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twoclaws 06-22-2016 01:19 PM

Good suggestions given above. Travel lightly and you ll find out the necessities after each trip
We found a small night stand type lamp and 12' or so electrical cord(length to reach outlet and positioning of lamp) for evening lighting and reading. Fans - be it a box fan for outside or small individual desk top fans for inside/outside use
A good flash light and storage totes to fit your needs and organization

mtnlvr 06-22-2016 03:00 PM

I studied the entire Camping World website/ probably 100 pages or so of stuff. There were alot of things I never heard of, knew that I needed, or explained things to me that I didn't know about. Great reference guide.

DaGrinch 06-22-2016 03:04 PM


Originally Posted by Ford Idaho (Post 1234338)
One two quart pot.
One 12 inch electric skillet.
Coleman Road trip grill.
Coffee pot.

If I can not cook it with the above it's time to eat out.

And according to the picture, a BUD LIGHT is essential! :roflblack:

(Ah, late to the game again!)

zuterbru 06-22-2016 03:32 PM

I would go to first to get an idea of pricing and choices. And, then go to Amazon and get it for a lower price in most cases. If you have a camping world hear you, once you know the price difference, go there and shop, great fun! I recommend joining the Good Sam club from Camping World, the savings and coupons, free stuff etc. is well worth it. You get a discount at campgrounds but I boondock most of the time and have never used it for that.
Walmart also has most of the essentials in there RV section.
As far as what you need, what kind of camping are you planning on doing?
Boondocking? Campgrounds with all the hookups? Campgrounds without any hookups?
Electricity is really nice to have while camping, you can use the holding tanks for water use.
How much money do you have to spend now?
I will give suggestions on must have if you think you will need them, and alternate suggestions you probably have lying around.
First thing to have, a notepad with a few pens! If something comes up write it down! Need to get, need to fix, upgrades and enhancements.

The special water hoses are not needed for now unless you plan on leaving it hooked up. A normal water hose will work to fill the fresh tank.
An extension cord for your power is a must if you plan on using it on your trip, not cheap but you will use it, and adapters like others have said, you can get really good ones at Home Depot cheap.
You can use lengths of 2x6 or 2x8 for leveling if you have some lying around, dont need to be the full length several 18 inches long or so will work.
The sewer hose they give you is crappy, but it will work if you just plan on dumping at a station, for now.
TP, walmart RV TP or Scotts at the grocery store, look at the label it has to say for use in RV.
Level, you can get by with a torpedo level just set on the floor of the camper. I would plan on getting the big one that goes accross the front and the smaller ones for toungue height.
Brake controller, DO NOT GO CHEAP! I did... Regret it, bought a Tekonsha Prodigy P2 and absolutely love it! Wish I did that years ago!
Good hitch system, there are a bunch out there, do some research online.
Wheel chocks are a must, you can make your own, I did 14 years ago and still use them.
If you want a generator, there are a bunch of posts on that in here.

You want everything in the camper that you need so you are not have to take stuff in the house, then in the camper. It will take time unless you have the money to buy everything now, which can run a couple grand, not including upgrades.
I highly recommend your first night in the camper is in the driveway. Like you would use it on your first trip away. Just plug into electric, or everything. Use the pump, water heater, fridge, take a shower, use the pathroom, the AC, everything. Run on just the battery overnight see how it does etc.
And have a ball!!!

Steve29rlx 06-22-2016 06:09 PM

Throw away rubber gloves.
Small air compressor (make sure it will exceed the pressure you need).
Grill tools.
Paper plates.
Charcoal grill. I have the Aussie from Lowes/Home Depot.
Wheel checks and leveling boards.
Good cooler.
Camp chairs. I like director chairs.

Radio 06-22-2016 06:47 PM

Stop here and rest a minute.

The wife and I are former backpackers. In that situation, if you walk 20 miles into the back country and realize you have no toilet paper, then you have a problem. Which can be compounded if you don't know for sure what poison ivy looks like.

But this is RV camping. If you realize you need something you don't have, then you can

1. Borrow from a neighbor (or "rent" in exchange for hamburgers or beer)
2. Improvise or do without. You have an RV, you will not die of exposure.
3. Drive into town and get what you need.

On a few of our first trips we always wound up at Walmart. Once we needed a blanket. Another we decided we couldn't live without a toaster.

So take some cash with you . It will be OK. Really.

Sloopie1 06-22-2016 07:42 PM

You need a tablecloth for the picnic table. And don't pick up those cheap ones - get the flannel backed ones. They will last. And while getting the tablecloth, be sure to pick up the clips that keep it from blowing away. You might also check out some outside lights for your awning and the clips to attach these. You will also most likely need an extension cord to plug these up to the side of your rig. Marshmallow/hot dog sticks and the fixings to make s'mores. Fat wood or fire starter sticks for the campfire are nice too. And don't forget a citronella candle to put on the picnic table. A pop-up laundry bag is also nice - doubles to bring the dirty laundry in and take the clean back outside (we line ours with a plastic bag). If you can, pick up one of those outdoor carpets (either from Camping World or Walmart). These come with a mat to place in front of your steps - less tracking of the outdoors indoors. A broom along with a dustpan that will clip onto the broom handle, and a foam/squeegee type mop. And a couple of clips to attach to the bathroom wall to hold these.

Of course, a lot of us have been camping for years and have accumulated all of "the necessities" over time. The most important of all is to have fun & enjoy your new rig.

matteib 06-22-2016 07:59 PM

Command hooks
Get multiple sizes of the outdoor command hooks to hold everything from keys to towels inside. Be sure they are outside rated - indoor ones cannot take the heat when the rv is not in use.

ilovecamping 06-23-2016 11:15 AM

I keep a blow dryer, curling iron, and hair/bath products in camper all season. We also have a small toaster oven that our kids used for pizza rolls and a crock pot for meals to be ready when we return from our daily adventures. Sun screen/bug protector/tooth brush/paste/deod/everything you use at home but maybe smaller amounts.
You will figure it out as you go. Keep paper and pen handy for lists of needs and camp near a Walmart. lol

Mary Ellen 06-23-2016 12:19 PM

Hmmm... My answer depends on your answer:

Are you Camping or are you Glamping?

If you're Camping, then all of the suggestions mentioned here are good ones.

If you're Glamping you need to add:
  • a plush memory-foam mattress topper for the bed
  • super-nice luxurious bath soaps and body washes, lotions and shampoos
  • eye shades and ear plugs for an uninterrupted night's sleep (Unless you like binge woken up by the sounds of the forest. :eek: Or your neighbor starting up their diesel pickup truck at 5am... :eek:)
  • anti-gravity lounge chairs -- the kind with the cup-holder on one side and a tray-table on the other
  • a bag of assorted chocolate candy-bars, so you can up your S'mores game. ;) (Heath bars, peppermint patties, anything with caramel...)

Have fun, whichever camping style you choose! :)

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