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Admiral_Roo2 06-25-2016 02:17 AM

2011 Ram 2500 Trans Temp concerns
Just got back from a 4400 mile road trip out to Yellowstone from Alabama. Did the most extreme climbing since I've gotten into the TT towing business going through the Big Horn Mts. on the way there and the Tetons on the way home. The Hemi had it's work cut out for it with the Mega cab, 6.5 foot bed with a camper shell on it, 4 people, and the bed filled with a generator full of gas, full xtra gas can, full extra propane tank, tools, ladder, two folding tables, cast iron cookware, charcoal, turkey fryer, 3 ton hydraulic floor jack (not an aluminum one), TT spare tire and all manner of camping / fishing and RV gear. Plus the 5500lb TT had a full fresh water tank, 2 full propane tanks and the expected weight from food, clothing etc. for a 3 week trip. It got the job done even though the RPMs sporadically pushed as high as I've seen at 5k plus and we were stuck around 35 mph in the Big Horns, this was plenty of speed based on the the curvy / up and down terrain but it wouldn't have gone up some of those hills any faster if I had wanted to. The trans temp got in to the low 220s and when I stopped to let it cool off on a crest it started climbing in to the low 230s so I promptly resumed travel to keep air flow on it which got it back in to the 220s until we were done with the climbing and it got back down in to the typical towing range btwn 130 and 190-ish depending on terrain / speed etc. I never had any alerts from the dash etc. and it's been operating just fine, is this normal for a 5spd w/ gas engine or did I possibly "cook" my fluid and need to replace it and / or expect tranny issues? I've got 25k left on warranty so if there's a chance of future issues I want to get ahead of it now. The fluid was changed at dealer at 60k and I'm at 75k now so it was pretty fresh. Thanks for any feedback.

jbhodj 06-25-2016 05:00 AM

Look up in this forum section for a thread that you should read Called Transmission Temp Chart.

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ChooChooMan74 06-25-2016 07:42 AM

ATF+4 being full synthetic, should be more than OK at those temps for the short time you were at them. I wouldn't be too concerned. I have the same transmission in my Liberty, towed some decent hills, and it has 175k+ on the tranny with just 2 changes.

Sc00ter 06-25-2016 11:53 AM

Agreed with the above. Not very scientific but how does the fluid look? Should still be bright red and have a sweet smell. If it smells burnt or has a brown tinge I would change it. Look at the owners manual. It will have a heavy service (towing) schedule which will give guidance on change intervals. Very worst case, just change it out at the end of the towing season. A flush costs what, around $100? Piece of mind.

bareftn 06-25-2016 12:54 PM

I have always installed a external trans cooler on all of my trucks your trans oil runs thru your radiator soo the water can be hot can keep the oil from being cooled very well but that's just me

wnelsonfl 06-25-2016 01:50 PM

My 2014 5.3 Silverado got that high in the Rockies. Was told it was normal.

roodman 06-26-2016 08:44 AM

Where did you mount it...and what kind of Trans cooler did you purchase? Thanks..

bareftn 06-26-2016 09:56 AM


Originally Posted by roodman (Post 1239433)
Where did you mount it...and what kind of Trans cooler did you purchase? Thanks..

I went to NAPA and they looked it up in the computer got the biggest one that would fit in my truck and mounted it if front of the ac condenser. Any good trany shop could do it for you if you don't have the skills

john5646 06-26-2016 10:08 AM

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I just did moshimoto cooler with fan. Attachment 112249Attachment 112250Attachment 112251

bareftn 06-26-2016 10:18 AM

NOW THATS A GOOD ONE, I DID NOT HAVE ROOM FOR A FAN ON MINE but what will turn the fan on and off?

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