some plastic tubing of suitable length...
4) Can be kept filled at home for an emergency water supply.
5) Many other uses. For example: Filled with water, and with a bit of ingenuity, they can be used to hold down your awing. (Yes, I have done this. Kind of hard to drive a stake into a gravel lot!)

If this sounds helpful, you can search for "gasoline cans" at to see examples of the sizes and shapes available.

E.S.P. 03-02-2011 03:59 PM


Originally Posted by dimurrrw (Post 86088)
For years I've been using 5 gal polyethylene gasoline cans as a portable water supply.

Just don't forget you have water inside a gasoline container :eek: For the sake of your gasoline operated toys, make sure its clearly marked or else your buddy who thought he was doing you a favor by topping off your fuel tanks becomes your worst enemy.

It also would be funny to see your camp neighbors' expressions while they watch you fill up the camper with what they think is gas :roflblack:

I opt for the 7 gal blue water containers that come with the spigot, vent and handle. I have 4 of them and they're easy to store in the truck bed or camper. I made a hose attachment to screw on one of the spigots for filling the water tank on the camper. Also good for emergency home use.

scubieman 03-02-2011 04:12 PM

Can I have a picture?

E.S.P. 03-02-2011 04:55 PM

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Here is a link to the manufacturer's site for the blue 7 gal. jugs I mentioned.

Aqua-Tainer 7G/26L | Water Containers & Accessories | Reliance Products

You can find these at many outdoor/hunting/camping stores and online.

As for the filler hose I made: just use a male hose shutoff valve adapter (see picture). This will thread into the removable spigot cap that comes with the tank. Then using the male end to some spare water hose, cut the last 3-4 ft. off and thread it into the shutoff valve. Run the loose end of the hose into the tank filler. Use the shut-off valve to control the water flow.

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